Monday, October 21, 2013

Seattle’s Best Coffee, great tasting coffee you will love! #GreatTaste #spon

“This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Seattle’s Best Coffee blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.”
 What if I told you you'd be able to have a delicious cup of coffee and you'd get it for two dollars less than you'd normally pay? What I'm talking about here is Seattle's Best Coffee, I love coffee and I love Seattle's Best for the simple reason that it tastes good. I'm a Keurig user so we're able to use our filter to brew up quick cups of Seattle's Best via the Keurig. 

I'm a cup a day gal, and I like to have a cup of coffee after dinner when we're just relaxing and watching TV and I've really grown to love Seattle's Best the different blends of coffee that make it easy for anyone to find the blend that's right for them. From light and crisp to dark and intense there is a blend for all of us, I prefer the medium and balanced blend and the vanilla and hazelnut blends are very tasty.

To tell you how good Seattle's Best coffee is I use my husband as a measuring stick, he's wasn't much of a coffee drinker in the past, but one night I brewed up a cup of vanilla Seattle's Best and he was intrigued. He was so intrigued that he brewed a cup for himself and while not a cup a night person he's having a few a week and he really loves the vanilla flavored coffee and has become fiercely loyal to Seattle's Best vanilla coffee, it's all he'll drink no substitutes allowed.
 It's the perfect cup of coffee for the people like us who are night time drinkers to the people who need their cup of coffee to get them going Seattle's Best is the coffee you need to be brewing. And not to worry is hot coffee isn't your thing but you enjoy a nice chilled cup of coffee Seattle's Best has you covered there as well with four frozen coffee flavors to choose (vanilla, caramel, mocha and coffee) your fix for a dessert drink is taken care of. 
 Black coffee or a coffee that's been bedazzled by creams and sugars or coffee served over ice, Seattle's Best taste good no matter what you do or do not put in it. Seattle’s Best Coffee knows how it is in the morning, so they blend their coffee to be the way they hope your day will be: balanced, smooth, satisfying. From that first perfect sip, their medium blends are easy to drink and terrific tasting, black or fancied up.

A great cup of coffee should taste great no matter what, it needs to be balanced and satisfying and that's what you get when you drink Seattle's Best. And by visiting this link for the Seattle's Best Coffee Coupon you'll get that great cup of coffee for two bucks off the cost. Great coffee and a great price, once you drink Seattle's Best coffee you'll ask yourself what took you so long!

Seattle’s Best Coffee has a taste you’ll love, guaranteed. If you don’t love the taste, they will give you your money back!

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You can get this great coffee in a store near you, just visit the Seattle's Coffee Store Locator.

Are you looking for some great coffee? Have you ever tried
Seattle’s Best Coffee?

 “This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Seattle’s Best Coffee blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.”


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