Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Eating well should be easy, and it is with Hampton Creek

Are you trying to eat better, do you find it hard and expensive? Why is it so difficult to eat better, more natural food? Hampton Creek, has a goal to provide with the healthy food you want, at an affordable price. Here is a little more information about Hampton Creek from the website:
We started Hampton Creek because we deeply believe that eating well should be easy. We believe that the right thing, for our bodies and for the world, should be affordable. And it should be insanely delicious. That's the only way that change will happen: we have to 10x the food system for everyone, everywhere.
And that's exactly what we did with Just Mayo™, our first product. It's outrageously delicious, and you can feel great about eating it. It's available nationwide at Safeway, Target, Whole Foods, Dollar Tree, and many more.
Mayonnaise is just mayonnaise, right? I used to think that until I was able to try Just Mayo from Hampton Creek. Everything I thought I knew about mayo had been totally blown out of the water by Just Mayo. They're name sounds plain but their flavors are anything but. Sure they have regular mayo but they also have Sriracha, garlic, and chipotle flavored mayo as well.
I had some plain tuna and decided I was going to try and liven it up by using the garlic flavored mayo and to my surprise my husband and daughter raved about the tuna. In fact my daughter ate the whole sandwich including the crust.....she never eats the crust on any sandwich! 
My husband wanted a snack and we didn't have any chips or anything with a salty or spicy kick so he just grabbed some regular crackers and squeezed the Sriracha mayo into a bowl and used it as a dip on its own and raved about it. 

I'm looking forward to trying the chipotle mayo in a potato salad to liven it up. Mayonnaise doesn't just have to taste like mayo, it can actually taste like something and enhance the food you're using it with. Just Mayo will change the way you view mayonnaise forever. I know that sounds like a bold statement but I'm kidding with how good this stuff really is.

And if you have a thing for cookie dough I've got the thing for you. Also available from Hampton Creek is a tub of cookie dough just for eating. It contains no eggs so it's totally 100% safe to consume the entire jar. Just like we did in a little over a day and that's only because my husband felt he needed to share it with us and not hog the whole thing himself.

 Nice guy. If you're a cook dough person you will love this, even though it's egg free it's not flavor free and has all the deliciousness of cookie dough without the risk of getting sick. And if I can make a suggestion chocolate chip is a great flavor to start with but if you were to add sugar cookie or snickerdoodle to your arsenal of flavors.....just saying it would work.

Buy it:
Hampton Creek products, are available nationwide at Safeway, Target, Whole Foods, Dollar Tree, and many more.

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