Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Easy and simple Home Organizing tips!

Did you know having a disorganized home can cost you money? Buying duplicates of lost items; late fees on forgotten, misplaced bills; taking taxis because a lost item made you miss your train – it can really add up. A few simple ideas can transform chaos into blissful order, saving you time and money.
Tips to keep organized and clutter free

  1. Keep a bowl near the front door to throw keys in. Everyone will know exactly where they left them when they need them.
  2. Keep a designated space near the front door for items such as your purse and the kids’ sports gear.
  3. Have a shoe rack near the front door. When your family slips out of their shoes as they come in, they can store them neatly.
  4. Keep a magazine box in the living room, or kitchen.
  5. Have wastebaskets in every room.
  6. Keep smaller items, such as toys, or make-up, stored in baskets or containers.
  7. Make a family rule that cups and plates are taken back to the kitchen when they are next going that way.
  8. Have a 5-minute family clean-up every evening. Together you can make quick work of emptying wastebaskets, picking up discarded items, and generally tidying up your home.
  9. Create a grocery spreadsheet with your usual family items, plus space for anything extra. Keep blank copies and a highlighter in your kitchen. Highlight the items you need when you’re ready to go shopping.
  10. Start a ring binder folder with clear plastic pockets and dividers. Create sections for ‘Bills’, ‘The Kids’, ‘The House’ and so on. Store in a prominent place.

 Tips to speed up and organize cleaning and laundry

  1. Stock up a handled caddy or plastic tub with all your cleaning items in it. You can carry this around with you from room to room.
  2. If vacuuming the whole house in one go is too much, just vacuum one or two rooms at a time in a rotation. You can use the same idea for dusting.
  3. Layer your cleaning to save time. For example, spritz cleaning product on bathroom surfaces and leave it to work. Meanwhile, empty the wastebaskets and take down the soiled laundry. By the time you’ve done that, the bathroom will be ready to effortlessly wipe clean.
  4. Keep laundry baskets which have two compartments, or have two laundry bags, in each bedroom. Your family can then separate their laundry into ‘light’ or ‘dark’ to save you time.
  5. Buying top of the range  Washing machines from retailers like Tesco make doing laundry almost effortless, but sorting the clothes afterwards can be time-consuming. To help, wash groups of clothes together in pillowcases. This works well with items such as socks and underwear.

Being organized isn’t all about having an immaculate, pristine home. It is about having a calm, clean and functional home for you and your family to enjoy.

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