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Nutwhat , a whole new brand of confectionery treats that are addicting and delicious! #Giveaway

Are you a sweet treat fan? Do you have a big sweet tooth like my family does? Well we are and I have a wonderful company to introduce you to Nutwhats. What is a Nutwhat?? Here is a little more information about Nutwhats from the website: 
Founded in 1999 by Owners Lisa and Jim Rast Nutwhats is a confectionary company headquartered in Chandler, Arizona. Introducing Nutwhats—challenging assumptions of the everyday gourmet—with their confined shapes, flavors and familiar tongue. Our uncommonly shaped, magnificently buttery, nutty treats stand proud for authenticity, individuality and the pleasantly peculiar. We beat to a different “yum”.

Nutwhats comes in 13 twistedly addictive flavors:

Nutwhats Flavors
Cinna Walnut Oat
Beer Britty
Habanero Beer
Jalapeno Beer

Nutwhats Scribbles Flavors (with chocolate)
Bacon Pecan
Peanut Pretzel
Cinna Walnut Oat
Cherry Almond
Cashew Coconut

Each piece, unique in shape and size. Each bite, deliriously captivating. So let the chips fall where they may, and the nuts as well. We won’t confine them to factory forms. Stand proud my delicious little nuggets. Stand proud. “What” is it exactly? It’s a Nutwhat that’s what! A whole new brand of confectionery treats hand crafted with premium ingredients.

Those buttery Nutwhat nuggets are delightfully quirky in appearance yet magnificently addictive in flavor. In her Mother’s kitchen during early childhood, founder Lisa Rast discovered the secret joys of invention and creativity of both sweet and savory treats. Married to a self-proclaimed ‘techie’  with a strong sense of business, their love of intention, straight forward approach and creative inspiration provide a unique and unexpected platform for a whole new brand of confectionery treats.

We were very fortunate to be able to try a variety of great Nutwhats, that came in a cool box with a bright orange ribbon that was ready for gift giving. The flavors of Nutwhats that we were able to try were:

Salted Almond Scribble
Green Chile Beer Britty
Cashew Coconut Scribble
Sambirano Madagascar Chocolate Bar

My Review:

We’re nuts for nuts… Alright that’s pretty bad but nuts of all sorts are big in my house and when I had the chance to try gourmet confectionery treats from Nutwahts  I knew it would probably be a hit, I was right. We received several goodies, that were just what my sweet tooth was craving for.  My husband and daughter tore into them pretty quickly; I barely had a chance to take pictures before the ravenous wolverines I live with got their meat hooks on them. 
Lots of mmmmm’s” and several nods of approval we’re bandied about. My daughter who stopped eating for a second to come up for air said “this is the best brittle I’ve ever had!”. Well it is not exactly brittle…. it is kind of, but really it is its own entity. A sweet treat that is unique and delicious! She’s right the Nutwhats are rather good. At least that’s the way it came across to us, we loved how it wasn’t conventional brittle, it’s a snack thinking outside of the box, it is brilliant.

The scribbles are drizzled in chocolate, so all of you chocoholics out there, you will adore these! I loved the Cashew Coconut Scribble it reminded me of a Zagnut bar that was covered in chocolate drizzle. The bar was crunchy but not overly so, I did not feel like I would break a tooth or anything… This was a great treat.
My husband loves spicy food, from savory to sweet he loves things to be spicy. So he was excited to try the Green Chile Beer Britty. He loved the spice, because it was an after taste spice. When you bit into the treat, you tasted sweet and crunchy peanuts, then it hits you a nice heat and spice. I have tried spicy sweet desserts before that knocked you out with the heat and made it not for me. But with the Green Chile Beer Britty it is just the right amount of spice, a good flavorful spice that we all could enjoy.
Salted Almond Scribble, salt and sweet, what a perfect combination. For me this is the ultimate decadent snack, the almonds had a great crunch and the salt and sweet were great in this chocolate drizzled Nutwhat. I shared this bag with my mother, and she adored this and asked for more! Sambirano Madagascar Chocolate Bar, this was a rich and sweet chocolate bar, it was small but decadent. I am glad it was not bigger because I would have eaten all of it at one sitting.

