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We are off to explore to find out why aren’t there more girls in the in the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math? Chatting with Miles from Tomorrowland panel of experts. #MilesEvent

****Disney provided me with an all-expense paid trip for me to cover this great event ****

Are your kids fans of the popular Disney Junior show Miles from Tomorrowland? I know my little nieces and nephews sure are. Recently on a press trip visit to Visit to Google Headquarters, I was fortunate to be able to have a chat with a panel of experts that help this great show come to life.  
The panel included Sascha Paladino, he is the man behind the character, the creator and Producer of Miles From Tomorrowland , Diane Ikemiyashiro the Director of Original Programming at Disney Junior, a Google Engineer Angela Navarro,  Dr. Yvonne Cagle, NASA Astronaut & Consultant on Miles from Tomorrowland and Isis Anchalee, Software Engineer.
This amazing panel, was there to chat about the show, and to inspire and encourage girls to get into the world of STEM. What exactly is STEM you ask? The concept of STEM, is to get kids interested in the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  STEM is a way for kids of all ages to learn and grow and have fun together.  
Google Engineer Angela Navarro is working on a computer science and media project, to find out why women are making the decision not to pursue computer science, engineering or other technical roles. She has found out that girls are making this decision, not to pursue these fields in the teen and tween years. The #2 reason that girls are not pursuing science is the perception of the role, and the perception is that it is an anti-social role, and there is no room for women in that role. What they see on screen, it does not look like them and does not make them feel welcome in the field. 

The common stereotype is the loaner male white image. These are powerful Google engineers, and they don’t look like them.  One person started a popular campaign to show girls that engineers DO look like them. Isis Anchalee, Software Engineer behind the #Ilooklikeanengineer social media movement.  
Isis was part of a recruiting campaign that was targeted to other engineers that featured a photo of Isis and a quote and a photo of two other male co-workers, and when people saw the photo they expressed disbelief that she could be a platform engineer. Isis had a blog post that went viral and people reached out to support her message, and the hashtag #Ilooklikeanengineer was created. This was an opportunity for stereotype breaking. An opportunity to have engineers to celebrate their differences instead of feeling like they were excluded.  

Kids are curious, and you as a parent can encourage their curiosity. How did Google Engineer Angela Navarro get into engineering?  “Curiosity is key when you are a kid, My parents plated that seed with me and I grew up wanted to know how things worked, I wanted to solve thing myself. Science and be found in everything, even sports, draw the association in the things kids are interested in…. to make them want to know why.”
Dr. Yvonne Cagle, NASA Astronaut & Consultant on Miles from Tomorrowland let us know “We know as parents our kids make us smarter, there is a wonderful exchange between Miles and the concept of STEM “  “Questions, and dream and curiosity that is the real seed of adventures and exploration”.
 Miles sister Loretta is a coder, the folks behind Miles from Tomorrowland wanted to break stereotypes and show in as many ways as they could , that Loretta is just as importance as Miles for the show. There is no one way to be for a coder or an engineer. How can you get your child to realize that they can do anything and get into the world of STEM. Support is needed to empower. The #1 way for girls getting into the science and engineering field is, is with adult encouragement.
The kids need to be encouraged, to make sure they succeed, keep reminding them that they are doing good, keep going, you got this. Be sure to check out the newest Miles from Tomorrowland "The Discovery Expedition" Episode where Loretta uses her coding skills to discover a hidden planet. This episode airs 12/4/15 10:30 AM ET/PT
Diane Ikemiyashiro the Director of Original Programming at Disney Junior made a powerful statement about how kids should think,  “Maybe I look different but that is okay” this is a basic idea, but this is so true. With Miles Disney creates these worlds and different experiences so kids and parents can talk, and be inspired, they can learn something and look at the world differently.  
One of the ways things are changing for the better.... an example would with with the Miles from TomorrowLand toys. The toys were originally marketed to boys but very quickly, Disney heard that a lot of girls were watching the show, in fact there were more girls than boys were watching the show. The kids wanted more Loretta merchandise. It was a great sign girls were noticing and wanting to be a part of this too, and Disney is listening and is making a Loretta toy and will be out soon!
I admire the folks behind the show Miles from Tomorrowland, they sincerely want to see more girls take up the sciences, and they are even having a new episode will focus primarily on Loretta and her coding ability. Sascha Paladino, the creator of Miles from Tomorrowland, he “Hopes we provide the role models that you did not have as a kid for both boys and girls”.
I cannot believe that in this day and age, girls still feel that they cannot do everything, and they feel that a certain position is not made for a woman.  Use the time now when your children are young to encourage them to get into the world of STEM! There are so many opportunities for those fields in the future. In 5 years in the year 2020 there will be 1 million jobs to fill in the United States. The opportunity for kids is astronomical.  

My daughter is at the age where she loves science. I want to be sure  to encourage her love of science and encourage her to go and pursue a field in something she loves doing whether is in science, or in engineering, or any other field. I want my daughter to feel comfortable entering any field, and loving what she does. She can do anything she puts her mind to, and I want to be the one who makes sure she knows that.
                                                     Watch it:
         Be sure to check your local listings for time and channel of Disney Junior                                                 to watch Miles from Tomorrowland. Miles from              Tomorrowland "The Discovery Expedition" Airs 12/4/15 10:30 AM ET/PT!

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 ****Disney provided me with an all-expense paid trip for me to cover this great event ****

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Unknown said...

I absolutely love this powerful message! I love that they are encouraging girls to be more involved in sciences! Girls can accomplish amazing things, if they can understand they have the openings to do it.

Scott said...

We're always pushing our girls to stay focused on STEM/STEAM projects. They truly enjoy them, but so many of their friends don't...

Anne said...

I have a degree in engineering, so I love this topic! It is hard to believe there are no more girls in engineering now than there were 25 years ago when I graduated. I am glad to see Disney encouraging girls like this, because it can be a rewarding career.

Jennifer said...

That sounds like it was an amazing time. I think it's important to encourage kids to get into STEM, and Miles is a great way to do that.

Erika said...

This sounds like a fantastic show and I absolutely love what they are doing to encourage girls to explore all their options. I will definitely be checking out this show with my children!

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