Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Sweet Treats from Peeps & Company

Peeps, who doesn't love them? But did you know that the Just Born company is more than just peeps? Oh they are so much much more!If you are looking for some great holiday gift or stoking stuffer ideas, Peeps & Company is your place to shop.
Just Born, Inc. is a privately owned company founded in 1923 and headquartered in Bethlehem, PA, where it manufactures PEEPS®, HOT TAMALES®, MIKE AND IKE®, MIKE AND IKE® ZOURS® and TEENEE BEANEE® Brand Candies. GOLDENBERG’S PEANUT CHEWS® are manufactured in Philadelphia.  All Just Born candies are made in the USA.
  My family and I were very fortunate to be able to check out a few great gift ideas from Peeps & Company:

When you think of Christmas snacks most of us immediately think of candy canes, it's the traditional snack of the season and it's a solid snack. But something you now might want to consider are Peeps, yes those Peeps! I know, I's not Easter! I totally understand what you might be thinking but Peeps are so much more than just an Easter snack. 
 What says Christmas more than a Peep Christmas tree? Or how about a chocolate mousse reindeer? Which by the way are ridiculously delicious! Peeps have been a favorite treat of mine since I was a little girl and like any red blooded American I like my Peeps on the stale side.
 A stale Peep is good eatin'! Fresh one's aren't too bad either but since most of I (and my husband) were given loose Peeps in our Easter baskets as kids we've developed a fondness to a Peep that has been exposed to air and has gotta a tad hard.

Along with my Peep treats I also received some other great Peep products such as a Peeps scented glitter nail polish set (remember this is scented after it dries...) and I will now be having a spa night with my daughter so we can paint each others nails. Peep lip gloss and if it's something I love it's lip gloss! 
Are you a fan of great smelling candles? Well what if you could have a candle that smelled just like a peep? Well there are some great Peep Candles that can be given as one gift of 4 little stocking sufferers, they smell wonderful.  I thought I have tried all types of peeps in my life buy I was introduced to two new (well new to me) Peeps, the Chocolate Mousse reindeer and the really cool Peepsters rainbow pail, the peepsters are chocolate covered 

marshmallows in dark chocolate or milk chocolate and retail for $19.90 a pail. The new chocolate mousse pees were just like eating chocolate mousse, it was chocolaty and creamy and rich, just delicious. 
 The Peepsters were something like I have never had before from Peeps this was a decedent treat like you would find in a high end specialty store, this would make a great gift idea for the peeps, and chocolate lover on your holiday gift list. You can call it Peep overload but I'd call you nuts because one can never have too many Peeps. Remember Peeps aren't just for Easter anymore! 
 And finally for the ultimate gift for a Peep lover, a case of PEEPS!  Yes you can purcahse a whole case! Imagine seeing this great case of holiday Peep treats under the tree? My husband's head just about exploded when he saw the case of Peeps, this is a gift he would just adore! As you can see my husband did not want to give up the box of Peeps!

 We’re lucky enough to live in close enough to visit the Peeps and Company retail store in Bethlehem that we will be taking trips to but if you’re not able to make it to a retail location you can get all of your Just Born gear online as well.
  Everything from shirts and sweatshirts to shorts and golf gloves…you read that right golf gloves! From Peeps, Mike and Ike’s, Hot Tamale’s and another candy we all grew up eating around here the Peanut Chew Just Born makes candy that is great and invokes memories from my childhood that still put a smile on my face some 30 years later. There are some amazing gift, and stocking stuffer ideas on the Peeps & Company site. 
So if you are looking for a great holiday gift idea make sure to check out all of the cool items that are in the Peeps & Company shop. Peeps are for every season. And who wouldn’t love a cool peeps tee or pillow emblazoned with everyone’s favorite marshmallow treat, Peeps.

Buy it:

You can purchase any of these cool new Peep items on the Peeps website.

Make sure to take advantage of a great 20% discount code that is valid through the end of the year.  The code is “SUSANSDF

There is no minimum purchase associated with the discount.

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Ashley S said...

Love Peeps!! Had no idea they had other goodies than just the marshmallows :) That's awesome!

Unknown said...

I have three little ones and even a Sister-in-law that would so freak out over this pack from Peeps! They all adore Peeps!

Myrah - Coupon Mamacita said...

Those are cute! Every time I think of Peeps, I think of Easter!

Karen @ Desert Chica Ramblings said...

Wow, I've never seen the PEERPS nail polish and lip gloss before! My best friends little girls would love it!

Karen @ Desert Chica Ramblings said...

I've never seen the Peeps nail polish and lip gloss. I know my best friends little girls would love it!

Emily Reviews said...

What fun stocking stuffer candies! I didn't know they made chocolates but I bet the kids would love them.

Unknown said...

Those holiday themed Peeps would be a huge hit in our home!

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