Friday, October 30, 2015

Santa's Little Helper arrives on DVD and Digital HD on Tuesday, November 17th! #Giveaway #SantasLittleHelper #SantasInsiders

Tis the season... Well almost... I know Halloween is not even here yet but the holidays are coming! I have seen many places already decorated and ready for Christmas, and this gets me excited for my favorite time of the year. A time for family, decorating, baking and just having fun. 
One of our favorite family fun times together is when we get to gather around and watch holiday movies. We watch all kinds from the classics we all know and love to the more recent, if it is about the holidays we are in! The newest release from Fox is a fun holiday movie, Santa's Little Helper starring WWE stars, The Miz and Paige. Santa's Little Helper is available on DVD November 17, 2015.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sitting down with Inside Out favorites Sadness and Bing Bong, Phyllis Smith and Richard Kind. #InsideOutBloggers

 ****Disney provided me with an all-expense paid trip for me to cover this great event ****

Two of my favorite Inside Out characters in one room? Yes! We were extremely lucky to be able to interview.  Phyllis Smith, who is the voice of Sadness and Richard Kind the voice of Bing Bong. These talented actors lent their voices to these amazing characters and made the movie as great as it was. I loved Phyllis Smith in The Office, and Richard Kind in so many of his great works, but I especially loved him in Spin City. These were two down to earth folks, Phyllis was so genuinely excited, so much that she wanted to document it and take pictures.  
Picture courtesy of Dusty from

Phyllis came into the interview taking pictures of us! Yes, myself and 24 bloggers are in a picture on Phyllis Smiths phone! It was like we were the celebrities! It was fun and a little surreal. But now it was time to get down to business and find out some answers we all wanted to know about the movie Inside Out and the fun characters they both played.
Sure, we as fans love the characters, but do the actors who voice the characters you love know how very popular those characters and the movie they are in are? Well not really. According to Phyllis Smith “I don't really know how popular it is to be honest,  I saw it in St. Louis, one or two people came up to me in St. Louis, I’m just kind of in, a little vacuum. I don't really know how it is. I’m glad that people are enjoying it.”
Richard Kind : “ I am not at all surprised at how popular, Phyllis’s character is. it’s a perfect voice performance and a perfectly written part by these guys because it’s such a touchy character because no one wants to be sad and yet we identify with you. So I am so taken by your performance because although it’s down in the dumps it’s not depressive. It’s simply sad. And I think that that's an amazing thing that you did." 

What about the beloved Bing Bong? Phyllis loved Bing Bong, “The heart of that character is just everywhere, Richard did a wonderful job with Bing Bong”.  Did you know that Bing Bong was a bit of a secret character initially for the movie Inside Out? The movie was to be released and Bing Bong was not to be in any of the ad campaigns. When the movie debuted in Cannes, Richard Kind was not even invited, then the movie came out an with an explosion of, oh, “we didn't know that this guy was in the movie”, what did Richard think of missing Cannes because his character was not announced? 
                                            photo taken by Silvia Martinez

He was very supportive, “Once again Pixar proves its brilliance. They thought ahead, and they were absolutely right. Nevertheless, I’d like them to send me to France right now.” He is such a funny guy, with a voice that was made for the character Bing Bong. Did you know, Richard Kind did not read for the part of Bing Bong, he was just cast for the part?

Ever wonder if the person is anything like the characters they bring to life with their voices? What part of yourself went into your characters? According to Richard Kind “Certainly my energy, I can be loud. I think I'm more animated off stage than I am on. But there was a lot. I happen to think that I'm a nice man. I live my life with morality and ethics. I'm more positive than I am negative. And I think that this guy (Bing Bong) is free of negativity.
I think there's purity to this guy. And as an actor I knew what I had to deliver. So that's what I give." When  Phyllis Smith was working on the voice of Sadness, when she started “I was so insecure, which I think helped with my character, because they didn't want sadness to just be a sad sack that was annoyingly crying all the time. And so they actually fed into my real insecurities. It worked”.

