Thursday, November 14, 2013

How eBooks Can Save You Money

 How eBooks Can Save You Money

Electronic books are only becoming more and more popular, thanks not only to advancements in eReaders, but also to the prominence of other tablet devices, and the apps available for eBooks on smartphones and regular computers. eBooks are convenient and easy to download, but what you may not have considered is how using eBooks can save you money. Here are a couple of common uses for eBooks and how you can use them to your financial advantage.

For Recreational Reading
You might not have considered buying eBooks for recreational reading if you don’t own an eReader, but there are other ways you can access eBooks. Most smartphones are compatible with apps from eReader companies, so if you download that app and are comfortable reading on your phone’s screen, you can read eBooks without buying an eReader. You can also download the books onto your computer, if you want to read on your desktop or laptop. But no matter how you choose to read eBooks, even if it is with an eReader, you can save money because most electronic versions of books are less expensive than their physical counterparts. If you read at all frequently, this money can add up quickly. You can also save money for recreational reading by taking advantage of the fact that many authors now self-publish by releasing only the electronic versions of their books, and these are usually very inexpensive or even free. There is nothing cheaper than reading a book that cost zero dollars.

For College Courses
Another way eBooks can save you money is if you use them instead of physical textbooks for your college courses. You already know that textbooks, even used ones, can be very expensive. If you’ve been looking for cheap textbooks in your campus bookstore or even online, try searching for the textbooks you need in their electronic format. You might even be able to check out an electronic version of the book from your school library for free. If your professors allow electronic devices in class, using eBooks can save you money on your textbooks. Again, even if you don’t have an eReader, there are online stores for electronic textbooks that offer applications you can download to your computer or tablet. There are also rentals available allowing you to rent your eBook for a certain period of time. While you won’t have access to it when the semester ends, you will be able to access your textbook as an eBook throughout the time you’re taking the course at a price that is much less than what purchasing the textbook would have cost.

Don’t forgo the use of eBooks because you don’t have an eReader, or because you think buying used books is the best way to save money on your reading material. You can get free eBooks to read for fun, and you can find textbooks at greatly reduced prices if you’re willing to use their electronic versions. Just make sure you have a device that is compatible with eBooks or their applications, and you’re ready to get started reading electronically and saving money.

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