Friday, February 6, 2015

Getting ready for a road trip? Here are some tips with travelling with kids.

For vacations a getaway's, I love nothing better than packing the family into the car and heading somewhere beautiful to enjoy the sunshine. Road trips can be great fun, but when you’re traveling with kids, you need to be prepared for every eventuality. These are my top five tips for preparing for a family road trip, including what you definitely should take along on a road trip. 

1. Make sure to pack Snacks
I always pack a big cooler box to be kept in the back seat, so that anyone feeling hungry or thirsty can grab something quickly. When you’re choosing snacks, it’s best to avoid the junk food. It’s likely to cause a big spike in energy, followed by a comedown that’s going to leave little travelers irritable and moody, especially if they have trouble falling asleep in the car. Pack lots of fruit and of course, lots to drink. I also keep a damp flannel in the cooler box. If anyone is starting to feel a bit sick, applying a flannel to the insides of the wrists or the back of the neck will cool them down quickly. 

2. Start the trip with out any hassles
My daughter is getting older and she loves to buckle herself in, but buckling herself is not always the easiest thing she sometimes gets frustrated because she cannot get the bucket to go in easily… But not anymore she has the help she needs with 
MyBuckleMate is a  Mom-invented devise that is meant to keep, floppy backseat buckles securely propped up and easy to reach so anyone can buckle up independently. This is a great invention, it keeps buckles straight and easy to use. This handy devise retails for $14.00 and comes in the colors Black, Cream or Tan. Get the road trip started off on a good note with MyBuckelMate.

3. Be sure to pack everyone's Sunglasses
When I’m planning my summer driving, my obvious priority is my kids. But it’s also important to remember that whoever is driving the car needs to ensure that they’re going to keep everyone safe. It may seem like common sense, but remembering to take sunglasses for driving is a must when you’re taking a long trip in sunny weather. The last thing you want to be doing is using your hands to shield your eyes in bright conditions! 

4. Bring entertainment for the kids
Making a CD of your kids’ favorite music will keep everyone entertained. What’s more, making the CD is a nice activity to do together on a rainy afternoon and will get your kids excited for your upcoming trip.  When I know that I've got a long car trip coming up, I keep a lookout for discounted crayon and coloring sets in stores. A car journey isn't the best environment for coloring (brace yourself for the odd complaint from the backseat that your driving is causing little artists to ruin their drawings) so it’s not worth spending a lot on a high quality coloring set. They’ll probably get thrown away at some point on the trip but it’s guaranteed to keep kids entertained for at least a few hours. 

5. Be prepared for the kids to rest
 The trip may be long and the kids are most likely going to fall asleep. I could not tell you how many times my daughter has fallen asleep in the back seat slumped over and in an odd position. This is no longer an issue with the wonderful invention of the Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest, this travel headrest, is a revolutionary new device from Cardiff Products that provides support and comfort for a child asleep in a moving vehicle. All you have to do is attach the hear rest to your vehicle existing headrest.
 This is so easy, and quick to do. You child will have a nice and comfortable rest with support to keep a child’s head and body upright; comfortably aligned in the seat as they sleep.  My daughter loves the head rest, when she takes a nap on the road, she wakes up happy and without neck pains. I would highly recommend getting a Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest before any road trip. I just wish there was an adult version for airplane travel. I would just love to have something like this for flights, I am always traveling, and if there was a head rest that I could add to my seat like this, it would be an amazing way to sleep!
While on your road trip, just remember to enjoy the ride! Some of my most favorite memories as a child are from family road trips, take the time to smell the roses, have fun with the kids and make the trip to your destination just as fun as the arrival to the destination. 

To purchase, you can purchase a Cardiff Headrest online

To purchase MyBuckleMate check out where it is sold here

Do you have any travel tips that help you on the road?

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Amy Orvin said...

Thanks for the wonderful tips. I am hoping to take a summer trip.

Donna Jacoby said...

I plan to take a trip in April and appreciate your suggestions. Thank you for sharing!

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