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A visit to where all of the magic is stored, & preserved the Disney Animation Research Library #PeterPanBluray #DisneyAnimation #DisneyARL

****Disney is providing an all-expense paid trip for me to cover this great event, all opinions are 100% my own ****

While in LA we were celebrating the 65th anniversary of Peter Pan, and we were going to get to go to a place that not may have the privilege of going. We were all treated to a visit to the Disney Library. Now this is unlike any library you have visited. This is not really a home for books but a home for magic. The place where all of your favorite Disney classics are stored. This is the home the home of original cells, paintings, artwork… Just about all you need to make a Disney animated movie. Imagine, original drawings from Walt Disney, original cells from Disney classics such as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and all others.

Walt Disney knew the importance of saving and preserving the artwork, when saving the art was not a common practice, Walt still kept the work. When some movies art was put away and stored, they were just put in a folder or a box, with no organization… the drawings are all there but not in any order.

In his time the artwork was stored in the “morgue” a basement at the Burbank Studios… Boy things have changed, now the artwork is stored in a large building, with state of art storage capabilities. The team at the Disney Archives wants to make sure all of the art is scanned and cataloged. 

To be sure this is around for generations to come. The goal of having all of the art scanned and cataloged will take many many years. To think there are over 500 Disney cartoon shorts and it can take 2-3 months to capture and catalog one short! Full length movies such as Pinocchio, took over a year. The Disney teams are in the process of organizing the drawings, then they are scanned cataloged and checked again for accuracy.

All while giving the art the utmost respect, and white glove treatment. The scanning is essential, to preserving these drawings for future generations. Having the drawing scanned will also make locating them, that much easier as well. Even current films are archived. 
So much care is taken, that before our tour, we were told that no pens were allowed in the Library, just pencils. There is no room for the chance of any damage.  There are 11 vaults filled with items form the Disney Animation Library we were very fortunate to be able to step into two of the vaults, first up was the room where the animation is stored is filled with movable fried proof cabinets that are filled with paintings, drawings and cells all separated numbered and labeled. I knew it look a lot of drawings and paintings to make a hand drawn animated movie, but I was amazed at how many rows and rows of cabinets that were filled with Peter Pan artwork.
Part of the artwork we got to see was drawings of Peter and Wendy, but not the Peter and Wendy you know and love…. An original concept art, how Peter and Wendy may have looked like if things did not change. We also saw concept art of Tinkerbelle, and she had brown hair! Not the blonde pixie we all know and love.
We were also able to visit another vault, where some statues and maquette’s were stored. These are made to give the characters a 3-D look, to really bring the character to life for the artists who will be drawing the film. These statues are still used today. 
They are lent out to Disney artists and still inspire the characters today. There are some things that can not leave the vault, be it for age, or condition… but they are still able to be visited if an artist needs inspirations.  The room temperature is set for the survival of the artwork, a chilly 60 degrees, with 50% humidity the cold helps keep the papers and the paintings safe, keeping them alive for future generations. 

This was an amazing experience, seeing the classics and where they are stored, was pretty amazing.  This is something I will never forget, and each time I see a Disney animated film, I will still be in awe because I got to see actual cells and drawings from the movies I have grown up with. Such a magical experience.  You can now get some Disney magic for your home too, make sure to pick up a copy of Peter Pan on Walt Disney Signature Collection available on Digital May 29 and on Blu-ray™ June 5th.

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Disclosure: The reviews and or opinions on this blog are my own opinions, . No compensation was received. All opinions are my own. This is a unofficial fan site that is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or Disney theme parks.