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In celebration of Fire Prevention Month, First Alert is encouraging everyone to “Style Your Safety!” #Giveaway

It is almost time to turn the clocks back and that also means it is time to change the batteries on your smoke detectors. Do you have the right smoke detectors for your home? Did you know that smoke detectors could be stylish as well as functional? Style never crossed my mind when thinking of a smoke detector but why not, why not have a cook looking detector that can save your life. A First Alert survey revealed that Americans are becoming more style-conscious – even when choosing home safety products.



Safety with Style in Demand for Fire Prevention Week

(Aurora, Ill.) Oct. 7, 2013 – While maximum protection and safety remain foremost in importance, many Americans now have become “fashionistas” when it comes to their smoke alarms, a new nationwide survey* reveals. 

Conducted by First Alert as part of a consumer education program tied to national Fire Prevention Week (Oct. 6-12), the survey of 1,000 Americans showed that a majority (54 percent) would be more likely to buy new smoke alarms that offer the latest in technology in a smaller, more attractive design. And, nearly 40 percent would like to have a choice of buying alarms that better blend with their home décor.
“These statistics reflect the same trends that are emerging in other home products categories from appliances to electronics,” said Deborah Hanson, director of external affairs for First Alert, a leader in residential fire and carbon monoxide (CO) detection devices. “Today’s consumers are increasingly seeking more sophisticated, streamlined designs that complement and enhance the look and feel of their home.”

Based on the survey feedback, home security products are no exception. When asked to describe the overall appearance of a typical smoke alarm, “People used words like blah, bland, boring, clunky, dull, plain and unattractive,” Hanson said.
Protection Still Paramount
Despite the desire for style, safety continues to be the #1 factor when choosing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, according to the survey.

When asked to name the most important features in alarms, nine in 10 respondents said performance or dependability (91 percent), low-battery reminders (90 percent) and end-of-life features (89 percent). Also ranked highly were multi-purpose alarms suitable for all types of rooms, cited by 74 percent.

“We found the high percentage of consumers who want safety features like low-battery reminders and end-of-life signals very reassuring,” added Hanson. “What surprised us was the data that showed how few people are aware of the useful lifespan of smoke alarms.”

According to the survey, more than half (53 percent) of Americans believe alarms need to be replaced every five years. In fact, smoke alarms have a much longer recommended useful life of 10 years.

New Alarms Deliver Design and Performance
Consumers’ quest for a blend of high tech and high design is why First Alert recently introduced two new series of alarms that offer both visual appeal and the latest in technology. Vast departures from their bulkier counterparts, First Alert’s new Atom and Maximum Protection Alarms are a fraction of the size of traditional alarms and feature breakthrough technology to help reduce the occurrence of nuisance alarms.

Packing all the power of an advanced photoelectric smoke alarm into a miniature design, the new First Alert Atom™ alarm weighs less than two ounces and is available in a number of decorative finishes – including wood grain, stainless steel and bronze. It also features revolutionary micro technology with an advanced smoke entry system for fewer false alarms, and a loud, penetrating siren to reach the whole home.

Measuring less than one inch thick, the First Alert Maximum Protection Smoke Alarms and Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms offer a sleek alternative to traditional alarms by providing a less obtrusive option for style-centric consumers. These alarms feature a patented smoke entry system that allows smoke to have a more direct path to the nuisance-resistant photoelectric smoke sensor. This innovative system helps to prevent possible dangerous, but frequent, alarm deactivation due to battery removal.

“Fire Prevention Week is an ideal time to ensure your home is best prepared against the potential dangers of fire and carbon monoxide, whether you install a traditional alarm or a new, high-design unit,” said Hanson. “These are potentially life-saving devices that can help make a difference.”

To ensure the highest level of protection from smoke and CO, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends installing smoke alarms at the top of each staircase and one in every bedroom or sleeping area. For CO alarms, homes should have at least one CO alarm on each level, including the basement, and one in or near every bedroom or sleeping area. To put this into perspective, the average-sized U.S. home - a two-story, three bedroom house – would need a minimum of four smoke alarms and five CO alarms to comply with NFPA guidelines.