What's your preference voice acting vs traditional acting? Would you like to do more of one or the other?  Phyllis Smith, exclaimed “All of it!  I would love to do more animation. I’d love to work for Pixar again and also on screen. I mean it’s a different processes. They're both challenging. Just to be able to work is a good thing”.
                                           photo taken by Silvia Martinez

Both Richard and Phyllis favorite scene of the movie was a Bing Bong scene, when Bing Bong says “I’ve got a good feeling about this." This was one of the most heartwarming scenes of the movie for me. Seems like I am not alone, when Richard Kind brought his young daughters to see a rough cut of the film, they were able to see a bit of the scene with Bing Bong, in the canyon with the wagon.
(I will not spoil the rest of the scene for those who have not seen the movie yet…) when this scene was finished according to Richard Kind, his daughter was moved by what she saw “when it finished, she collapsed in her mother’s arms, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, and had not seen the whole movie, only had a bit of context. When I knew that this movie would resonate, I was given proof at that point.”  I know at this point I was moved to tears as well.  See all of your favorites with the Inside Out Blu-Ray coming to stores on 11/3/15. The Blu-Ray is filled with extras, deleted scenes, and more!
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 Inside Out is on Blu-ray and Digital HD on 11/3/15

 ****Disney provided me with an all-expense paid trip for me to cover this great event ****

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The Cheeses of Europe, Balsamic Onion Brie Pizza #Recipe

We're a family of cheese lovers, we are huge fans of cheese. But sometimes I feel like there has to be more than the classic American cheese and Cheddar cheese.. Sure they taste great and they are family favorites, but there is a world of cheese out there to discover with new flavors we should try.
 I don't want my daughter to be afraid to try something new, just because it may smell different or look different, this does not mean it is not delicious.  We were given the challenge to discover a French cheese, and come up with a recipe. There are so many cheeses to choose from and when we picked a cheese what the heck do we make?! The opportunities are endless! Do I make a chicken dish?

What about a pasta dish? Adult grilled cheese? Do I want a mild cheese or a cheese with a bite? A creamy cheese or one that's a little harder? Ugh...I hate having to make decisions!! Finally we opted to make a pizza. I found a wonderful recipe from The Cheeses of Europe, and tweaked it a bit to make it something my family would love. But this isn't just any pizza this pizza isn't your typical pie. My idea was to make a quasi version of a French onion soup pizza. I wanted the flavors of that soup but in the form of a pizza and I think we did really well.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Great new books for young Disney fans, great gift ideas!

Did you grow up with books you would love to tote around with you everywhere? I know I was an avid reader when I was a kid, I would always have a book, to get lost in. Because I my past and present love of books, they are a go to gift for my little nieces and nephews for the holidays. I want them to enjoy the joy of reading. There are some great new books from Disney Publishing that feature some of the kids favorite characters, including Sofia the First, Doc Mc Stuffins, and everyone's  favorite Anna and Elsa, be sure to check out the great books below.

Sofia the First: The Secret Library By: Catherine Hapka, Craig Gerber
When Sofia’s aunt Tilly visits Enchancia, she gives Sofia a special book that guides her to a secret library hidden in the castle! The library is filled with hundreds of unfinished books —and Sofia is the only one who can give each story a fairytale ending. Sofia selects the story of Minimus’s brother, Mazzimo, who has been captured by the arrogant and greedy Prince Roderick of Borrea. It’s up to Sofia and Minimus to rescue Mazzimo and grant him his one wish: to be free! Ages 3-5. Available now. 

Anna Loves Elsa By: Brittany Rubiano   
Five-year old Anna and eight-year old Elsa aren’t just sisters–they’re best friends! Find out why in this board book with pull-tabs, flaps, and pop-ups! Ages 3-5 December 15, 2015.
Doc McStuffins Cuddle Me, Lambie   by Disney Book Group (Author), Disney Storybook Art Team (Illustrator)

Doc McStuffins and Lambie are the best of friends. They do everything together-they dance together, dress-up together, and, most importantly, they cuddle together! Join these two adorable BFFs in their heartwarming and baa-utiful adventures in this signature keepsake storybook with colorful illustrations. Hardcover – December 15, 2015

Are you going to pick up any of these fun Disney books? 


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A Holiday Trip to Denver

Denver has always been a destination for holidaymakers looking for access to some of the West’s most epic skiing and snowboarding, but today many people are heading to the capital of the rocky mountain state to experience the tastes and sites of the city itself. The mile high city has a rocking life that is supported by its many local microbreweries, a few of which are owned by the town’s mayor, and has also quickly developed a reputation for being one of the country’s great foodie destinations. If you’re considering making your way to Colorado and are booking your hotels in Denver, here are a few things to see along the way.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Meeting the minds behind the mind of the Pixar movie Inside Out an interview with Director Peter Docter & Producer Jonas Rivera #InsideOutBloggers