Now if you are looking for a sweet snack that is not sticky and it has a homemade taste, make sure to check out Nutwhats from spicy , to sweet to sweet and salty there are so many great Nutwhats to choose from they have a wonderful selection.  Nutwhats are uncommonly and uniquely shaped. Each piece is unique in size and shape. They are available in Signature Gift Boxes. You can choose 1-4 flavors per 1lb box. You can choose from 7 different colors including yellow, orange, red, pink, light blue, turquoise, and apple green and 5 different messages. So you can customize this to make it extra special. 
 So you have a special someone on your holiday gift list this year?  Nutwhats Gift Boxes  would make a great gift idea, and with the holidays right around the corner and Nutwhats would make an awesome gift. I am sure my mother would love a box, this Christmas I will have to keep that in mind when I am shopping for the holidays! Gift boxes start at $29.95 on up. So there are flavors and prices for every person.

The generous folks at Nutwhats are giving one of Susan’s Disney family readers a chance to win a box of assorted Nutwhats! Would you like to win? Please visit the Nutwhats website, take a look around then come back here and tell me something you learned from the site. There are also other ways to enter, please enter below.

Buy it:
To purchase this wonderful Nutwhats they are available at AJ’s Fine Foods, Bodega, Phoenix Public Market, Smeeks, Dos Cabezas Wineworks, and online at

Win it:
One winner will win a box of assorted Nutwhats!

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Kristen said...

Their flavors sound amazing...mmm Cherry Almond!

diesel51 said...

There is not a bit of preservatives are the rule

Anonymous said...

I learned they're available at all AJs Fine Foods.

blessnel said...

The concept is interesting as the company revolves around the theme of being unique in the making and shape of each sweet treat!

renee walters said...

I learned In her Mother’s kitchen during early childhood, founder Lisa Rast discovered the secret joys of invention and creativity of both sweet and savory treats. Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!
Reneewalters3 at yahoo dot com

clc408 said...

I learned that founder Lisa Rast formerly taught competitive figure skating.

tat2gurlzrock said...

I learned they don't use any preservatives!

dheath3 said...

no preservatives is what I learned

Natalie said...

I learned that they do not contain preservatives

PAIGE said...

I learned that I must try Beer Britty...Mmmmmm

wigget said...

want totry the cinn walnut oat flavor

mecarolks said...

I learned that founder Lisa Rast formerly taught competitive figure skating.

Anonymous said...

At Nutwhats unadulterated buttery nuggets are hand-crafted using only top-notch measures.

casaflamingos said...

I learned Nutwhat has Green Chile Beer Britty, sounds good.

Anonymous said...

I learned that they do not use preservatives and that is important to me.

GANDORF57 said...

No preservatives

Anonymous said...

The flavors sound amazing.

Maryann D. said...

I learned that they have different kinds of gifts like: Nutty Gourmet Birthday Gifts, Thank You Gifts, Corporate Gifts.
twinkle at optonline dot net

Kristina Valcarce said...

I really like the idea of the chocolate drizzled ones!

LesleyfromWI said...

I like that they do not have preservatives!

Unknown said...

All sorts of neat different flavors

Anonymous said...

No preservatives for Nutwhats!

Unknown said...

they don't have preservatives!!

Anonymous said...

I learned they don't use preservatives.

Unknown said...

I learned they have no preservatives in them which I like

Kathy P said...

Cinna Walnut Oat

Ingredients: walnuts, oats, sugar, sweet cream butter, honey, cinnamon, sea salt, pure vanilla

tavernie said...

I learned they don't use perservitives
ptavernie at yahoo dot com

Susan Climan said...

I learned that this company has been in business since 1999.

Gina said...

I learned they have Bacon Pecan Scribble which sounds amazing and they have holiday gift boxes.

Ashley Salyer said...

I learned I can get them at my local AJ's!

cman said...

No preservatives.

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