Monday, March 28, 2016

Looking to take better pictures? Check out the amazing tripods with personality from MeFoto

Standing over an object and holding my breath was something I was accustomed to doing on a daily basis, being a blogger and getting the chance to review items means I need to take pictures of those items to put on my blog. My method was, quite frankly, AWFUL! I would take 40 pictures of an item hoping one of them looked great and even the “great pics” had flaws. I needed to change my style, get something to make me into a better photographer not just at home but on vacation too. That’s where MeFoto comes in with their vast array of tripods.
What makes MeFoto build your own tripod stand out against the rest of the tripods? Style. Why go with a generic, boring, black tripod when you can really step up your photo game and look like a million bucks doing it! With 12 color choices there are 792 possible combinations to put together. Here is a small sampling of what your tripod could be:

MeFoto also has some styles of recognizable people and things, the tripod we received was Road Trip tripod in the T Stark design. For those of you who might not know he’ll be fighting another hero in a civil was movie in May…. You can totally design the tripod yourself from selecting the colors for the head, shoulder, center column cap, foam grip/monopod, and legs.
You can keep it neat, stylize it after a favorite character, or just get crazy and make a rainbow. Just to let you know no matter what you choose you will stand out from the other photographers because why be boring when you can be colorful?
Within a few minutes of unboxing the tripod we were all set to go and I was snapping pictures. I could immediately see a difference when I wasn’t using a flash. I know when you’re not using the flash that the more still you are the more light the camera can suck in and the picture will be beautiful. Doing it while holding your breath and praying not to move isn’t the best option, the best option is using a tripod and now I have one and I’m happy about that. Mefoto offers pods from the Day Trip that you’d use on the go with a cellphone or a GoPro, it’s small and easy to tote around. 
There is the Backpacker that’s the size of a hoagie when folded up, this pod is used for point and shoot and cameras that weigh less than 8.8 pounds. The Road Trip (the one I have) this is the pod that can handle just about anything, it easily folds up and can quickly convert into a monopod and can handle up to 17.6 pounds. Then there is the Globetrotter. This is the pod for the serious photographer, it can handle up to 26.4 pounds, and comes made in either aluminum or carbon fiber, so this is a serious tripod.
A little more about my pod the Road Trip, the Road Trip can extend to 61.6 inches (it’s taller than me fully extended!) but when it’s folded it’s a mere 15.4 inches! It can quickly convert to a monopod in seconds and it will also easily attach to any camera bag or fit inside a backpack without any fuss. I’m looking forward to bringing the Road Trip on our upcoming trips this year to Disney World and Toronto, we’ll be taking a ton of pictures and they just got a whole lot better in quality thanks to the MeFoto Road Trip.

MeFoto didn’t forget about those of you who use your phone are your main camera either! With their Sidekick 360 those of you who only use a phone for pictures can now seriously step up your game. I’m looking forward to using mine in May when I attend a convention in Disney World, sometimes you just can’t break out the DSLR and you need to keep things simple. Phones today are taking pictures better than ever and with the help of the Sidekick 360 you just made your photos that much more pleasing.
Small enough to fit in a purse or bag you can snap those food pics we all like to take and share them on every platform and make those who aren’t eating with you jealous. Again taking picture with a camera or a phone in low light settings in difficult, holding perfectly still is hard, so why not have a little help? Need to adjust and angle? No problem the Sidekick 360 has a rotating ball joint (now you know why it’s called the 360) and you’ll be easily able to adjust your phone to allow for the perfect shot. Your pictures and your tripod no longer has to be bland head on over to MeFoto and be colorful!

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