 ****Disney provided me with an all-expense paid trip for me to cover this great event ****   

We don’t want our kids to change, we love who they are” - Peter Docter .... Truer words were never spoken, and these words are the epitome of the Disney/Pixar hit movie Inside Out. Inside Out was a movie that made me laugh, made me cry and then laugh and cry again. One of Pixar’s most shining moments. I and 24 other awesome bloggers  recently sat down with Inside Out’s Director Peter Docter  & Producer Jonas Rivera to ask some questions we have all have been wondering about.
The biggest question on your minds, surely is the same question we all had, the most important question of them all! Is there going to be an Inside Out sequel? Will we see Riley grow up more, will we get to be introduced to new emotions? According to Jonas Rivera “We have spent 5 years of our lives on this film we are so proud of it, we are proud of all the characters and the world. What wakes us up in the morning is being part of something completely new. We love Inside Out it could be fun, new world and there is definitely some open-endedness to the end. We lean towards something totally new. We never say never, but we would like to do something totally different” 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The #1 movie of the year Jurassic World is available NOW on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD! #‎JurassicWorld #TeamJurassic #Giveaway

Did you get to see the #1 movie of the year Jurassic World? My family and I just loved this action packed movie, it had a great story line and amazing special effects that made the movie. The movie America loved is available now on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD!
Steven Spielberg returns to executive produce the long-awaited next installment of his groundbreaking Jurassic Park series, Jurassic World.  Colin Trevorrow directs the epic action-adventure based on characters created by Michael Crichton.  The screenplay is by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver and Derek Connolly & Trevorrow, and the story is by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver.  Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley join the team as producers.

New fun, exciting and adventurous books from Disney

Enter the world of fantasy and wonder with these new books based on Disney classic stories and your favorite fairy tales and favorite ABC shows. Do you want to enter the world of fairy tales? From teens to adults, it is always nice to take a break from the pressures of real world and escape to a wondrous world filled with mystery and adventure. There are some amazing new books available now from Disney.

 Driving Heat (Nikki Heat) Hardcover – September 15, 2015 by Richard Castle  

Richard Castle, New York Times mega-bestselling mystery writer and star of ABC's hit primetime show Castle is back. In the seventh novel of his popular Nikki Heat series, the NYPD's top homicide detective has been promoted to captain just in time to face a thrilling case with a very personal twist.

Captain Heat's fianc , Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Jameson Rook, is deep in an investigation. Professionally for Heat, Rook's meddling in the case compromises her new job. Privately, it becomes an early test of their engagement when Rook becomes a distraction at best, and an obstacle at worst, as their parallel lives not only cross, but collide.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Chatting and eating s’mores with The Good Dinosaur Director Peter Sohn, Producer Denise Ream, Supervising Technical Director Sanjay Bakshi and Lighting, Sharon Calahan #GoodDinoEvent

I was recently treated to a campfire chat with The Good Dinosaur Director Peter Sohn, Producer Denise Ream, Supervising Technical Director Sanjay Bakshi and Sharon Calahan who was in charge of Lighting. We all sat and chatted like a group of old friends talking about their most recent adventure. A chat filled with amazing exciting stories and slide show. A reception like only Pixar could hold, complete with a singing cowboy! There were plenty of treats from campfire chili, and corn bread, to s'mores and ice cream and cookies. 
When you make a Pixar movie, there is more that goes into it than you could ever imagine. From the initial brainstorming, drawing, modeling writing and eventual digital animation. That seems like a lot right? Well there is much more than just that, the great folks at Pixar want to make sure they are giving you the right look for their most recent film The Good Dinosaur, that a few of them took a trip out to the Midwest to experience life on the land to really get the feel of how things would look and should look for The Good Dinosaur . 
A research trip for a digital cartoon? Yes! They take their work seriously and want the film to look as realistic as possible.  The group visited the Great Teton’s, Colorado, and Oregon.  The group wanted to get the real feel how it would be like to be out in the mountains all alone like Arlo was in The Good Dinosaur.  

