Monday, November 16, 2015

WubbleX, the only ball the defies gravity! #WubbleX

****This is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% my own****

My daughter is a YouTube devotee. If she see's it on YouTube and deems it cool, well it's cool! She's been on the Wubblex bandwagon for a while and when I told her she had the chance to actually try it out she just about flipped.
What is Wubblex, you might ask? It's a bubble ball that you fill with helium (with adult supervision the can of helium inflates the ball, the whole can can inflate the ball to 8 to 10 inches in diameter, they can with more air been inflated to 36 inches!) Once filled have fun.

 Wubblex is made from a stretchy plastic that will turn translucent when expanded and over time it will get little scratches from fingers and rough surfaces, but I think it just adds to the character of the Wubblex. Wubblex is very strong but beware it's not impenetrable!
             Wubblex lasts for quite sometime so you'll be able to play with it for a long while. Once the Wubblex starts to shrink (down to about 4 inches in diameter) then you should just deflate it. The beauty of Wubblex is that you can always inflate it again for more fun, and cans of Wubbles helium are available at most stores that carry toys.

My daughter and husband like to play a game called airball, with airball they normally use a small beachball to hit back and forth to each other. This is fun but the beachball and it's airnub hurt when you hit it and the ball is heavy. They've replaced the beachball with a Wubblex and their games have gotten a lot more fun. You're only limited by your own creativity with how to play with a Wubblex, we have limited space here and are having a blast with Wubblex, when we go to my parents house and their gigantic yard I can only imagine the fun we'll have with it then.
I love this ball, it gets both my husband and daughter moving and playing and promotes just being up and getting exercise (that that don't realize they're getting) and it's fun, it's fun to just bounce it, float it, and whack it! You can't help but have a fun time with Wubblex...just typing that word makes me smile! 
 Buy it:
You can purchase the WubbleX, in stores or online at The WubbleX ball is available in pink and blue for under $14, the WubbleX Helium Canister for under $13.00

What do you think of the WubbleX? 

****This is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% my own****


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Susan Mann said...

My boys would love this. What great fun. I can see why your daughter would love it.

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