Thursday, November 14, 2013

Introducing J&D’s Bacon Deodorant and J&D’s Sriracha Candy Canes . A great gift for bacon lovers this holiday season!

Are you a fan of bacon? Meat candy as some call it, bacon is as popular as ever. Did you know that there is a company out there that specializes in all things bacon? From bacon salt to bacon mayonnaise. They even have a great amount of items that are not edible, they just smell like bacon! Aren’t you intrigued? Bacon scented, air fresheners, and so much more.  Here is a little more information about J&D’s from the website:

The creators of Bacon Salt, Baconnaise, Bacon Ranch, BaconPOP microwave popcorn, Bacon Gravy (and even Bacon Lip Balm and Mmmvelopes). Our newest red-headed stepchild is Malt Salt (a malt vinegar flavored seasoning). Get recipes and more! J&D's Foods is your standard improbable tale of two young guys who made a product and got lucky.

Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow launched the company in June of 2007 and funded it with a $5,000 win on America's Funniest Home Videos from Dave taking a shot from the face from his 3 year old sold son. The duo quit their jobs, rolled the dice to pursue bacon-flavored interests full-time. 

There are so many bacon inspired items from the site, here are a few of my favorites:

I was very fortunate to be able to check out their newest creation, Bacon Deodorant! Yes you read that right, Bacon deodorant. And sriracha candy canes!!! 

POWER BACON is the Meaty Fresh evolution of J&D’s meat flavored and scented health and beauty products division. Designed specifically for people with active lifestyles, POWER BACON provides 24 hours of Bacon Scent. For all day meat scented protection apply liberally to underarms or private areas. Do not eat, leave exposed to sunlight or explore the wilderness without a firearm(s). Not for sale in Alaska. j.k. we’ll totally take your money if you live in Alaska. Come on… POWER BACON is available starting today at for $9.99 per stick.

Here’s a reason Santa comes down your chimney – he likes it hot!
So warm up your taste buds this year with J&D’s Sriracha Candy Canes. The savior of bland Asian foods is now a fiery candy cane, great for tricking your unsuspecting friends and children or enjoying after a tasty bento box. Rumor has it that these are pretty great crushed and served over ice cream or used as as a spicy-sweet holiday cocktail stirrer.

Under no circumstances should you crush these into a fine powder and inhale them up your nose. Mostly for insurance purposes, we beg you to enjoy any Rooster-Sauce inspired holiday treats responsibly. Each box has 12 individually wrapped Sriracha Candy Canes and are proudly made in the People’s Republic of Canada. $7.99 a pack

Our Take:

Ok now, I know that some may think this is a bit odd, but it you are a bacon lover you are going to adore this bacon deodorant. As soon as the deodorant arrived, my husband thought it was just about the coolest thing he ever saw. When you sweat like a pig.. a great tagline! Just a warning though when you wear this you just may be asked many times…. are you cooking bacon?? This is such a cute gift idea. My daughter got a good kick out of the fact that this was bacon scented deodorant, All kidding aside, this is real deodorant, and if you wanted to smell bacony fresh this is the deodorant for you, this is a great way to stand out wherever you go that is for sure!

Now if you like it hot, and I do mean hot the J&D’s Sriracha Candy Canes are just what you have been looking for. These are so very flavorful and spicy! Unlike any other candy cane I have ever had in my entire lifetime! These were unique that is for sure! Luckily my husband is a Sriracha nut, he could put that sauce on just about anything. So when he heard that there was a candy cane with Sriracha he was intrigued… Of course he loved them. I would love to crush them and make cookies with a kick, I am sure they will be amazing.

 If you are looking for some great stocking stuffer ideas for the bacon lover on your holiday gift list this  year, why not check out the great items on the J&D site, I am sure you will love them!
Buy it:
You can purchase any of these bacon goodies and so much more on the J&D website
 So what do you think of these wacky bacon gifts?

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GayNYCDad said...

As huge fans of bacon in this house, this is great info for us, thanks!
And I also happen to have 2 bottles of Sriracha, I love the hotness, and did yu know hot spices help you lose weight!

Nicole B said...

It's funny how much Sriracha sauce we go through at our house. We put it on all sorts of foods to add a little hotness. I think the bacon gifts are great.

~Tara said...

It's no secret that I love bacon. However...I just can't imagine the deodorant. That is just...weird. The smell of sweaty cooked pig, just doesn't do it for me. That may be where I draw my bacon line.

Jennifer said...

Bacon DEODORANT? I never saw that one coming!

Meagan said...

I am DYING!! These are so great :) We're a total bacon-lovin' family around here, and some of these products are awesome and going on my list!! Although I agree with the above comments, bacon deodorant isn't sounding appealing, lol.

Unknown said...


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