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So emotional! Fearful of not having any good questions.... But joyful to meet a great actor, Kyle MacLachlan #‎InsideOutEvent

 ****Disney provided me an all-expense paid trip for me to cover this great event **** 

Is this really real? Am I going to be able to interview Kyle Maclachlan? The voice of the Dad from Inside Out? I was a huge fan of Twin Peaks, I would make sure to watch each episode with my mom and try to play detective with her, these were memories of my tween years that I cherish.
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Kyle Maclachlan plays some dark and sinister roles, but in person he could not be any further from that. Kyle was a smiling, happy person, who seemed to be having an amazing time. He smiled when talking about being in the movie Inside Out, he smiled when he spoke about his son, he was just a happy go lucky guy. 
Very far from the dark and sinister roles he may have played in the past.  So has being a dad changed how Kyle Maclachlan chooses roles? How was it voicing a character, and how long did it take? Be sure to check out the Q&A from our interview below:

Question:  What  identities would control you?

Kyle Maclachlan:  Wino would be one.  He controls me after 6.  I don't know if Pete Doctor and Jonas and those guys thought of that one, and it maybe not appropriate for Riley.  Coffee would be another one.  They're pretty much the same.  Don't you think?  I would put underneath that silliness, just because that's just kind of my nature.  I'm pretty silly…
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Question:  So as a Dad yourself, how much of the Character is you because this is kind of a normal Character departure from what you normally play?

Kyle Maclachlan:  It was fun to do this guy because being a Dad myself, I was able to bring a little bit of my relationship with my son in and it was encouraged actually by Pete and Jonas and Ronnie, they wanted my personality so I was happy to try different things.  Some  worked, most didn't but it's always good to throw them out there just ideas.

The process is strange, you're sitting with a microphone and you don't have anything visually to work off, Pete would feed me all the information and kind of what was happening in the scene and I would read it and then I had to kind of go into my head and play it out in my head as I was doing it so it was like I was shooting my own little movie as I was saying the words and so walking into the room and sitting down on the edge of the bed and saying things got a little hand, you start asking questions like would I say that from the doorway or would I knock?  So you begin to just put it together in your brain about well, let me try it this way and then let me try it starting it here. So that was the process which I find fascinating.
Question:  Do you feel like you can see their emotions in your (sons) head?  Do you see this differently now?

Kyle Maclachlan:  I totally see it in him.  He's  coming up on 7 so they're still trying to figure out how they all work together.  Joy is the dominant one for him as well but he can bring in some disgust with attitude, which I'm sure he's picked up at school.  Some of the others as well.  He  definitely, has this silly gene from me.  You begin to see and recognize, not only in him but in other people as well.   I was doing an interview earlier where the writer said why don't you take your hand off the anger button to his son?  And I was like ok, so maybe this will enter our consciousness in a whole different way.
Question:  Can you compare Voice Acting and standard Acting?  

Kyle Maclachlan:  Well you know, going to work, I always say, as an actor, they sort of tell you what time, they pick you up sometimes.  They feed you, they tell what to wear.  They tell you what to say.  They tell you where to stand.  They tell you when to stop, they tell you when to go.  They tell you where to sit and you're waiting.  They tell you where to eat lunch.  So it's pretty nice not to have to do a whole lot.   Voice Acting is nice because, there's not a camera that you have to be aware of necessarily.  Although they did film all of the stuff that I was doing just to capture the physical gestures and mannerisms and a little bit to incorporate I think in the role or in the drawings.
                                      Photo courtesy of Disney

Question:  Is there anything that you would have added to scenes where you recognize yourself?

Kyle Maclachlan:  There's,  a couple of facial gestures that a I see that I'm like oh God, that resembles me but only for a split second. It looks so different.  You know, when they gave you the folder and said here is the character, I was like he's got a mustache! I had to sort of get myself into that thing, that space I guess.  Some of the Monkey stuff that we did, they were filming right as I was doing it and that made it in as well. I felt like they relied on my contribution and  needed it actually and were grateful for it, which, you know, which makes you feel good.
Question:  How long did it take from beginning to end?

Kyle Maclachlan:  There were roughly two hour sessions.  I did I think, 5 or 6 of those over the course of, I think it was over a year.  I think it was fun because I would do my little thing and then it would go away and then 3, 4 months, 5 months later, they're come back, and we would do another version, slightly more refined version, and they would have more visual stuff to look at.  Then I can also tweak it a little bit.  I was always, I was kind of expecting to go in and like have these pages and pages and pages of work and it wasn't really that demanding. It was really the specificity of it so we worked really hard on each little moment and each little piece of the sentence.
Question:  Has being a Dad shaped the way you take on new roles?

Kyle Maclachlan:  Definitely.  It's added another dimension of consideration.. How is this gonna affect my family both in my being around or not being around and also just, is it something that I'm comfortable putting out there?  Do I want to carry whatever remnants of that work environment back home with me, you know.   I'm not one of those people that sort of does that, clings to stuff, that needs to be engaged in the part 24/7.  That said, certain scenes require that when you get to work that everything else kind of disappears and you really stay in that focus for the run of that scene.  And then when the scene is over, you can drop it. I like to just drop it all away, just let it go.
Kyle was very sweet, he jokingly got a little nervous when we mentioned we were all tweeting as he was answering our questions...He showed the love of a father to a child, and made sure that we knew family was first in his life.  We even got to ask him about the strangest thing that he has had on pizza! (Be sure to see the movie to get the joke...).
When Kyle was at camp he had to make his own dinner based on the ingredients he found in water. He made a pizza with a variety of different mollusks and things... He had to chew things and really know what they were...Eww, I don't think I would be able to handle that kind of pizza.... Broccoli pizza sounds much better right now! 

Inside Out is a great family film, that will make you laugh and cry. What is going on with the emotions in your child's head? Be sure to go to the theaters to see Inside Out to find out! 

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****Disney provided me an all-expense paid trip for me to cover this great event **** 


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Nicole B said...

My kids really want to see Inside Out! I remember Kyle from Desperate Housewives. Thanks for sharing the exclusive interview.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea he voiced the dad. It's always fun learning more from the actors point of view. We are going to see this Friday. The kids are excited, so am I.

Melissa Pezza said...

Kyle MacLachlan is one of my favorite actors, and Inside Out is one of my favorite movies to date. This was a great read!

Tammi @ My Organized Chaos said...

I'd love to meet him, love him as an actor. Looks like a great film too, can't wait to see it!

CindyWindy2003 said...

This movie looks so cute! I recently saw an msn article of the 10 best pixar films and this was #1.

Andrea Kruse said...

We just saw this movie on Father's Day. It was so good! Love Kyle Maclachlan in Sex in the City... such a great character to dislike! Lol.

slehan said...

What a great chance to meet him in the interview. want to see the movie.
slehan at juno dot com

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