Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Taking on the American road trip

One of the many experiences on most people’s bucket lists is taking an old fashioned American road trip. The roads in America are renowned for their easily navigated layout and endless roadside attractions, making it one of the best holidaying experiences in the car. The American road trip is the perfect vacation for the whole family, with plenty of entertainment on offer to impress and awe people of any age. While some roadside attractions may seem like a waste of time and money, there are some that are definitely worth adjusting your schedule for.

Fast food legends
McDonalds have taken over the world with burgers, fries and shakes available 24 hours a day in almost every city the world over. If you’re a fan of the franchise or of retro style experiences, visiting the first McDonalds store is quite an experience. Based in Illinois, the store has been kept in perfect condition from the exterior to the inside. The interior is filled with mannequins wearing the traditional uniform while the famous golden arches and sign are kept in brilliant condition. It’s quite the experience and you can even pick up a Big Mac at the store over the road.
 Old Americana

Along the same vein, Historic Route 66 Town is another old experience perfect for those who love the traditional form of American life. Wonderfully preserved for many decades, there is a traditional
barber shop, motel and plenty of places to pick up souvenirs. Children will especially love this roadside attraction as it was the source of inspiration for Radiator Springs in the much-loved Cars. It’s a great experience for those of all ages and gives a real sense of a past lifetime.
 In car entertainment

Some quieter moments are bound to occur during any American road trip, mainly due to the size of the place. For those times when roadside entertainment is lacking and you’re still a distance from
your destination, it’s worth planning ahead to keep the children entertained. Games such as I Spy not only keep everyone entertained but also give children a chance to learn about new things they may not have seen at home. Likewise, there are e-books available to download that provide paper and pen entertainment with the likes of Hangman and Tic-Tac-Toe.

Staying in budget
 Of course one of the biggest concerns of anyone embarking on a road trip is accidently coming home to a massive bill upon their return. While this can happen, planning in advance will not only ensure
there are no surprises, but can also make a road trip one of the cheapest forms of holidaying. Being generous with a gas budget will ensure that you’re always covered and never having to choose between gas and food. Many credit card companies offer deals with cash back on gas purchases so you could actually make some money. 

Meanwhile, ‘eating in’ for the first two meals of the day mean that you and the family can all indulge in some local American food at one of the many family-run diners you’ll find at the side of the road across the country.


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