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Meeting the minds behind the mind of the Pixar movie Inside Out an interview with Director Peter Docter & Producer Jonas Rivera #InsideOutBloggers

 ****Disney provided me with an all-expense paid trip for me to cover this great event ****   

We don’t want our kids to change, we love who they are” - Peter Docter .... Truer words were never spoken, and these words are the epitome of the Disney/Pixar hit movie Inside Out. Inside Out was a movie that made me laugh, made me cry and then laugh and cry again. One of Pixar’s most shining moments. I and 24 other awesome bloggers  recently sat down with Inside Out’s Director Peter Docter  & Producer Jonas Rivera to ask some questions we have all have been wondering about.
The biggest question on your minds, surely is the same question we all had, the most important question of them all! Is there going to be an Inside Out sequel? Will we see Riley grow up more, will we get to be introduced to new emotions? According to Jonas Rivera “We have spent 5 years of our lives on this film we are so proud of it, we are proud of all the characters and the world. What wakes us up in the morning is being part of something completely new. We love Inside Out it could be fun, new world and there is definitely some open-endedness to the end. We lean towards something totally new. We never say never, but we would like to do something totally different” 
I can understand when something becomes you’re your life for five years, you can feel like you would like to move on, but like Jonas said never say never.
Sure we all love Headquarters, and long term memory scenes in the film, but there were some events and areas that did not make the movie. Originally there was to be a Stream of Consciousness and Brain Washing section. That would have been fun and interesting way to see how the movie makers would have looked into how the mind works. There were also characters that did not make the film, according to Peter Docter, “there were a number of them, friends of Bing Bong, there was Mrs. Scribbles who was a drawing Riley drew a lot when she was three, and the sun”. There were also more emotions characters that they tried out, including Pride. 
 photo taken by Silvia Martinez -mamalatinatips.com

Jonas Rivera said “Pride was really funny,  I thought that was a good idea but it ended up getting to close (to the character) Joy, A whole bunch of characters that were stepping on the 5 we had, or were just not as clear and did not survive the storytelling process”. The five that were ultimately chosen weren't the way we saw them in the finished product at the beginning of the process, what we found out from Peter Docter was that in pre-production Joy came off as annoying and kind of off-putting, producer Jonas Rivera said that Amy Poehler is a big reason why Joy worked.

"She could find the very narrow lane with delivering a line with just enough self-doubt". They grew and morphed into the 5 that we saw in the final version of the film and I think they made the correct choice with the characters all around. What's next on the table according to Jonas Rivera is that there are 7 or 8 things in the development stage and we found out that in the past 20 years that they've never had that much on the slate. 
 photo taken by Silvia Martinez -mamalatinatips.com

Pete Docter added "As it stands we have The Good Dinosaur out in a couple of weeks (The Good Dinosaur is In theaters 11/25/15)  and it looks fantastic…beautiful. After that we have Finding Dory, it’s awesome. After that there is a bunch more, I don’t think there has ever been more stuff going one at the studio". When Peter mentioned Finding Dory the sequel to Finding Nemo the crowd of bloggers erupted in applause. It'll be nice to see what happens to some of our favorite underwater characters in this much anticipated sequel. And Docter let it be known that even Pixar head honcho John Lasseter doesn't even know about their newest project idea!
It's still in the early stages of research and development and still being worked out. “When Pete pitched Inside Out to me, the simple premise, I will never forget, I sat up in my chair and I went..what??", said Jonas Rivera adding  "And I did the same thing when he pitched this new idea.” Whatever it is.....has to be good! Wrapping up the event on a really personal, really cool level I was very fortunate to run into Jonas  and the Disney Media Mom’s Conference and at the red carpet premiere of Inside Out.  Jonas even complemented me on my Disneyland jacket I was wearing at the interview, he said he loved it. He was a sweet as can be a genuinely nice guy.
Do you see Inside Out fitting in a theme park anywhere? An excited Jonas Rivera answered “Absolutely!  The idea was about 45 minutes old, and we were thinking this could be a pavilion at Epcot! We hope so!”  An Inside Out ride or experience would be a great fit, in my opinion. Why not open up the old Wonders of Life Pavilion? Cranium Command is just screaming to be the mind of Riley… Am I right? I think that would be an amazing experience that would be a hit at the park! Hey you just never know? Maybe it will really happen?  We can only hope that one day there will be an Inside Out sequel, just maybe? But we do have the new short Riley’s First Date? Staring all of your favorite Inside Out emotions.  It was an adorable short, and I will be sharing more about that soon.

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 ****Disney provided me with an all-expense paid trip for me to cover this great event ****  

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Deborah A. said...

That's so awesome! I love behind the scenes stuff. And my kids LOVED Inside Out. Great movie.

Debi- Lifestyle Blogger said...

I absolutely loved this movie. I love reading the behind the scenes post that you guys get to share.

Ellen said...

Wow what a fun opportunity. This looks like such a cute movie too.

Allie D. said...

My family really loved Inside Out. Can't way to own it on bluray! Can't wait to see The Good Dinosaur and Finding Dory!

Laura O in AK said...

What a great interview opportunity. My boys and I are counting down the days until you can buy Inside Out as we've yet to see it.

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