Monday, May 29, 2017

Looking for a great Father’s Day gift? Grayton, the automatic watch without battery is a gift dad will love! #GraytonWatches #GraytonLife

Looking for a great gift for dad? Grayton, the automatic watch (without battery) that is a smart, fashionable accessory to "upgrade" one's style. It is a living watch that gives the feeling of luxury and authenticity. Here is a little more information about this great company from the website:
Grayton’s values are tradition and craftsmanship appealing to men and women with quality lifestyles. Heritage, communication, and sharing are part of our lives. Grayton encourages family and social exchanges that bring joy to people. The harmonic oscillator of the watch is engaging, it makes you feel special and valued. 

The Grayton NYC creative team designed the automatic watches in a simple yet efficient way, making the choice of accessible luxury by selecting the best components. The watches are assembled in a Grayton owned Chinese facility, overseen by a French and international staff and quality inspections are performed during all stages of the watch manufacturing process. Grayton automatic watches are the first brand dedicated to creating luxury automatic watches for men and women at the prices of quartz watches. 
A nice watch can make even the simplest of outfits look dressed up. My husband just received a beautiful watch from Grayton i
t’s a very cool looking red-faced automatic watch. What’s an automatic watch? Years ago when watches were controlled by a mainspring (the mainspring powers the movement and the gears of the watch,) over time the watch would slow down and the owner would have to wind the watch to make sure it continued to tell time.
With the automatic Grayton watch, the watch has a mechanism that winds the watch on its own, the watch gets “charged up” by just simply wearing it and moving. With the stored energy the Grayton watch will continue to work for 41 hours, and when and if it stops just simply moving the watch will start up the process again. This is an old-school vibe, this is a watch from a bygone era, a throwback to way things used to be. This is a smart looking watch the looks good on both sides!
The watch has a really nice leather band (my husband is a leather band fan) and a sharp eye catching red face. My husband has more watches than I can count, he rotates them frequently and has a watch for every outfit, he likes watches and he loves his Grayton. This is a watch when people see it they comment on it. It’s different, it’s unique, and it’s not like any other watch you’ll see. Something I like is that this watch looks like a million dollars but doesn’t cost a million dollars. Grayton makes greatly affordable watches (most watches are in the mid $200’s) that suits just about every budget. The need to spend big to look good isn’t necessary with Grayton, both men and women can get great timepieces in that affordable price range.  
Grayton has a watch for every taste, with bands made of leather, steel, and nylon, there is a strap for everyone and there is a color face for everyone. With white, blue, and green, you’ll find a face color that will fit your wants and if your strap isn’t exactly what you want you can order a strap that’s more in line with what you want. I’m really impressed with Grayton watches and so is my husband. When you impress a watch guy who has a slew of watches in his collection you know you’ve done something right. Add that fact that this is an automatic watch (you can see all the intricate gears on the flip side of the watch) and now you’ve really got yourself a winner. From top to bottom Grayton makes a world class timepiece that would look good on any wrist.

If you are looking for a high-quality gift for the special man in your life, for your significant other, boyfriend, dad or granddad. The watches come in a box and are ready for gift giving! Be sure to check out the amazing watches, and use the code Flcom-Grayton15%-SusansDisneyFamily when purchasing to save 15%! 

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You can purchase a great Grayton, the automatic watch at Be sure to enter the code: Flcom-Grayton15%-SusansDisneyFamily to save 15% off of your entire purchase from Grayton.

Would dad love a Grayton watch? 

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Liz Mays said...

Ok, that actually is a really great Father's Day gift idea. What man wouldn't love that classy timepiece?

Brett said...

I keep hearing how the cell phone has replaced the watch, but I just can't buy into that. These watches are gorgeous!

A good watch is like a well-shined pair of shoes. It just seems to make the man!

VickieC said...

who wouldn't love one of these nice watches

Anonymous said...

Yeah I know a few who would love this gift for Father's Day, what a gorgeous (or should I say handsome) watch!

Marcie W. said...

My husband loves his watch, but it is more of a sporty style and ideal for wearing to work. A gorgeous piece like this would be wonderful for a more upscale event or evening out.

Houseful Of Nicholes said...

We're still watch wearers over this way, and I love the look of a man in a watch! I know, weird. These look great though!

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