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Into the Woods interview with the amazing Emily Blunt and hilarious James Corden #Intothewoodsevent

The movie Into the Woods is filled with amazing characters, there were two that stole the show for me. The Baker and The Bakers Wife. The Baker was played by the extremely talented and hilarious James Corden. James is a Tony award winning stage actor and comedian who is now the brand new host of The Late Late Show. Emily Blunt is an amazing Golden Globe Award winning actress. I have been a fan of Emily's ever since I saw the amazing job she did on The Devil wears Prada (acting with the amazing Meryl Streep). With such talented stars, you wonder what they would be like in real life, how would they be like in person?

Just imagine meeting a new cousin that you have never met, but someone you just click with right away, as soon as you meet you are off joking chatting and having a great time, well that is what it was like meeting James Corden and Emily Blunt.  During the Into the Woods event, I was very fortunate to be able to interview this talented pair. The pair came in to the room asking us questions and just getting to know us all and even asking if we were all moms and who has the most kids? James had a something stuck between his teeth, and Emily mothered him to try to help him out, she asked us if we had gum to help James. They were just great people who made us all feel comfortable and have a great time.

 Here are some of my favorite questions from this amazing interview with James Corden and Emily Blunt:
Question:   (Emily) You were pregnant. (while filming the movie)  we heard about hiding and stuff while you were shooting, especially seven months.

Emily Blunt:   Well, it’s funny because I took, you know, found out I was having a baby when I found out I was- I had the part, but I was thinking well, she’s the baker’s wife, so it doesn't matter if I gain a few pounds.  And also it’s, you know, it’s the singing, and it’s lovely, and it’s easy- I forgot how much running around this woman does in the woods.  Like, I like body slam into Anna Kendrick like a linebacker, and she’s a tiny person.  I, like, almost killed her.  And you know,  she’s always running; like, we’re always rushing.  And so it was, it was interesting.  There was a chair onset that was written on it, Emily Bunt’s pregnancy.  I often found Chris Pine sitting in it.  I’m like, stood over him, several months pregnant, like that.  And he went, and he went, oh, do, do you wanna sit down, and I’m like, yes, I do.
Question:   A lot of the film is about parenting methods and what happens, so did this influence how you guys parent or what not to do at all?

James Corden:   I think there’s an honesty in the film which has made me want to be more honest with my children, like, from the get-go to- I think what’s, you know, the message in the film- the great message in the film of, like, be careful what wish for, and sometimes the very thing you wish for is not the thing that you need in a world where we seem to have told children that this happily ever after does exist, and we all know it doesn't.
And I feel like- that’s not to say you won’t be happy, but like that song, No One is Alone, which at the end of the film, I sort of feel like what that song is saying is, it’s two adults talking to two children saying, there’s some screw-ups coming your way, and that’s true of all of us.  There’s screw-ups, and they’re coming for you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.  But when they do, you might feel like you’re completely on your own in the world.  You will feel like you are completely alone, and you’re not.  And you never will be.  And these things are just part of your life and what ultimately make you better and stronger.  And it has made me think that that’s a positive message to tell your children, that mistakes are gonna happen.
Emily Blunt: And also, you, said that, children, like, no one is more perception than a child.  They see everything, they’re like little sponges, they pick up- even babies, I’ve noticed, they pick up on your energy, they pick up on, like, if someone walks in the house that Hazel hasn’t met before, and they’ve had a bad day, she- she doesn’t want to go to them.  She doesn’t want to be around them, you know.  And so even at- from a young age, they’re so perceptive.  And, and I just feel that it’s important to teach your children that life is not always going to be easy, you know, and that is what this film is about.

Nobody goes through life unscathed.  Nobody does.  And actually, these fairy tales, the original fairy tales really were sort of, obviously children can’t understand the deep metaphorical meanings in these fairy tales, but they understand right and wrong, and they understand the need to make decisions, and they understand what happens when people behave badly, they get a comeuppance.  You know, it’s that sort of thing that these fairy tales, I think, were created to teach children about life- warn them about life.  And we’re sort of in a society where we like to coddle our children and over-tend, over-parent, over-this- there’s like ten thousand books on how to raise a kid nowadays, and it, it’s purely instinctual.
Question:    You guys have such great chemistry together. Onscreen and off screen. 
Emily Blunt:   That’s part of working with each other.  We knew each other, actually, I’ve known James for, like, eight/nine years almost?  We met at a polo match in England.  The princes were there.

James Corden:   If you ever hear a more British…

Emily Blunt:   And we really got along and, and we had too much to drink, and we sang…Something Stupid by Frank Sinatra. Like, he’s the only person I’ve ever sung in front of…

James Corden:   Yeah, we were getting on great.

Emily Blunt:  And so it was nice.  We sort of, when we, when I heard it was him- I remember Rob Marshall telling me that I had the part, and he, and I said, who’s the baker.  And he went, it’s James Corden.  And I went, oh my god.  I was so relieved and so thrilled because I knew that this couple needed to have real lifelong, shorthand chemistry, ease with each other and, and you needed to believe in them.
Question:   If you could have your own wish for anything, what would you wish for?

Emily Blunt:   It does become about your children, doesn’t it?
James Corden:  There’s a pair of shoes I’m really interested… Yeah.  No, you just, we just, you just want the people you love, to be healthy, right?

Emily Blunt:   Healthy and happy.  That’s it.

James Corden:   That’s it.  That’s all, that’s all it is.  It sounds so sort of trite in so many ways, but I- I don’t think there’s anything else that you could really, you know, yeah.  I know what your husband’s wishing for, which is to stop it right now.
Question:   You guys worked with the kids…What was that like? They were phenomenal.
Emily Blunt:  They are phenomenal.