First Alert products range from combination smoke and CO units to smoke alarms with escape lights, along with basic battery-powered products. First Alert® smoke and CO alarms are available at national retailers and online. For more information and a complete home safety checklist, visit 

*First Alert Design and Alarm Replacement Survey, August 2013 – Findings are based on the responses of 1,000 adults in the United States who answered a telephone survey between August 22 and August 25, 2013. Respondents were drawn from two independent non-overlapping sample frames – one for landlines (56 percent of sample) and one for cell phones (44 percent of sample). Results are accurate to +/-3 percent points with a 95 percent confidence level and can be generalized to the entire U.S. adult population. For more information or a copy of the complete survey and results, contact Tim Young at LCWA: 312/565-4628 or

I was very fortunate to be able to review a First Alert Atom smoke detector.

Atom Photoelectric Smoke And Fire Alarm

The First Alert P1000 Atom Smoke and Fire Alarm provides maximum protection and has a new thinner, micro design, which adds an element of style to safety. This photoelectric alarm is a fraction of the size of a standard alarm and provides all the necessary protection to help keep your family and your home safe. This unit has an advanced smoke entry system with a photoelectric sensor that will detect regular and slow, smoldering fires and reduce false alarms that result from cooking and shower steam. The Atom has a loud 85dB penetrating and powerful siren to ensure everyone is out of the building safely. During an alarm, you will hear a loud; repeating horn pattern and an LED light will flash rapidly.

The Atom has easy installation with their smart product clip system to attach to any wall or ceiling. This white smoke and fire alarm is powered by (1) 3-Volt CR2-Lithium Battery (included), measures 7.19-inches high with a 2.5-inch radius and weighs only 0.18-pounds. The First Alert P1000 Atom Battery Powered Micro Design Smoke and Fire Alarm comes with a 10-year limited warranty that protects against defects in material and workmanship.

So would you be one of the Americans that are becoming more style-conscious – even when choosing home safety products? Well after seeing this sleek smoke detector I can see myself becoming one of the sleeker look fans. Sure this looks great but is this as much of a life saver as the standard round detectors. Sure this is just as much a quality product, this is even more impressive, it has a led light that goes off when the alarm is tested. My old detector just made a beep. The Atom Photoelectric Smoke And Fire Alarm’s beep is loud and clear, you surely could hear this in an emergency. I was able to put this detector in my  kitchen with ease (the hardest part was fining the ladder in my basement) it was up and tested in a matter of minutes.

Overall I loved the small powerful detector, and I think it looked great and I would love to get more for the upstairs and the basement of my home. This detector retails for $28.00. The price may be a little bit. So if you are looking for a new fire/smoke detector, I would highly recommend the new First Alert Atom Photoelectric Smoke And Fire Alarm. This is stylish, and a great detector.

The generous folks at First Alert are giving one of Susan’s Disney Family readers a chance to win a stylish First Alert Atom Photoelectric Smoke And Fire Alarm. Would you like to win? Please let me know if you would prefer a stylish Smoke And Fire Alarm? There are also other ways to enter, please enter below.

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Love the stylish design and yes I would prefer a design like this.
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I love this one!!Regular alarms are so big and ugly!

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Yes, stylish looks nicer than clunky.

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I like the stylish one.

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I'd prefer a stylish Smoke And Fire Alarm.

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I like the stylish design! Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!
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I like the stylish one it is much smaller and compact

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I would prefer a stylish one.

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I would like a stylish one but to me its more important that its reliable and works!

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I would love a Stylish Smoke and Fire Alarm Rosanne

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I do want a stylish one.

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I do prefer that but safety is number one
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I would prefer one that looks stylish

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Stylish is great.

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Yes I would love a stylish one!

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I prefer a stylish one

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