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WWE Royal Rumble a fun family event! #WWE #WWEMoms @WWEmoms

This past Sunday the 25th of January, my family and I were able to attend one of the things that has been on my husband’s bucket list for a very long time the WWE’s Royal Rumble. Since its beginning back in 1988 it has been his favorite show of the year and the Rumble in 1989 was the first pay per view he ever purchased, so this has been a long love affair for him and the chance to be able to go to the Rumble was something he couldn’t believe he was getting to do.
We arrived to the Wells Fargo Center about 2 hours before the show started and I was amazed at how long the lines were already!
To say that the fans of the WWE are dedicated and loyal is an understatement! It was cold and the most epic blizzard ever was looming over us (it fizzled for us) but the people were there early and in droves. Standing in line to get into the building was fun, every few minutes a new chant would randomly break out and I have to say there were some funny one’s, some I didn’t quite understand, like the ole, ole, ole being sung…

I thought that was a soccer thing and my husband explained that it was a chant for current NXT wrestler Sami Zayn (who is also known as El Generico in these parts…and to my husband: see I do listen to you!)  Once inside (in the warmth!) we made our way over to the merchandise booth so my husband could finally buy his “I’m a Paul Heyman Guy!” shirt, the amount of people buying merchandise was staggering. My only issue with this is that there isn’t a formal line setup in the Wells Fargo Center and it was a free for all getting to the front of the booth to buy things. A queue system might be a good idea to make life easier for people trying to buy things.
Our seats were awesome we had a good view of the entrance way and the Titantron and we weren’t all that far away from where Renee Young, Booker T, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton were doing their work for the show. The show itself for me was fun, I enjoy seeing guys toss each other around doing things that only a few people would be crazy enough to do!
The opening match of Cesaro (was really popular here) and Tyson Kidd vs. The New Day set the pace for the show, from the start the crowd was into it. When the main show started and the New Age Outlaws music hit the crowd went crazy and to see them sporting those silly Phanatic hats was funny. They faced a new team on the main roster the Ascension and to the chagrin of the crowd lost when the Ascension hit the Fall of Man on Billy Gunn.
The hat trick was achieved because the next match was another tag match this time it was The Miz and Damien Mizdow (incredibly popular) vs. The Usos for the tag team championships. Another fun match, the people seem to really, really, REALLY, honestly hate the Miz and his refusal to tag in his stunt double Mizdow was driving the crowd mad.
Mizdow’s antics on the ring apron and the floor were incredibly funny and I can see why the people gravitate towards him. In a fun fast paced match the Usos won with a splash from the top rope.
The next match made it four in a row because the Bella’s faced off against Paige and Natalya in another tag match. Being a watcher of Total Divas I was happy to see them wrestle in person. Another good match that the Bella’s won via a forearm shot by Nikki to Natalya.
Next up the triple threat match between Seth Rollins (huge pop), John Cena (a lot of hate) and Brock Lesnar (incredibly popular here) for Lesnar’s WWE championship. This match was incredible.
I’m not the fan my husband is but I could see the athleticism and work these men put into their craft and they literally tore down the house. The people were on the edge of their seats the whole time and any time a pin fall was attempted the people would count and boo or cheer depending on the outcome. The job of a wrestler is to captivate their audience and these three men certainly did just that.
Some of the things Seth Rollins did were astonishing. The elbow from the top rope to the outside on Brock Lesnar while he was lying on a table was great. The way Lesnar tossed Rollins and Cena around like they were children was an amazing feat of strength.
And John Cena love him or hate him he’s certainly polarizing and I know why he’s the face of the company. The match ended when Lesnar hit Rollins with his F5 finisher. I think we all needed a collective break after that match but we didn’t have time to slow our heart rates down because now it was time for the main event the Royal Rumble!
The rules are simple it’s a 30 man battle royal, you eliminate opponents by sending them over the top rope, that’s the only way to eliminate someone. Survive all 29 other Superstars and you’ll be off to headline Wrestlemania! It starts off with two Superstars and every 90 seconds they will be joined by another Superstar pretty simple. The Miz (mega heel heat) and R Truth started things off and when back and forth for the 90 seconds essentially playing to the crowd. The clock ticked down and they to the delight of the Philly crowd were joined by Bubba Ray Dudley, who was making his first appearance in a WWE ring in over 10 years! Bubba made his name in the old ECW arena as one half of one of the best tag teams ever the Dudley Boys.
The people went nuts with chants of ECW filling the Wells Fargo Center. My husband bristles when people chant ECW, he’s a snob, an ECW elitist if you will. He says you need to earn the right to chant ECW and I looked at him oddly….he went on to say that only fans who saw the original incarnation of ECW back in the mid 90’s and who saw shows live and chanted those letters because it was organic and out of pure love can chant those letters. You need to pay your dues. Since I went along to a few shows with him back when we were dating at the old bingo hall, I guess I’m included in their reindeer games!  

Every 90 seconds another Superstar would come out to varying levels of reactions DDP got a nice pop, as did the Boogeyman (he creeps me out) and Luke Harper. But when the number 10 was revealed to by Daniel Bryan the roof nearly blew off the arena! Almost everyone was up and thrusting their fingers to the sky chanting YES! YES! YES! It was fun to watch and see all these people in unison cheering for Bryan. Sadly and to the anger of the crowd Daniel Bryan was eliminated by Bray Wyatt only a few minutes after getting into the ring. It sucked the life out of the crowd, all of the enthusiasm kind of died down and not until the likes of Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler were announced did the people seem to get back into the match.
The rest of the match was fun, from the counting down to the surprise appearances to the end that saw Roman Reigns knock out Kane and the Big Show and then Rusev to win the Rumble and earn the right to face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31 for the WWE championship. 
The people were given one last HUGE surprise when the Rock made an appearance to help his cousin out with taking care of Kane and the Big Show. The people went bonkers for the Rock, including my husband who was jumping up and down like a big kid yelling IT’S THE ROCK!!!
Over and over. I know a lot or people were disappointed with the outcome but hey they show was still solid and fun for us and was a nice family outing. We noticed a lot of families there and the atmosphere was certainly something I wasn’t afraid to take my daughter to. I heard the guys behind us say I have to watch what I say because there are a lot of kids here, and to their credit they did. Nothing was said that I wouldn’t want my 10 year old to hear. 
It was a fun night with a ton of great action and I’m glad we were there to witness it live. I’m looking forward to the next time the WWE rolls through Philly. If they’re headed to your town and you want to night filled with action and fun for the entire family head on out to the event and just get lost in the craziness!
   Make sure to check out the WWE site to see when they are coming to your town next.


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East9thStreet said...

I remember watching WWE as a kid! What a fun way to spend some family time.

Jenni E. said...

Whoahhh!! That looks like SO much fun. I've never been to a live event like that but my family loves to watch it on TV.

Jeannette said...

My son has gotten more into wrestling lately and this looks like such a fun event! I know he will be totally jealous when I show him!

Allie D. said...

It looks like your family had a blast! My husband is a huge WWE fan. He would so love to go to that too!

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