Thursday, December 12, 2013

21 Drops 14 Immunity Essential Oil Rollerball

It is cold season, and it seems like everyone is getting sick and I do not want to be one of them! I take vitamins and I try to keep everything I touch clean, but is there more I can do to keep the cold away? Well there is a handy little rollerball from 21 Drops that can help to fight infection and improve health. Here is a little more information about 21 drops from the website:

Created by Cary Caster, Clinical Aromatherapist -- and mother – 21 Drops are the highest quality blends of 100% natural essential oils gathered from regions throughout the world. Cary’s passion and commitment to her customers well-being is present in each and every vial of 21 Drops.  A thoroughly modern experience in Aromatherapy, 21 Drops provides a healthier, more beautiful way of living.

Each of our 21 blends is designed to make you feel better…feel stronger…be better. Select them to suit your individual needs. Layer them freely! Light and portable, they drop in your purse or pocket for use throughout the day. So, maybe it’s time you put down those sleeping pills and pick up a healthier way to dream.  21 universal concerns. 21 custom blended solutions. Beautifully portable blends, reassuringly time-honored, incredibly effective. With plenty of science behind them. Aromatherapy like you’ve never known it. 

I was very fortunate to be able to check out a great keep well package from 21 Drops, that included handy Botanical Disinfecting Wipes from Clean Well, Hylands Defend Severe Cold and Flu and 14 Immunity from 21 drops.

14 Immunity is formulated to fend off that rundown feeling and help keep illness at bay. Immunity excels as a preventative measure during cold and flu season. The moment you feel something coming on, grab our Immunity blend and breathe it in. Perfect for travel, or any of those other times when you need help to fight infection and improve health. 
Ingredients - 14 Immunity fuses the 100% natural essential oils of Rosewood Wood Oil, Lavender Flower Oil, Ravintsara Leaf Oil, and Eucalyptus Leaf Oil to stimulate the immune system and fight infection. The oils in this blend have unprecedented anti-microbial properties.

Does not contain - Parabens - Sulfates - Synthetic Fragrances - Synthetic Dyes - Petrochemicals - Phthalates - GMOs - Triclosan. Nor is it animal tested.
 How to Apply - Roll onto temples, inside of wrists, and the sides of your neck to allow for immediate absorption. It is also very effective to roll directly onto your area of concern, such as chest or throat. For maximum effect, apply frequently throughout the day, to feel better. Be better.

For fending off that run-down feeling and helping to keep illness at bay, this aromatherapy oil helps to stimulate the immune system. Its anti-microbial blend includes rosewood oil, lavender flower oil, ravintsara leaf oil, and eucalyptus leaf oil. Perfect for travel, keep a purse-friendly vial close at hand and apply throughout the day to help prevent bad things from beginning or any of those other times when you need a healthy boost.

Notes - Rosewood Wood Oil, Lavender Flower Oil, Ravintsara Leaf Oil, and Eucalyptus Leaf Oil.
Style - Healthful. Restorative. Simulative.

My Take:
I have recently started taking better care of myself with natural medicines, when I was younger and in college it seemed like I was getting sick each week be it from being around so many people or from the stress of working and going to school. There had to be a better way and I knew what I was doing just was not good for me, getting sick all the time was no good for my body. I started eating heather and taking more vitamins and I have been ok…  I was fortunate to be able to try a new product (well new to me) 21 Drops #14 Immunity.
A small roller that can easily be stored in a purse, that can be taken out easy and applied. Recently I felt a cold coming on, and I applied the roll on and it seemed to ward off the impending cold . I use 21 drops #14 Immunity every day before I leave the house. I have not gotten sick since using it. 21 drops has helped my immune system, and I have not gotten sick. This will be a must for travel. I am on the road a lot and when I travel it is sometimes for business and I cannot afford to get sick and this may be a lifesaver one day. I will definitely be telling my friends and family about 21 drops.

You can purchase the 21 drops for $29.00 this is available at Sephora, and online at 21 Drops If you make a purchase from the 21 Drops site you can get free shipping until 2014 for all domestic orders. Make sure to stay social with 21 Drops and like them on Facebook for more information  

 Have you felt a cold coming on this season could you use 21 Drops? 


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Anonymous said...

These are amazing!

Debi@ The Spring Mount 6 pack said...

I have to look into this because with my asthma I am trying to not get sick all of the time.

TheSuburbanMom said...

What a neat product. In addition to health benefits, I bet the scent is calming and helps with stress.

Unknown said...

I like that it is in rollerball form. Not only does that make it easy to carry, but it doesn't get into the air like a spray.

Unknown said...

What a great product!!! Looks amazing!

Unknown said...

I love the rollerball form! I use essential oils all the time for health; and having a rollerball form makes it a lot easier for application on the go! Cause sometimes you just need a little extra boost in the middle of the day when you aren't at home.

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