Monday, August 3, 2015

Amazing new items for the home from Kenmore & Craftsman

Being a working mom can be tough, I am out all day with work at the office, and when I come home I am right into mommy duty, it is a hectic day but I would have it no other way.  Being so busy, when I am home after dinner is done, I just sometimes do not feel like doing the dishes, and the laundry etc.. But as we all know the household chores have to be done eventually right? 
What if there were appliances that made your life that much more easy? Well Kenmore has a great new line of Kenmore Pro kitchen appliances that seem like they were made for busy moms like you and I in mind.

Recently I was treated to a sneak peak of some amazing new items from Kenmore and Craftsman, great items for the entire home!  For nearly every room in your home Kenmore and Craftsman has something that will make your life that much easier!

The product reveal, had all of the pomp and circumstance, you would expect from an exciting product reveal… After peeling back the black curtain we were all in awe of the shiny beautiful new Kenmore appliances. Yes I said they are pretty, they were just good looking and I knew after this event I would see they were not only pretty but they are useful economical, and time saving.
First up is the kitchen. For me, this is the room I spend the most time in, from baking cookies for school to preparing dinners for the week for my family, it seems like the kitchen is my second home.
We were treated to a cooking demonstration from Kenmore Executive Chef Kari Karch, she showed us how much easier cooking can be with Kenmore whipping up a delicious pork tenderloin with adobo marinade and roasted peaches. 
The meal was made from top to bottom with Kenmore appliances, from the blender making the marinade, to the stove that features a grill, to grill the peaches.The sleek looking stove had large burners, that made using a grill pan so easy.

How long does it take to boil water? Not long at all with the new Kenmore pro range. The rapid boil option will have a pot of boiled water ready for you in no time. Great for moms like me! The oven was set to  bake the pork loin. The new Kenmore Pro oven had some great features that I have never seen in a oven, that are ingenious! The build in thermometer is ready for you to test your cooked meat, no more searching for the thermometer, and overcooking/undercooking your meat, this thermometer is ready for you to use right in the oven, just insert in the meat and test, it is that easy. 
 Do you want to pull out what you are  cooking in the oven? Well now you can with ease, the oven racks pull out gently and smoothly (think of pulling out a drawer, it is as simple as that. No more burning yourself fiddling with the rack to check on you food!  The food was amazing Chef Kari, really knows how to mix flavors to make each flavor stand out and taste wonderful.  Do you do a lot of “cooking” in the microwave?
Kenmore has a new microwave that is like to other! This amazing appliance is a must for those who love to cook and for those who just cook to eat! With is cool new microwave, it is made to be like a real oven. Ever dream of banking cookies in the microwave? Well you will with the Kenmore Pro microwave.
Now we were off to my next most used room in the house, the laundry room! Who here is a fan of doing laundry? Hmm? Well I did not think so… Would you like to wash 26... Yes 26!! Bath towels at the same time? You can with the new Kenmore  washers. These washers are not only designed to hold more, from comforters to a crazy amount of towels, they also have a shorter run time, so you clothes are finished quicker. Less time doing chores? Yes!

New riding mowers from Craftsman a must for those with large lawns! Fortunately for me my yard is concrete! But my parents have a huge yard and I am sure my father would appreciate the ease of use of the new riding mowers.

Ready for the cold winter days? They will be here before you know it Craftsman has heated jackets that will help! With these useful heated jackets you can get 30 minutes of high heat! Looking for some great new tools, Craftsman has been a staple in the tool world for many years and they are still going strong.
 Overall I was very impressed with the new line of Kenmore Pro appliances, I would love to replace a few of my current appliances with these new innovative Kenmore products.

I know my project loving husband  will love some of the Craftsman tools for hi upcoming birthday. Do you have anyone in your life looking for some new household appliances? Be sure to let them know about the Kenmore Pro line, they will love the sleek look of the appliances and love the great features that are unlike any other appliances out there.

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Could you use any of these great items from Kenmore or Craftsman?


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Scott said...

I'm drooling over that double oven. That would look great in our kitchen!

Turning the Clock Back said...

I cant wait to remodel my kitchen. Unfortunately, I have grand dreams and a tiny budget! Looks like some amazing options available!

valmg @ From Val's Kitchen said...

I've never heard of an oven having a built-in thermometer, that's neat! And is that Kenmore cookware that is roast in?

Melissa Pezza said...

Wow! This was tailor made for me and my husband. I LOVE Kenmore appliances, and my husband swears by Craftsman.

Angela said...

Kenmore and Craftsman are two brands that I know I can trust. They always have such quality and innovative products. This looks like a fun event.

JewelWood said...

I really need a new refrigerator and the stove with racks that do not move would be a great addition to my kitchen. I really like Kenmore products because they work so good!

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