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Amazing eats at the Mount Airy Lodge!

***This visit was sponsored by the Mount Airy Lodge, I received complementary items and admission for the subject matter contained in this post, all opinions are 100% my own***

In our relaxing Pocono’s Mount Airy Lodge getaway, we relaxes had great entertainment and we were able to eat some fantastic food located right in the resort just a short elevator ride away from our room. After working Friday, we made the 2 hour drive up to the resort, so needless to say we were HUNGRY! After checking in, we dropped out bags off and made a b-line straight to Guy Fieri’s Mt. Pocono Kitchen.
Being that we’re fans of Guy Fieri, we were excited to finally get a chance to eat at one of his establishments, and we weren’t disappointed! We started out with Guy’s Vegas Fries, this is something that was originally concocted on the campus of UNLV back when Guy was in college and for a let’s just toss stuff together college kid meal these fries were incredible. 
Crispy fries tossed in home-made buffalo wing sauce, topped with blue cheese crumbles and served with cool blue-sabi (blue cheese & wasabi) dipping sauce. These suckers were a meal all on their own. If you’re a fan of chicken wings, you’ll like these, if you’re a fan of fries, you’ll like these. If you’re a fan of flavorful food…again, you’ll like these. Not too spicy, the sauce had just the right amount of heat and it wasn’t just hot heat, it was flavorful heat.

Moving along to entrees, I went with the Turkey Picnic sandwich. House smoked turkey, Swiss cheese, citrus-cranberry relish, crispy BBQ chips on the sandwich and donkey sauce (mayo, garlic, yellow mustard, Worcestershire sauce, salt, & pepper.) This sandwich and accompanying donkey sauce were out of bounds. I love turkey sandwiches and this sandwich put me in mind of a jacked up Thanksgiving dinner on a roll.
This isn’t a dainty sandwich either, I had one half and wrapped up the other half to go! I would absolutely get this again. My husband opted for the Bacon Mac ‘n’ Cheese Burger. Burger, bacon, mac ‘n’ cheese, more cheese and that wonderful donkey sauce.
At first glance of the burger my husband removed his wedding ring because he knew he was in for a juicy meal. He bit into the sandwich and I just watched it ooze all over the place, so removing his ring was smart because his hands were messy! Cooked to the medium temperature he likes, this burger was all sorts of good and all sorts of gooey. 
Along with our meal (because we needed more food to eat) we shared a side (more like a side, front, and back!) of Bacon Man ‘n’ Cheese. So, so, so good…. I wish I had more sitting here in front of me. Gooey cheese, perfectly cooked pasta, and well cooked bacon. It’s a match made in heaven or a kitchen in the Pocono’s… 
What is a meal like this without divinely amazing desserts? What do you think about potato chip and pretzel cheesecake? Yup you read that right Potato chip and Pretzel!! We just had to make room to try this unique treat. It was salty and sweet a great ending to a great meal.  

Then on Saturday after we hit the outlet mall we headed back to the resort because we were hungry and we decided to try out Lucky 8 Noodle & Sushi Bar. This is a quaint little spot that serves Pan-Asian cuisine and has a full Sushi bar as well. I decided I was going to be brave and try the Chicken Lo Mein. I say be brave because when I last had a Lo Mein dish at our local take out place it was awful. I wish our place could cook as well as the chef’s at Lucky 8! The Lo Mein here was wonderful, cooked to perfection and bursting with flavor. My husband went with Pork Fried Rice, he loves pork fried rice and this was a hit with him. A triple. A triple and not a home run?
Would have been a home run had they not run out of spicy mustard. He was bummed but the Sriracha on the table made him happy, considering that he puts Sriracha on his Sriracha that wasn’t a shock to me. For desert we tried the Mochi Ice Cream Japanese Style. I’ve always wanted to try mocha and I finally had the chance and it was good, different but good. The ice cream is wrapped in a gum like shell, it’s not a chewy as gum, but a similar texture. The flavors were lychee-colada, mandarin orange cream, green tea, and mochaccino chip. All very good, very flavorful ice cream and I’m very happy to finally be able to say I tried mocha!
Later that evening we had a reservation at Bistecca by Il Mulino. There is an Il Mulino restaurant in Disney World, so we were familiar with them and knew that Bistecca would be a wonderful restaurant and we were right. Our meal at Bistecca from soup to nuts was wonderful. 

We started off with a Stromboli filled with wonderful Italian cold cuts and cheese and topped off with sliced cherry peppers. If I could describe my husband in a meal this would be him. 

This is everything he loves about Stromboli from the meat to the cheese to the peppers. I’m amazed he shared this with me….and when I couldn’t finish my half he gave it a good home. For entrees I went with the Petite Filet and my husband went with the Prime New York Strip.
I had my filet cooked well (I know….but it’s the way I like it) and my husband had his strip cooked to medium. Both steaks were cooked to perfection and I liked how my filet was whole and not butterflied (it lets me know that the chef knows how to cook a steak properly and confidently.) I went with the Bistecca House Sause and my husband went with the Green Peppercorn and Cognac Cream sauce.
 Both sauces were really good and complimented our steaks very well. Our side dishes were just as wonderful, I went with the Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and my husband had Truffle Fries. Can’t say either was better than the other because they were both wonderful. My husband mentioned that if his mother cooked Brussels sprouts like that when he was a kid he would have eaten all of his veggies! So may wonderful things about the food, more than I can say here. What a wonderful dinner.
Our dinner was followed up with a wonderful dessert. I opted for the Ricotta Zeppole (little donuts and chocolate sauce) and hubby went with Torta Di Mascarpone (a cheesecake.) Wow… Decadent, and flavorful is the best way to describe these desserts. I never had a Zeppole, which caused my husband to look at me oddly. Never? Really? Nope. Now I’ve had Zepploe’s and I’m glad I did. Wonderful little donuts that when dipped in dark chocolate….yum! The cheesecake, that cheesecake, this is the cheesecake all other cheesecakes aspire to be like. Wow. 
Subtle hints of lemon (it had Limoncello in it) and the silky mascarpone cheese and the blueberries accompanying the cake….it was a work of delicious art. I want you to think about the best cheesecake you’ve ever had….it’s nowhere close to being as good as that was. We can’t recommend Bistecca enough. Wonderful meal from top to bottom.

Sadly Sunday rolled around and we had to head back to normal life, but not before we went back to Guy Fieri’s for a little breakfast. 
I opted for something basic and something a lot of places don’t serve Granola with banana and milk. I love granola for breakfast and this granola was really good and I was pleasantly surprised to see it on the menu. My husband went with the Cinnamon French Toast (thick cut brioche, dipped in a vanilla custard, with whipped butter and warm syrup.) To my surprise he shared a piece with me! I was stunned! Floored! Gobsmacked! I’m glad he did, this was really good French toast, he would have loved a touch more cinnamon but he’s nuts about cinnamon, I thought it was perfectly balanced flavor wise and was a great way to start our trek home.
We had a wonderful time at the Mt. Airy Resort, and an even more wonderful time eating at the Mt. Airy Resort! We’ll be heading back and I highly recommend heading there if you’re looking for a great place to get away from things and just unwind and have a good time and a few great meals!    

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What a wonderful place to stay, it is somewhere I'd love to take a vacation, and oh boy, such good eats!

Jerry Marquardt said...

I would like to visit Pocono for the racing and great food. I loved the photos of the great dishes. I appreciate the nice review and sharing it with us.

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