Thursday, September 10, 2015

Disney Infinity 3.0 is more amazing than ever! #Disneyinfinity

Being married to someone who for more than 35 years has played video games, chances were that our child would be a gamer. Not only is she one but she’s a demanding one at that! Our daughter is a very competitive person, and she loves a challenge, and loves it when those challenges involve pixels. She also loves it when she can play a game with her father…..that’s an issue though, she loves the Mario and Zelda type games where my husband loves Madden and Call of Duty and games that you wouldn’t want a 10 year old near. She is constantly trying to find a game that allows her to play with her dad and we’ve finally got that game: Disney Infinity 3.0

This is the game that scratches both their itches. This is the adventure type games my daughter loves and Star Wars which my husband loves. It’s the perfect combination, it’s like the peanut butter and jelly of the video game world. Starting off Infinity 3.0 introduces a whole slew of new figures from the Star Wars Universe (Boba Fett, Anakin and his alter ego Darth Vader, Obi Wan, etc.) and the Disney Universe (Mickey, Minnie, Joy and the rest of the Inside Out crew) and the Marvel Universe (Iron Man Hulkbuster and  Ultron.) The single player campaign has been improved upon from the older versions and that’s a great for us because having a game that you can finish in 45 minutes isn’t something we want and isn’t all that fun.
We have the base set with Anakin and Ahsoka “The Twilight of the Republic” in this you travel around the Star Wars Universe and visit places like Tattooine and Coruscant and along the way you battle droids and hired assassins and take part in a really cool chase sequence and this alone would was enough to keep the two of them happy, but then my daughter discovered a world in the Toy Box mode (this is where you can have all the characters interacting in a free play environment that you can build and customize in any way you want, talk about replay value!) that combined elements of Disney World and Disneyland…..and the two of them were lost in that world for the rest of the night. 

From iconic rides such as Splash/Space/Big Thunder Mountain, It’s a Small World and the Tea Cups to iconic park icons like Cinderella’s Castle and Main St. USA they and all the correct music was there! It was like they shrunk the parks and placed them into the Infinity universe! And if you have a Magicband lying around place it on the game base and you’ll get the Partners stature of Walt and Mickey! This is just a small sampling of how awesome this game is. And this is just the Star Wars campaign I’m talking about the Inside Out and Mickey campaigns are just as fun!  

The figures are and have always been wonderful, the sculpts of these little collectibles are amazing. So much so my husband has a few in his collection and (I know what he spends) his collection isn’t full of cheap action figures! Oh and something I love no more blind pack power discs! My daughter would save up money to buy the power discs and she was unlucky enough to get almost in succession 3 of Mike’s cars from Monsters Inc.

 Blind packs can be fun but they can also be frustrating and now the Infinity Power Discs come together in a pack and you know exactly what you’re getting, no more multiples of anything unless you specifically want it! Video games can sometimes, when it comes to sequels rest on their laurels and just give you last year’s version with a new paint job. That’s not the case with Infinity 3.0, this game feels better, looks better and plays better than the last two versions. This is a strong game that you and your kids will love.

If you are looking for a game that the whole family can enjoy, a game that will constantly be added to so there is no fear of this game getting stale! This 3.0 Disney Infinity starter kit is available for the Xbox360, Playstation4, Playstation 3, The Wii U and the Xbox One. 

Buy it:
You can purchase a Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Kit at your local electronics store, and online at Amazon.
Are you going to pick up the new Disney Infinity 3.0?


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Allie D. said...

This is great! My husband is a gamer, and already my daughter is into games. I like that Disney Infinity is something my husband and daughter will be able to play together. Love Star Wars and Disney!

Ben said...

Disney Infinity is awesome! It's so much fun to be able to play as so many different characters.

Myrah - Coupon Mamacita said...

I think Disney Infinity is one of the best ideas for a video game that there's been in a long time. There are SO many characters in the Disney library!

teenybod said...

ahhhh! We just got this and haven't opened it yet. So excited. Looks like you're having fun with yours!

mykidsguide said...

My husband and my kids are gamers. I used to be, but I stopped when I got too busy. My gamers will surely love the Disney Infinity.

AnnaZed said...

So fun, this is what I'm buying my niece for her birthday. New version just in time!

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