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The Original Whiffer Sniffers, cool new Series 6 characters! Your chance to win! #Giveaway

When I was a little kid one of the coolest things were scratch and sniff books and stickers… Do you remember those books and stickers? They smelled just like what they said they would, it was pretty cool. But things have changed, changed for the better! There are even cooler ways to sniff some sweet smells. Adorable little Whiffer Sniffers available in backpack clips, larger huggable plush versions, and oh my … scratch n’ sniff stickers. Yes!  

The Original Whiffer Sniffers is a collectible line of scented plush characters, there are dozens of unique, fun characters have been launched since 2015. Series 6 launches in Spring 2018, including the debut of Whiffer Squishers in Spring 2018 along with the plush characters. We were introduced to some of the cute and yummy smelling characters from Series 6, Part 1.  These adorable sweet spelling friends are ready for their time in the spotlight, let me introduce you to some of the new gang!
Meet Chill Bill!

Chill Bill is a sweet treat to be around. He is frozen but has such a warm personality. He is sure to invite new kids into the games that he plays and makes everyone feel that they are special. Whenever someone is down in the dumps, he finds fun ways to lift their spirits. He is warm at heart, and everyone loves to hang out with Chill Bill. I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover! His kind ways will melt your heart. Chill Bill is Sold in 5” and Super 11” sizes.
Meet the cool Danny Dipperelli!

Danny Dipperelli’s favorite place to hang is at the local diner with his motor cycle gang. He loves eating burgers and fries, listening to tunes and talking shop with the guys. He’s dressed so cool, he’s slick, from his high top sneakers to his sleek black leather jacket. He starts off every conversation by running a comb through his hair and usually ends those by saying “hey, don’t be square.” Sold in 4.5”

Meet the sweet Waffle Aaron!

Waffle Aaron, standing at 4.5”, believes in being early to bed and early to rise, to finish a school project or chase fireflies. He accomplishes small tasks first, then sets a lofty goal. He knows that it takes discipline and lots of self-control. Because his personality is syrupy sweet. He has friends whose loyalty can’t be beat!

Meet the limited edition Easter pal Willy Hyde!

Willy Hyde was forever in search of the perfect place to hide. Along his journey, he met characters that he enjoyed hanging out with that were a match for his colorful personality. This experience caused Willy to have a change of yolk. He has grown to appreciate and learned to celebrate the things that make him and others unique and special. He believes that the colorfulness and uniqueness of people make the world a more interesting place, a place to stand out, not to be camouflaged or hidden. He is one good egg! Willy Hyde is a limited
edition Easter plush pal and measures 3.5”.

One of my favorite things that they do with toys these days are surprise mystery packs, as a kid I would have loved taking a chance to see what I would get. Kids are lucky to have such neat things like this. I was as excited as my daughter was to open the Whiffer Sniffer Mystery Pack plush, who would we get? Well as soon as we popped off the lid the sweet smell of gum came wafting up. Oh boy did she smell good!

Meet the super adorable Ima Bubblepopper!

Ima Bubblepopper, a Mystery Pack plush, is the ultimate party girl. All of Ima’s parties are said to be “on point”! First, she gets the party hoppin’ with some breakdance moves and a little bit of poppin’ and lockin’. Soon everyone is joining in on the fun! Even though Ima throws the best parties, she remembers to work hard on her schoolwork so that she can play hard at her parties. Measures 3” or in Super Sniffer size 10.”
We just loved the new critters in Series 6 from the names to the back stories and of course to the fabulous authentic scents, they line is a must-have! The backpack clips are great for school, a nice good going, good job on that test gift that they can enjoy all year through. With the affordable price point of $6.99, you can pick up a couple and spread the Whiffer Sniffer love! Happy sniffing!
Overall I have to say my favorite was Waffle Aaron (Waffle Aaron, like Waffle Iron… get it? I love the punny names!) he smelled just like breakfast, oh I could have just ate him up! My daughter could not wait to clip Chill Bill onto her backpack, he was sweet smelling like an icy treat. So adorable.  Whiffer Sniffer is also rolling out its Series 6, Part 2 characters including Louis Lime, Apollo Freeze, Shirley Cone and Mystery Packs’ Missy Muffintop and Mystery Pack Gold Bag’s Ima Muffintop. Sniffer Switch versions are hiding in plain sight for Louie Lime from bright blue eyes to brown. And look for a switch in Shirley Cone’s colored sprinkles! There are also some Rare and Super Rare styles that you can learn about on the website.

The generous folks at Whiffer Sniffers are giving one of Susan’s Disney Family readers a chance to win three styles from Series 6, randomly picked by the company. Would you like to enter? Please let me know what Whiffer Sniffers is your favorite and why? There are also other ways to enter, please enter below.

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Shakeia Rieux said...

My favorite is IMA BUBBLEPOPPER because she’s adorable, and I like her little bows.

Yona Williams said...

Smell-wise, I like the Watermelon one. Shape-wise, I.B. Poppin is cute.

Amy D said...

Waffle Aaron is my favorite, because my daughter's favorite food is waffles. She would love this and all the other whiffer sniffers! So cute! :-)

elizabeth miller said...

I love the mixed fruit scented cone. I like that it is a snowcone and I love that it is mixed scented.

Janet W. said...

My favorite is May B. Minty Super Sniffer because Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream is my favorite flavor and this one is adorable!

VickieC said...

this is the first ive seen of these,,i like that they are small enought for little fingers to hold and they are scented

Alexandra Y said...

I like the Waffle Whiffer Sniffer, I bet it smells amazing!

Charmz Accio said...

Chill Bill is I would like to sniff÷)

Darlene Cruz said...

Chill Bill I would like to sniff ÷)

Leela said...

I like the Chilly Pepper Super Sniffer because it's cute.

Robin A said...


Antoinette M said...

Waffle Aaron is my favorite, because I love waffles & syrup!

starzine said...

I like Chill Bill with a warm personality.

Unknown said...

Waffle Aaron would probably be my favorite. We love waffles at our house.

Toni Sullivan said...

Thanks, for the change to win. I'm ordering some online.

Kathy P said...

I love the tony pepperoni because my family loves pizza

crystle tellerday said...

ben sizzen cause I like bacon

Kayla klontz said...

I love chill bill, he's so colorful and cute.

Jakes Movie Reviews said...

I like Ben Sizzen, who doesn't love bacon!

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