Peter Sohn, like myself is from a big city, being from New York he had never gone to the Midwest, being from Philadelphia I too have never gone on a camping trip like this, the closest I have ever been was flying over the Midwest. I know city life, I am a proud city slicker… a cowboy life? Not so much... I would feel like a fish out of water, but I am sure an experience like this would be fun. Peter Sohn wanted to  “go out there and get lost and start researching” the amazingness of nature “pictures could not describe it everything was horizon to horizon….this trip kind of changed my life.”
Interesting fact, the two lady guides they had on the trip were rough and tough real cowgirls. They only had  a horse, a dog and a gun living own their own in Colorado. The T-rex in the movie The Good Dinosaur is named Ramsey and she was inspired by this cowgirl.
These trips were not one time trips, they traveled back to the Teton area the next spring just to see if the snow was melting and take more and more photos. According to Sanjay Bakshi “part of it was to see if there would be difference seasons in our film and trying to showcase different seasons.”
Producer Denise Ream felt that “Films … from Pixar feel so rich and authentic and that was something that was really important to us. So taking pictures of the most minute details.” The group took hundreds and hundreds of pictures to be able to compare drawings, and great a real look for the landscapes in the film. Denise Ream   “even a dinosaur is going to feel tiny out here which was overwhelming” Visiting and taking photos seem to be all you need.. right? No, you have to go even further! 
To capture the feel of the water in the area, the team went rafting! The water was so rough that some fell out of the boat (I would have been scared to death!) and they even lost their Go Pro! It took its own adventure down the  river, but they did eventually find it! When you see The Good Dinosaur you will be amazed with the landscape in the film, the folks at Pixar have outdone themselves. The look of the water is spectacular, it looks so real, everything about it just screams a real video not a digital cartoon. 
According to Peter Sohn, Sharon helped capture the magic of the water scenes. “Sharon Callahan paints, it’s every color of the rainbow on the river, she understands the science why the footage looks the way it does is because of Sharon's understanding of what refraction's can do and how light bounces off. Just to understand that science of it and the beauty of it is amazing."
Here is a picture of myself and Peter Sohn, I texted this picture to my husband and he replied back, holy cow you met Russel! I wrote, back and said no his name is Peter! He wrote back to me that Peter was the physical model of Russel from Up! Russel is my husbands favorite Pixar character.  After meeting with these guys, I really have a new appreciation a the extreme attention to detail Pixar strives for.  I cannot wait to take my family to go see The Good Dinosaur, I loved the 30-40 minute preview I got to see on this trip, I laughed I cried and was in awe.. I am looking forward to sharing this wonder with my family when The Good Dinosaur hits theaters on November 25th 2015.

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The Good Dinosaur is in Theaters on 11/25/15

   ****Disney provided me with an all-expense paid trip for me to cover this great event **** 


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Get into the Halloween fun with @Kmart #TrickTreat #ad

 “This is a sponsored post, I am a Kmart K-Club blogger, though all opinions are my own.”

I can't believe that we're only a few days away from Halloween! This is my favorite time of the year, the weather is nice, I can get pumpkin flavored anything, and of course the holidays that go along with fall. Halloween is one of my favorite's, I loved getting dressed up and going trick or treating as a kid and I made it my mission every year I went out to cover more ground then I did the year before. I'm instilling this into my daughter who is a trooper and doesn't mind walking a little bit to get free delicious candy.

With my daughter getting older I was afraid that Halloween would be over....but I realize that Halloween isn't just for kids, the whole family can get involved and keep it going together! Did you know that 67% of American's believe that Halloween isn't just for kids? 
This year with it falling on a Saturday we'll all be able to partake in the fun because it's weekend and there isn't work on Sunday! Picking out a costume is probably the most fun besides the candy, we were walking through the Halloween section of our Kmart this past weekend and were looking at all the different varieties of costumes they have, from superhero's to princesses', minion's to monster's, crayon's to bacon has you covered.

Fall flavored treats from Dancing Deer to celebrate the new season!

Looking for a sweet treat? Are you loving all of the great fall flavors out there? Well you are going to love the amazing new dessert bites from Dancing Deer Banking Co.! Here is a little more information about this company from the website: 
Fall is officially underway! With October starting this week sweaters, apple orchards and pumpkin flavored treats are all that’s on our minds. As artisanal baker Dancing Deer prepares to launch their new line of gourmet Dessert Bites this fall, they hope to remind Americans that the best autumn treats are made with the highest quality ingredients. Dancing Deer’s Pumpkin Spice and Caramel Apple Dessert Bites are under 200 calories per serving, are scratch baked in Dancing Deer’s Boston bakery and are made with only the best ingredients. 

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I hope we never lose sight of one thing—that it was all started by a this man, a visit to The Walt Disney Family Museum #Waltagram

I’ve been lucky in that I’ve had the opportunity to visit The Walt Disney Family Museum twice before including this past June. So when we had the chance to visit this wonderful museum again on The Good Dinosaur trip, I was just as excited as I was the first time I visited here with my family a few years ago. Located in the Presidio, in San Francisco, the Walt Disney Family Museum houses so many Disney family artifacts that even after visiting three times there are things I’m sure I missed! 

Artifacts, sketches, photos, props and awards are just a few of the things you’ll get to see when you’re touring the museum. 
You start out learning about Walt’s early years and seeing corresponding photo’s, you learn about his family and how his father was a bit of an idea man who would have a multitude of business idea’s but none of which seemed to work and that’s why the family moved from Chicago, to Marceline and then Kansas City.

Disclosure: The reviews and or opinions on this blog are my own opinions, . No compensation was received. All opinions are my own. This is a unofficial fan site that is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or Disney theme parks.