Thursday, June 18, 2015

Feeling joyful for these wonderful Inside Out products! #‎InsideOutEvent

Being a mother of a ten year old and the wife to a mall rat, I'm used to wandering in and out of toy stores and malls on a frequent basis. In the past few weeks we've gotten quite familiar with the toys from Inside Out and I have to admit I really love these toys.
From vinyl pop's and plush dolls, to shirts and hats and interactive apps, and yes even Inside Out Uggs! The folks at Disney Consumer Products, have really outdone themselves with these cool new products, we were treated to a sneak peak of some of the great new items from Disney Pixar's Inside Out. If you're looking for Inside Out merchandise you'll find it (for now!) easily. There literally is something for everyone and all age brackets are included. I'm thinking because Inside Out is gender neutral that it might top Frozen in product popularity.
Frozen was huge but it really was a girl driven movie as most princess movies tend to be, so with Inside Out having both genders represented it opens things up for a more massive explosion of “I want this!” from both boys and girls. With products available practically everywhere, The Disney Store, Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, Hot Topic, iTunes or Google Play Store, etc.
We're lucky to live in an area that has within an hours drive 5 Disney Stores, so we've been exposed to quite a bit of Inside Out products in the past several weeks and have been blown away with how cool they are. And the products don't just have to be for kids, I'm a 30+ year old woman and my husband bought me a Sadness shirt and has promised me the lip balm set (I have an unhealthy obsession with lip balm...) So this product lines stretches over all age brackets.
To help our familiarity with the product line we were given a sample of what's out there and we've been having a blast playing with them....especially the talking Sadness doll. She's my favorite by far, my husband when he saw the movie a few weeks back at the Disney Social Media Mom's event pegged me for Sadness and it's not just because we both wear glasses! 
He's always complaining that I fret over everything and just can't seem to have a good time without worrying, kinda like Sadness. And we've pegged my daughter for Disgust, it's really funny when she gets mad she'll cross her arms and have a slight whatever look on her face in disgust. 

She did this while in a Disney Store and my husband quickly grabbed a Disgust plush and held it next to her and said “Look, it's her twin!” My daughter realizing what she was doing quickly started laughing and has now grown more fond of the character. There is a character that everyone can equate to and with this product line there is a product for every taste and budget.

Some of the other great products are Inside Out reversible bag, Inside Out headphones and bedding and so much more! My daughter will be all over this Inside Out bedding for her room. Heck, I wish they made it in queen, I'd put it on our bed! If space is an issue of you want a little decoration for your desk at work TOMY has made some really cool little figures that you can put anywhere to brighten up your day. Or you could go with the really cute and really addictive to collect Tsum Tsum plushes they have at the Disney Store. 
The Tsum Tsum's are really cute and neat because of their flat bottoms they can stack on top of one another so they don't take up that much room and they're just so darn adorable! One of my favorites is the Bing Bong, I cry candy plush, his eyes cry candy! Like I said there is a product for everyone and every budget and I'm thinking if you want them act now before the movie gets crazy popular and those products become impossible to find.

Disney Pixar's Inside Out  products available practically everywhere, at The Disney Store, Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, Hot Topic, iTunes or Google Play Store, and more!

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INSIDE OUT is out in theaters everywhere June 19th!

Are there any must have Inside Out items for you?

 ****Disney provided an all-expense paid trip for me to cover this great event ****


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Ellen said...

Wow what fun merchandise. I just love those sneakers!

Unknown said...

Oh my heart, that merchandise is so stinking cute! I bet my kids would love the shoes too! But the stuffed characters would definitely be the favorite.

Danielle K said...

I seriously cannot wait to see this movie! I actually saw some of the products in the store the other day and those shoes are just so cute!

Mama to 5 said...

Oh boy my kids will flip over these! The movie was adorable - loved it! i like Joy the best, that is my daughter's name!

Adrienne Patenaude said...

Thanks for sharing about the inside out movie. I had seen the merchandise at the Disney Store but knew nothing about it. I can't wait to go take my daughter to see the movie. It will be her first movie in a theater.

Nicole said...

I...WANT... the... Tsum Tsum collection! They're adorable. Oh, and the messenger bag because I have a bag additional. Hoping they come out with jewelry so I can get those. Love all the cute stuff!

Unknown said...

I am a t-shirt person so I'll be on the lookout for this merchandize.

Unknown said...

This looks like so much fun! They are soo cute

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