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Toys from Hasbro your kids will love! Fun summer toys for all ages! #Hasbro

With summer in full swing and my daughter at home with her non Wi-Fi enabled grandparents she needs something to do, and what that means is she gets to do what I did when I was her age and play with toys! A novel concept anymore in this age of connectivity, playing with toys seems like something we did long ago back when the dinosaurs ruled the land. But what she’s learning is that playing with toys and getting up and moving and using your body and your mind is kind of fun.

If you’re like me and have a kid who is stuck at home and you want them to do more than just sit around and surf the net or playing video games for hours on end head on over to the Hasbro Toy Shop and see what they have to offer they sent me a small sample and so far its been a great way to keep my daughter occupied.
The one thing I will admit she loves (even to this day) to collect and play with are the Littlest Pet Shop toys, we have a small army of these adorable little pets and all sorts of play sets for them to have all kinds of adventures in. What my daughter was able to add to her collection were the Pet Pawsabilities line.

Littlest Pet Shop Pet Pawsabilities Shep Shetland & Bitsy Mudinsky  Here's a cute duo, a pet and his little pet friend! This collie (#3757) and piglet (#3758) come with colorful Deco Bits pieces for customization fun! They're the perfect addition to any pet collection! And now you can bring your characters to life in the LPS Your World app*. Once you've launched the app, simply hold your pet and scan the code to unlock it in your game! Now you can play activities, decorate your pet and design your world, your way!
* App not compatible with earlier LPS pets, or current LPS smaller pets. App works with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and select Android devices. Check for availability, instructions, and compatibility information. In-app purchases available but not required. Available for a limited time.  Littlest Pet Shop, Deco Bits, and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. Includes: Pet, pet friend, and Deco Bits pieces. $4.99 ages 4 and up

 These aren’t just regular little pets, these pets come with a ton of fashion possibilities! With several Deco Bits pieces and accessories the customization aspect of these little guys are endless.  And their tiny little heads bobble and that just makes something that’s already adorable just even more so!
Another great toy that is not only fun but it gets kids moving is Twister Moves Skip-it. I had a Skip-it when I was a little girl and it was one of my favorite toys, it takes a little practice at first but once you get the hang of it—it’s a ton of fun. 

Twister Moves Skip-It   Keep track of your awesome moves with the Twister Moves Skip-It! Put the hoop on one leg and swing the Skip-It while you hop over it. How many skips can you do without stopping? The built-in counter keeps track for you while you skip! Get your groove on and keep upping your score while you skip with the Twister Moves Skip-It! Twister Moves Skip-It game is skipping fun. Skip-It's built-in counter keeps track of your skips. Works with the Twister Moves Moves Tracker (sold separately).  For 1 player. $19.99 Ages 6 and up.

This Skip-it can be combined with Twister Moves--Moves Tracker (sold separately) to digitally track skips and combine scores across the Twister Moves system. I won’t try this in front of my daughter for fear of looking like a loon or falling flat on my face….but that doesn’t mean I won’t try it when she goes to bed! I’m getting ready to #relivemyyouth!

That’s a great rainy day (like today) option, but what about those sunny days where you want to get out and enjoy the sun and warm weather? We have the Nerf Super Soaker Zombie Strike Dreadshot water blaster. Who doesn’t love a water gun? But this isn’t any old water gun this canon can hold up to 24 ounces of water in its tank! This certainly isn’t like the tiny little water guns I had as a kid….I’m jealous! With a range of up to 30 feet this water gun packs some serious zombie hunting power or in my daughter’s case grandpa hunting power.
 Nerf Super Soaker Zombie Strike Dreadshot Blaster  Get ready for twice the zombie-soaking action with the Dreadshot blaster! This one-handed blaster's 2 barrels let you launch a double stream of water at the zombies! It can hold up to 24 ounces of water and the water tank lights up for nighttime missions. Unleash a double-barreled attack at unsuspecting zombies up to 30 feet away with the Dreadshot blaster!  Nerf and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. Includes blaster and instructions. $14.99 Ages 6 and up 

• One-handed Dreadshot water blaster
• Lets you soak your target from up to 30 feet away with 2 streams of water
• Double-barreled soakage
• Water tank lights up
• Holds up to 24 fluid ounces

A running joke in our house is when our sweet little girl gets angry she has a tendency to get Hulk like. He gets mad, my husband jokes that Hulk’s about ready to smash and smash she does, she usually winds up hitting her father for making the joke. Now when Hulk is about ready to smash she can reach for her very own Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk Gamma Grip Fists!  
Marvel Avengers Hulk Gamma Grip Fists  Hulk smash - and you can too, with these awesome Gamma Grip Fists! Put one on each hand and then you'll feel just like your favorite smashing superhero. They grip, they grab - they smash! Hulk up for awesome superhero adventures with the Gamma Grip Fists! Includes 2 Gamma Grip fists. Awesome Gamma Grip Fists make you feel like the Hulk,  Grip and grab, Crushing action! $19.99 Ages 4 and up. 
These are flexible foam hands that enable the kid (or adult) to grab things to make it easier to smash them. Now when Hulk smashes her dad it will be a little softer since these knuckles are foam and not bone! This is just a small sampling of what HasbroToyShop has to offer, there are a bunch more toys there to help make the summer a little more fun. 

 If  you are looking for some great toy fun be sure to check out the great toys at the Hasbro Shop. Stay  social with Hasbro for more information follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Are there any Hasbro toys your kids would love for the summer?


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I love Hasbro toys! My daughter has a collection of the older version of Littlest Pet Shop toys. But the new versions are so cute also.
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