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Interviewing Riley and her Dad, the talented actors Kaitlyn Dias and Kyle Maclachlan from the Inside Out, and the new short “Riley’s First Date?” #InsideOutBloggers

 ****Disney provided me with an all-expense paid trip for me to cover this great event ****  

Growing up is a part of life, we all grow up and learn to like new things, make new friends and discover the person we are meant to be with. It is a part of life. The movie Inside Out gave us a peek at how the mind of a young girl might deal with all of the emotional feelings that help us get through the day. Well what happens when Riley starts to grow up more, and has new life experiences, how will her emotions take these new experiences? Well we can find out a little bit more with the new short included in the Inside Out DVD, the short “Riley’s First Date?” .
 “RILEY’S FIRST DATE?”. Director Josh Cooley, along with “Inside Out” filmmakers Pete Docter (“Up,” “Monsters, Inc.”) and Jonas Rivera (“Up”), introduced the short, which revisits Riley, now 12, who is hanging out with her parents at home when potential trouble comes knocking. Mom’s and Dad’s Emotions find themselves forced to deal with “Riley’s First Date?” The short will be included as a bonus feature in the digital HD & Blu-ray releases of Disney·Pixar’s “Inside Out,” which will be available on Blu-ray Nov. 3, 2015. 
Riley’s First Date? Is a fun look at how a first “date” may be. As you can see by the quotes, and the question mark this may or may not be a real date… But it can sure feel that way with your emotions. This mini movie, starred all of your favorite characters from the movie Inside Out, From Riley and her emotions to Mom and Dad and their emotions. All your favorites  are back!  The short brought me back to my childhood when I brought a boy home (as a friend) to study for a upcoming test…
My parents started acting strange much like Riley’s in this short. There was no AC/DC rocking out with my study partner and my dad though…  My daughter is nearly 11 and just the thought of her dating…. Oh I can’t even imagine how my husband would react to her first boy “friend” or her first “date”, it will be interesting that is for sure! I will make sure I keep with my own personality and try not to act “cool” because it just does not work. Fo shizzle!  I don’t want to spoil this short for you all, but you have to see Riley’s First Date?  I laughed and laughed it was adorable.

We were very fortunate to be able to speak with two of the stars of Riley’s First Date, and Inside Out, with Kyle MacLachlan who is the voice of "Dad" and Kaitlyn Dias who is the voice of "Riley". 
Speaking of first dates… How do you think Kyle MacLachlan would feel about his sons first date? How would he react?Well, he’s a boy, it’d be different, we’ll see how that goes. Mom, I’ll put her up there first, you know, she’ll make this cool.”  Yes I guess it is best for mom to break the ice!  How about Kaitlyn Dias, How was her first date experience with her parents.. Has she had her first date yet? Kaitlyn Dias chuckled and said “Not yet... Although, hopefully it goes as smoothly as Riley’s date. At least with my dad. I know my mom will definitely be calm. It’s my dad he’s very protective.” 
Did you know that Kaitlyn Dias started as the voice of Riley when she was 11 years old! She started out as a scratch voice actor, think of this as a practice voice, to see if this is the voice they want for the part, but she eventually got the actual role of Riley. How amazing was it to stay on for the full feature film and now for the short after being one of those initial scratch voices? Kaitlyn Dias “ It, really blew my mind. I was 11 at the time and I’m just like I’m going to be a part of a Disney film. At first I was like no one’s going to see me, but still it’s going to be cool. And then, and then when I got the news that I was going to be on the full feature film, I was like whoaaaa.”
                                            photo taken by Silvia Martinez -mamalatinatips.com

I can only imagine the excitement and the emotions running around in her head, I am sure Joy had taken over at that point. What an exciting moment to have! What drew Kyle MacLachlan to the Inside Out movie? “When Pixar calls, it’s hard to say no. Early conversations I had with Jonas and Pete were really intriguing. I was just curious as to how they were going to tell this story. 
Who is  your favorite emotion, and why? According to Kaitlyn Dias “ I’m going to have to go with Anger, 'cause he has hilarious facial expressions. Plus the fact that he explodes and you make s’mores off of him.”  Kyle MacLachlan thought, “I tend to be in joy mode most of the time, I think. I thought just kind of her whole sort of the way she would manipulate Sadness in the beginning and sort of like try to pull the wool over her eyes. That’s kind of what I do. I try to... Joy for me was the one I identified with most 
                                           photo taken by Silvia Martinez -mamalatinatips.com

Which part of your personality went into character? How much of your personality is in your character? For Kyle MacLachlan, “ Actually, a lot. I just brought in kind of how I relate to my son and, I like to think of myself as pretty patient, calm, and relaxed. There are moments when, you know, anger takes over, but, I try not to  have any of that in front of my son at all. I’m calm, cool, and collected is what I like to be”. And for Kaitlyn Dias  she said “Definitely a lot of me especially in Goofball Island. My mom will attest, too.”.

So what is in the future for these talented two actors? Kaitlyn Dias , now that you’ve done voice acting, do you want to do more in the future? Yes, it’s really nice. You can go in your pajamas!  Just walk in, you know. You don't have to comb your hair. They like you to brush your teeth though, because you’re working with a microphone.”  As for Kyle MacLachlan he has just started with Twin Peaks again, and he is excited about that. I am too, I was a huge Twin Peaks fan, I would watch the show religiously with my mom, I am so looking forward to the new version.   
It was nice to sit down with these great actors and find out a little more about Inside Out and Riley’s First Date? This short is included in the newly released Inside Out dvd, in stores today. I cannot wait to share the fun of seeing this new short with my family, I am sure my family will love this cute short as much as I did.

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Inside Out Blu-Ray featuring Riley’s First Date? Is in stores today! 

Are you looking forward to seeing this?

  ****Disney provided me with an all-expense paid trip for me to cover this great event **** 

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Unknown said...

We absolutely loved inside Out! it was such an adorable movie with a great moral to the story. So this makes me excited that they have a short about her first date! What a fun inside look into the short and interview with the voice actors!

Tonya said...

I *still* haven't seen this movie! My kiddos are lucky though because they're having a movie night at school soon and they will at least finally get to see it.

Andrew said...

I have a feeling (see what I did there) that this movie will be one of the very few new movies that make it generations down the line!

Ellen said...

What an interesting interview. I'm looking forward to watching the movie.

Anonymous said...

I am such a big fan of Kyle's, and Kaitlyn is going to go places, I am sure!

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