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Shark PRO Steam & Spray™ Mop a great steamer you will love!

  Are you looking for a new way to clean, with a steamer that was made to get that ground in dirt from your floor, your kitchen your bathroom and much more? Well you are going to love the Shark Steam & Spray™ Mop! Here is a little more information about Shark from the website:

 Shark is a one-stop shop for a consumer's cleaning needs, providing products that make tidying the house fast, and easy.  Shark aims to bring convenience to consumers looking for simple, effective cleaning products. Shark is one of several houseware brands from the Euro-Pro Corporation. Euro-Pro is a pioneer in engineering innovative cleaning solutions and small household appliances with the goal of giving today's busy consumer better and more efficient products to fit their lifestyle. By creating products that are not only highly functional but also innovative, Euro-Pro has rapidly carved out a significant market share in the house.

I was very fortunate to be able to check out a Shark PRO Steam & Spray. This handy stem mop has some great features including:

 PRO Steam & Spray™ - 3 modes of Electronic Intelligent Steam. Delivering the perfect amount of steam for every floor type.

Intelligent Electronic Steam Control - Three distinct steam settings, each of which is ideal for different floor surfaces and specific cleaning needs.

Steam Energized Cleanser - Non-toxic, biodegradable and safe around kids & pets.* This specially formulated cleanser leaves floors cleaner with no dulling residue.

Swivel Steering - Easy maneuverability in tight spaces and around furniture.

Our Take:

I was so excited to be able to try this, because I have heard such great things about steamers and how they can really bust down even the dirtiest areas and I could not wait to try this. My home is well over 100 years old it is a smaller row home that has a bathroom that is straight out of the 50’s. I kid you not, this bathroom is stuck in the past. I could not wait to clean. Wait, did I just say I could not wait to clean? Well I have heard such great things about the Shark brand steamers for many years (a co-worker of mine swears by how well her Shark works, and has told me about it many times) and I have always wanted to have a great streamer that sanitizes the floors.  

I have a high traffic house that is always filled with kids. The snow and the dirt have really done a number on my floors and they were in great need of a expert cleaning. That is when the Shark PRO Steam & Spray™ Mop came into our lives to help out.

This mop is great, it really and I mean really cleans the floors deep down. Just make sure the steam is hot and off you go. This is very easy to use. I will tell you though that you will really notice how clean your floors really are after a few cleanings. It is amazing how dirty the cleaning pats got after cleaning my kitchen and living room floor was. Snow and water, really make the floors grimy.  The mop had a greet handle that was easy to hold, and this was very easy to maneuver. Getting the baseboards, and the hard to reach areas was a breeze with the Shark Pro Steam mop.

Each Shark PRO Steam & Spray™ Mop has these great features that makes cleaning easier

  • Intelligent Electronic Steam Control
  •  Cleanser Spray Button
  • 25' Removable Power Cord
  • 450ml Water Tank
  • Spray Nozzle
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Washable Pads
  • SaniFiber Pads

The Shark Steam and Spray mop features an Intelligent Electronic  Steam Control Three distinct steam settings, each of which is ideal for different floor surfaces and specific cleaning needs. Do you need a little steam or a lot, you choose what is the best for the floor you are cleaning at the time.

1.  Steam and Spray:  When ENERGIZED with STEAM, Shark® cleanser reaches an even higher level of cleaning, ideal for breaking down the tougher stuck on stains & greasy floor messes.

2.  Spray only Cleaning:  Spray Shark® Gentle Floor Cleanser to break down tough dirt and grime. Plus it's battery operated - go unplugged to spray and clean anytime anywhere!

3.  Steam Only Cleaning:  Sanitize floors in seconds with the power of super-heated steam.
  I love the idea of being able to clean with steam and knowing that my floors are officially clean enough to eat off of.  Being able to sanitize the floors, not only makes me feel better about having my niece crawl all over the floor it looks better as well. Kitchen and hardwood are not the only places you can clean, tiles and bathrooms can also get the Shark clean as well. The grout in my bathroom looked 100% better after my first use and after the next couple of times the grout is as white as it was when the tiles were laid. 

 The mop stores easily in our hallway closet and doesn’t require all that much space. And putting it together was a snap…literally! All you have to do is snap the handle into the tank and off you go and you’ll be able to go far with a 25’ power cord you can cover a ton of area without having to unplug. Being in an older home also means that we have less outlets than other homes, so the 25’ removable cord is a great thing for us.

 I am able to clean each room without having to look for another plug with this great steamer.   I was also amazed with how much I was able to clean with just a little bit of water the steam this mop generates is amazing. Overall I’m very impressed with the Shark Steam & Spray™ Mop. It’s light, easy to store, easy to work with and does its job and does it well.

Like I said my floors are now not just clean but really clean and I didn’t have to break my back doing it. The Shark Steam & Spray Mop is available in stores and online. If you purchase the Shark Steam & Spray Mop from the Shark site, this is currently sold for $149.95, and includes a 5 year VIP warranty and  a lot of extras that you can only get when purchased from Shark.

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Buy it:

You can purchase this handy mop in stores and online on the Shark site.
“I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own.”

 Are you looking for a great new mop? Could you use one like the PRO Shark Steam and Spray?


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Ellen said...

I could definitely have used this before the holidays! Love that it's safe around kids & pets!

Liza @ Views From the 'Ville said...

What a great review! And perfect timing, too; my Mom's friend JUST emailed me and asked if I had any experience with this particular Shark, so I will send her the link to your review. Thanks!

Kitty Bradshaw said...

Those mops are awesome!!!!!

Unknown said...

Oh I would absolutely LOVE to have a Shark pro steam spray! That is my dream steam mop!

Emily Reviews said...

This mop looks so nice! I'd love to upgrade so I could toss my current one away.

Nicole B said...

I like that there are levels of cleaning you can do. I would probably always use the highest setting because of my kids and dogs on the floors. LOL But I do like the options! I love to clean with steam.

Dede said...

We had a shark pocket steam mop and I used that thing to death. I asked for a new one for Christmas but Santa didn't come through for me. I might have to take matters into my own hands, I MISS that mop!

The Rebel Chick said...

Do you have hardwood floors or wood laminate? We have wood laminate flooring and I am always looking for something better than the wet clothes I have been using!

Jenn @TheRebelChick said...

Do you have hardwood floors or wood laminate flooring? I have wood laminate flooring and I can hardly use anything to clean them. I would love to use something like this!

A Mom's Take said...

I LOVE having a steam mop, totally changed how I clean my tile!

Laura O in AK said...

I know I'd love something like this to clean the floors in a jiffy. I used to have a much older model, but it bit the dust before our last move and we've not replaced it.

Pam said...

I have a shark vacuum I bought in January of last year and I am amazed at how well it cleans all our floors.

Angela said...

I have the Shark Sonic Due and recommend it to everyone. I am glad to hear this also works well.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had hard floors to use this on! I'm such an advocate of steam cleaning.

Unknown said...

Yes, I definitely need a new mop. I think this one looks so good and would work great for my home.

Jennifer S. said...

This looks like something we could definitely use. We are constantly sweeping up dog fur, but we could use a good steam cleaning for sure!

Liz Mays said...

I have a spray mop but I'm thinking the steam is really the way to go for me. I think it would make a huge difference!

BrettBMartin said...

i ADORE my steam mop. maybe more than i should. but its so awesome. and no chemicals!

Style, Decor & More said...

I have got to get one of these for my tile floors. It sounds wonderful!

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