Thursday, February 20, 2014

Starlooks Starbox a great makeup subscription service

 I love makeup, and I am always looking for new and better makeup items to make sure my morning makeup routine can be done fast, and still looks great. What if I told you there was a company out there that you can subscribe to get box of  makeup each month.. Sounds great right? Here is a little information about Starlooks,  from the website:

  What is Starbox?  Starbox is a monthly subscription service that provides you with the opportunity to try the entire Starlooks, Pro-Quality Makeup Line at an exclusive, discounted price! Starlooks is dedicated to providing PRO-level products, terrific customer service, and affordable pricing. We take pride in our loyal customer base.

Starlooks’ contract formulation team is located in Canada and China. Our Representatives - who travel to these locations on a regular basis, have direct control over quality, safety, and the production cost of our products. In addition, our representatives and the chemists at these locations have worked for other labs in the past, and can build custom products and improve upon the formulation team’s own basic formulations, if Starlooks chooses to do so.
Certain Starlooks color cosmetics are custom-created for Starlooks by revising and improving existing ingredients such as content, colors, polymers, etc., based on our and the chemist’s recommendations. Starlooks decides when to change the names of the lab’s stock products or components for these products as a secondary priority – based on cost. Our brushes – which are NOT custom manufactured - are chosen carefully by our manufacturer. However Starlooks provides input as to the quality of these tools, making sure that they are manufactured to our satisfaction before we sell them. Our opinion is that these tools FAR surpass most others sold.

My Review:

Now I love makeup, but it can get boring sometimes, I love to shake things up to keep them fresh. I like to try new things but I have been in a bit of a rut as of late. When I was able to try a month of a makeup subscription from Starlooks? Sounds like a great idea right? A way to try new colors, and have fun with 3-4 full sized makeup products, delivered right to your home.  I received, eye liner, false eyelashes, lipstick, lip gloss. 
An Infinity Eye Liner, in a dark sparkly blue color called Orion. With my dark brown eyes, I usually shy away from dark colors, but I wanted to give it a try. The liner was very easy to use and apply. My eyes looked bold and very pretty.  I can see myself quickly putting on some eye makeup and running out the door. The color worked with my eyes well.  I don't know why I did not try darker colors sooner. The blue and works well with my winter wardrobe.

Now I have to admit I have never tried to wear fashion eyelashes before, I guess I was just too intimidated to try them? I thought they would fall off and look silly? But they looks fun and stylish on me, loved it! Now to the pale lip stick color, the color “Puzzy” is a light peachy pink color that will go with many colors. Even though the color was light you could see a hint of color on my lips. I loved the smooth and glossy look of my lips after application.  I loved that the colors did not crease or run, and stayed on all day. I hate to have to reapply makeup, and I did not with Starlooks, and that is a great thing. The lip gloss was a light gloss as well, the “pearl necklace” color, was light but has a great pearl like shine.  
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 If you are looking for a great makeup surprise each month, the Starboxes start at $15.00 a month! I know you may be thinking that this may not be the quality you depend on with your makeup because it is so affordable… but that is not the case. The Starlooks  makeup is quality makeup at great prices. If you would like a particular box and not the subscription, it will be $25.00 a box.  I will surely be purchasing more Starlooks makeup, and with these great prices I can afford to pick up a bunch of new colors. Make sure to check out the great selection of other makeup essentials as well .

Buy it:
To buy these great items, or subscribe to the monthly makeup subscribe  

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