Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Master Lock essentials for Back To School #MasterBackToSchool

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We're about a month away from the start of school and I really can't believe how quickly the summer is just going by! A new school year means new clothes and supplies and all the fun stuff you get to shop for. And there is no better way at school or at home to keep your valuable safe then with Master Lock. The brand synonymous with locking your things up tight and keeping them safe. I used a Master Lock in school, my husband used a gargantuan Master Lock in school (the lock was so big he had to make the hole in his locker bigger to accommodate it!) and soon our daughter will be using Master Lock in school to keep her valuables safe. We have loved our Master Lock 5900D SafeSpace for many years, something we travel with all the time. This is an amazing safe that can hold your small valuables, the perfect size for travel.

My daughter is now in 4th grade.. this means she gets a locker! More than half of the students in North America choose not to use a locker but to carry all of their things with them. We'll soon have a nation full of kids with terrible back conditions, lets save their backs and make it safer to use their lockers and thanks to Master Lock it's really simple to lock up your valuables.

Locks have come a long way since I was in school and had a basic combination lock, the locks today made by Master Lock are far cooler and more personalized, you're now able to choose what your combination is with either numbers or words now. Setting your own combination is so much easier to deal with than to try and remember those random numbers assigned to your lock and if you lost the slip of paper you had it on you were in trouble. Now that locks are personalized your fears are a thing of the past. 
The Master Lock 1500eDBX dial Speed is an amazing lock and my daughter can't wait to use it because it's so far from the norm that all the kids will be envious of her lock.This lock is unlike any lock I have ever seen before, you set the electronic code, on this touch face lock... A computerized lock... wow, and don't worry about the battery dying and being stuck the battery has 5 years of life!

Thieves are everywhere and nearly half the kids in North American schools have had an item stolen from them. We need to encourage our children to use their lockers couple this with a superior lock from Master Lock and those numbers will decrease rapidly. Thieves prey on easy targets the key is to not make your child or yourself an easy target. Be sure to protect your valuables with one of these great locks, the 1535DWD Set-Your-Own Combination Lock, is also a great addition for the new school year. If it's too tough they'll move onto the easier lock make your locker a thieves nightmare by securing it with a Master Lock.

Currently Master Lock is holding a Master Lock BTS Game, this is a interactive online game, “Master Lock Photo Hunt Challenge.” The game offers players a chance to view the many products Master Lock offers to keep students’ belongs safe at school while getting a chance to win fun Master Lock products and other cool prizes. You have more than 65 chances to win. The prizes are, daily instant win prizes, weekly prizes and one grand prize: a Samsung Smart Media Center Package that includes a 60” HD 1080p Smart LED HDTV. From now through September 7, go to www.MasterLockPhotoHunt.com for a chance to win! Be sure to check out this awesome contest!

I would like to invite you all to a fun Twitter party, Master Lock Twitter Party on August 5th at 8 PM EST, hosted by @ResourcefulMom.  I will have more information about this great party soon. Be sure to visit http://resourcefulmommy.com/14120/master-lock-back-to-school-twitter-party/ to sign up and follow hashtag #MasterBackToSchool

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Grandma Juice said...

My husband has 1 of those traveling ones as well. He carries all kinds of things around with him when traveling to different places helping other fire depts with their wildfires.

Sarah said...

I will keep this in mind for when my son goes to school!

Crunchy Frugalista said...

That case is awesome. No more worrying about someone stealing your child's phone!

Unknown said...

I love Master lock! We get them every year for my brothers for back to school.

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