Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Introducing the Jiménez family Familia de Hoy! #LaFamiliadeHoy #ad

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My family is so very important to me, they are the world to me. Growing up as a young girl I lived with my extended family in a small home, that was filled with grandparents, cousins and aunts and uncles, just overflowing with love.  Today life is quite different, my family is a small 3 person family free of the hustle and bustle I grew up with. Sure it may be more quiet and less stressful at times (having all of those family members in one home was a bit trying at times…) but I miss the closeness we had in my family when I was little… We are still close, but not as literally…
Healthy Essentials Presenta LA FAMILIA DE HOY: In December, Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies revealed the Jiménez family as LA FAMILIA DE HOY™. Juan, Biviana and their three children: Elisa, Diego and Benicio are a modern, active, multicultural family – representative of all the values that Hispanics relate to and care about.  The Jiménez family, is very large, and reminds me of how things were back in my younger years.

The Jimenez family is part of a larger family: The Jimenez brothers are 4, 3 wives, 8 children and one grandmother. The three married brothers live right next to each other with connecting backyards and the fourth brother lives close by. The grandmother is right there with them, living in the house with Juan and his family where she raised her children. This family is blessed to be so close together, but not to have to live in the same home together.. Being in close proximity is such a great thing for the entire family.
Like the Jimenez Family we share special bond. We also have a commitment in life is to pass on their traditional values and Hispanic roots in the younger generation. With my family there was always someone to lean on, and depend on… if you had to be picked up from school, and my mom was still at work, my uncle, or aunt would happily help out. We always had big parties, and cook outs, just fun family times.
 Sharing Mexican and Colombian backgrounds, Juan is always making sure his children grow up learning and absorbing all the obtainable knowledge from their mom and grandma, in order to make the right choices when reaching their adult life, as well as keep taking care of each other as a family.

Having family in Mexico, can be rough, like the Jiménez family, we have assorted family in Mexico, some my daughter has never even met, but we still try to stay as close as we can, with online video chats, and old fashioned writing, sending pictures, and artwork a communication for me that will never go out of style, and never change, just like the love for my large family.
Something else that will never change is the quality products that Johnson & Johnson provides my family. We have been fans of the various Johnson family products for many years. Our closets are filled with family favorites that have been staples in our homes for many years, when our children needed shampoo, Johnson's baby shampoo was always the choice. When my daughter has a cut, from her baby years to her tween years today Neosporin was always a must in our medicine cabinet.     
Like the Jiménez family  soccer is very big with my daughter and this brings on scrapes and scratches.. but no worry with Neosporin, it helps heal wounds four days faster (than a bandage alone) the patented Technology helps get results two days faster  (than store brands)* We know that Neosporin provides 24-Hour infection protection, and Minimizes the appearance of scars  that is why we are such big fans of this quality product.  Our family is a modern family, who may be a little different than the family I grew up in, but we are still all so close, and I want to keep it that way so my daughter will appreciate the closeness of a loving family.  I am so happy that the Jiménez family  was chosen to be the Familia de Hoy  to me they are what I see as the perfect La Familia de Hoy.

What would you say it takes to make a Modern Family today?

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson and Latina Bloggers Connect.

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April Golightly said...

I think love makes a modern family.

Unknown said...

I grew up i a large family. And we have cousins all very close to use. SO family get togethers for us; looked like everyone else's family reunions. Little did they know this was a "small" thing for us.
Now that we are all grown up; we have spread out a bit more. And it is rather sad. I miss the closeness we used to have.
We use a lot of modern technology to try to keep the closeness with family members that have moved the longest distance away.

Hug a tree with me said...

I have a large family however we are all spread out which is incredibly depressing especially around the holidays.

Simply Being Mommy said...

LOVE! Really all you need is love.

Actingbalanced said...

I think modern families can be whatever love brings!

Mami2jcn said...

Love and acceptance!

What a beautiful family.

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