James Corden:   Well, they’re both incredible, incredibly talented and gifted, and sometime, you know, and unbelievably, uh, composed and assured, because it’s one thing being brilliant in the film; it’s another thing just being brilliant to be around all day, and they are.
Emily Blunt:  Lilla Crawford was doing eight shows a week playing Annie on Broadway.  Like, this is a girl who knows how to punch in and go to work, and show up, and be professional, and, and when she opens her mouth, she has a voice like a trumpet.
James Corden:   Oh my god. 

Emily Blunt:   I mean, it was just insane what she was able to do, and she was so capable, you know.  And Daniel was completely unflappable, like, the coolest kid. 
James Corden:   Well, the first day of shooting- the first day shooting was the Giants in the Sky song, and which is my favorite song in the show anyway, and I, I absolutely remember watching him run around this tree looking at him as if it- he’s got- comes out of his arms, so I remember looking and thinking, oh my god, this is- I’m watching, I’m watching a thousand Facebook profiles start to happen from girls who are just gonna be in love with you.
He is- he’s got that thing which is unquantifiable that you can’t- you don’t know what it is, but it’s just there.  And he’s so gifted, musically.  He would sit down at a piano, and he’ll playing these ukulele- he’s, he’s the real deal.  He really, really is.
Question:   James you were such a discovery for all of us, and we’re just really pleased about your character and fell in love with you.  So you’re gonna emerge as this undiscovered,  leading man- you’re gonna be huge.  So you’re starting the Late Late Show.  What if you’re gonna start to get all these movie offers to be, the hunk in Hollywood?
James Corden:   Let’s, let’s not get carried away. It’s, it’s a, it’s a strange,  it’s an amazing sort of time for me.  I’m very intent on trying to enjoy it while it’s here, whatever it is, whatever- it comes or doesn’t.  Like, I’m, I’m so aware that these are transient things that will go as quickly as they arrive, in so many ways.

And so I just want to really enjoy it and, and lots of people have said to me, and I, I get it, like, when I, I decided to take on the, the Late Late show, lots of people, their first reaction- and my reaction, in a, in a sense, when I first got offered it, it was an amount of reticence of people saying, well, you won’t be able to do this, and you, there’s a film coming and what if, you know?

After talking it through with my wife, the, the truth is that in this, in this job, you, you can’t- there are no guarantee of anything, and you really have to go wherever the work is.  And there was a point in the summer, just after I got offered, and I was unsure what to do, where I was shooting in Johannesburg for, like, six weeks, Skyping my son on my birthday.  And I thought, this is only gonna get harder.

And actually, here is someone offering me a job where I get to be creative every day, I get to have fun every day and talk to America before or more likely while they’re falling asleep and, and, and at the end of every day, I get to go home and be a present father and husband.  And I just don’t think there’s ever a child when they’re twenty or thirty, sitting in a therapist’s chair going, do you know, my dad was just around too much.
 He, he gave me too many cuddles, and he was too much a part of my life.  And ultimately, it was like, well, this is a privilege, actually, to be in this job, in this industry, and- because you don’t have the choice.  You've gotta go; you've gotta go.  Oh, there’s a tax break in Vancouver.  I’ll be back in three months.  And actually, here’s a, a place where- it’s a luxury, and so that’s, that was the overwhelm- that was the thing that tipped it over, really, is just to be around, and I feel very lucky to have such an opportunity.

Emily Blunt:   You’re gonna make me cry.

James Corden:   Stop it.  Stop it, flirt.  You are outrageous.  Let’s not end.  Don’t end. 
After the interview was over we stepped out to take a group picture, and Emily and James were so silly it was great, they wanted the bloggers to sit on their laps for the photo! Yes they were serious it was a riot, we were all cracking up, and when one blogger laid on their laps we all just lost it, giggling and laughing out loud.. We were so loud that we were shushed to quiet down (there were other interviews going on...) James yelled out.. "Nobody hushes the mommy bloggers." !!! I told you he was hilarious! 

This duo are a childless couple who dream of having a child one day, but unfortunately this may never come true... The bakers have a chance to have their wish grated by the witch and are sent on a quest. In the movie Into the Woods, a quest that sets the movie off... Will they be able to have a child one day? Will they be able to track down the list of items the witch needs?  Well I will not spoil it... But with this pair you will laugh, cry and just feel for. Be sure to check out the film Into the Woods, in theaters now.

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I just saw this and I really enjoyed getting to know a little more about the actors and what they thought of the movie and their roles. I enjoyed The Baker and The Baker's Wife a lot.

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These two seem to have a great working relationship. I cannot wait to see this movie.

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I am so, so excited to see "Into the Woods". The cast is simply amazing.

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I loved this movie! Love the pregnancy story I don't think you could tell from the movie she was pregnant.

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James Corden is awesome!! He was on Doctor Who as well--which is my favorite show!

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What a great and exciting opportunity to interview Emily! I love the pics too! I saw photos in the past where the stars were in the back and bloggers were covering them. Of course, I want to see the bloggers, but the stars need to be front and center. :)

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It sounds like this was a really fun project for them to work on. It's really cool that you got to see them!

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I am excited about seeing Into the Woods. There is some astute insight on children in their words. They definitely have a great repetoire with one another. Thanks for the awesome interview.

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Oh too funny! What a great interview! I'm excited to see the film, it looks and sounds great!

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This looks like it will be a very fun movie. My kids may be a little too young to enjoy it, but fun nonetheless.

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I LOVED these two - such amazing chemistry and they're SO funny!

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