Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How to Make Disney Bingo Cards with the Kids

Bingo is a fun game that anyone of any age can enjoy. Bingo can be an especially great game for kids as they can learn their numbers and useful concentration techniques, as well as about competition and sportsmanship in games.

The key in playing a bingo game with kids is to make it appeal to them as much as possible. That’s why we recommend Disney bingo cards, which are both really fun and easy to make.
The version we are describing is based on the common 75-ball version, but there are 90-ball and 5-line versions you could also opt to use. Visit a site like pgbingo.com for more information on these types of games and how to play.

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure you have access to a PC and printer, as you’ll be printing off some Disney characters. As well as this, ensure you have plenty of card, scissors and glue to hand. Pencils or crayons will come in useful too, and pennies, buttons or tiddlywinks to use as number covers. On your sheets of paper, draw a 5x5 grid, with enough space at the top and left hand side. Along the top, write the words BINGO, or if you’re artistic, you can instead draw 5 different little Disney characters along the top. The center square should be filled as it’s a free space. You can fill this with a color, the word BINGO or again a Disney character.

Then you’ll want to number the squares on each card, between 1 and 75 (although you can opt for much lower numbers if playing with smaller children). Make sure you mix the numbers up on each card so they are not all the same. Then, you can distinguish each card by printing off pictures of some Disney characters and gluing them to the space on the left hand side of the card. For more fun for the kids, print off black and white characters and have the kids color in their favorite Disney friends.

Before the fun can begin, you’ll need to do one final thing – print off a set of numbers and cut them out! It’s probably safest to designate this task to the adult. You could be doing this while the kids are coloring in. Cut all the numbers into even squares and then put them into a hat or a bag. They can then be shaken up and called out from there.

The last step before anyone can play is to ensure all players can cover their numbers. You don’t want the kids using daubers as these cards are created with the intention of being reusable. That’s why we suggest using pennies to cover numbers. Each child would only need a handful of pennies. However if you don’t feel comfortable giving them money, or don’t have enough change lying around, then you could always use buttons or tiddlywinks, as they are around the same size and shape that you’d be looking for. If you don’t have any of these things to hand you could always just cut up some paper squares, corresponding with the size of each square. And that’s all you need to make a Disney bingo card with the kids. They’ll now be able to spend hours of fun playing bingo.

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