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Come on and celebrate World Monopoly Day on 3/19/19! Let’s have some fun with Monopoly! #WorldMonopolyDay

On March 19th, Hasbro's Monopoly brand will be celebrating World Monopoly Day! Will you be celebrating too? I know my family will be breaking out one of our most favorite games Monopoly to have some fun and to celebrate this fun day. Monopoly is a game I grew up playing, it is a great game of skill and planning and luck. To celebrate World Monopoly Day, I have some great new (new to me) Monopoly game suggestions. These are some great games to pick up and enjoy this cool day with the family with some gold old fashioned board game fun!

Below are some of the latest offerings from Monopoly to help celebrate including the pop culture favorite, Monopoly Game of Thrones Edition and the hilarious Monopoly Cash Grab game. Check out the best/latest versions of the game through the years, start celebrating World Monopoly Day!  

MONOPOLY: GAME OF THRONES Edition Game - MONOPOLY and GAME OF THRONES fans can set sail to Westeros in the all new edition of MONOPOLY: GAME OF THRONES game! Inspired by HBO’s hit TV series, players move around the board with game tokens inspired by the honorary sigils of the Great Houses. Fans can buy, sell, and trade iconic locations from the Seven Kingdoms, building castles and holdfasts in their pursuit to rule the Iron Throne! 
Similar to the classic game of MONOPOLY, the more properties you own, the more rent you can collect from opponents. The last one with money when all other players have gone bankrupt, wins! The MONOPOLY: GAME OF THRONES Edition game will also feature an Iron Throne card holder with a musical stand that plays the beloved GAME OF THRONES theme song throughout game play. Best for Ages Adult / Players: 2-6/ Approx. Retail Price: $29.99.
MONOPOLY PIZZA Board Game - Who wants pizza? MONOPOLY Pizza, that is! In this delicious twist on the classic MONOPOLY game, players move around the game board trying to buy as many types of pizza as they can -- from classic pepperoni or spinach to mushroom. Instead of buying properties or collecting rent, players will aim to collect a color set which corresponds to a type of pizza, such as veggie lovers, barbecue chicken or even mac and cheese! 

A full set of flavors combines to make an awesome new pizza, giving those cards a higher value. At the end of the game, the player who collects the most pizza slices wins! Get it while it’s hot! The MONOPOLY PIZZA Board Game includes a game board, 6 tokens, 16 Pizza cards, 16 Chance cards, 16 Community Chest cards, 64 cardboard pizza slice tokens, money pack, 2 dice, and a game guide. Available at most major retailers nationwide and on Best for Ages 8 years & up/ Players: 2-4/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99.
MONOPOLY CASH GRAB Game - In the MONOPOLY CASH GRAB game, it’s a mad dash to get the cash! To play, load the MONOPOLY Money into the Money Blaster (aka the Bank), and spin the spinner to blast loads of cash and Chance cards into the air. Rush to grab as much cash as you can to win the game - but don’t stop there! Collect Chance cards to add more strategy to the game - such as swapping money stacks with another player, taking half of any one player’s money stack, or making all players pass their money stack to the left. Once the blaster is empty, the player with the most cash wins! The MONOPOLY CASH GRAB game includes money blaster, blaster spinner, 100 MONOPOLY Money bills, 25 Chance Cards, and game guide. Requires 3 AA batteries, not included. Available at most major retailers nationwide and on Best for Ages 8 years & up/ Players: 3+/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99.

MONOPOLY JUNIOR: ELECTRONIC BANKING Edition Game - This electronic MONOPOLY JUNIOR game makes banking easy! Accessible and exciting for younger players, kids may brush up on their money-counting skills when buying properties or paying rent with their kid-friendly electronic banking unit. Young players will love making transactions using bank cards and placing "sold" signs on their very own properties, such as the ice cream parlor, the toy store, and the skate park! 

When one player goes bankrupt, the game ends, and the player with the most money wins! Requires 2x AAA batteries, not included.  Game includes game board, banking unit, 4 bank cards, 4 Junior tokens, 20 Chance cars, 48 sold signs, 4 Who’ Your Token? Character cards, 1 die, and game guide. Adult assembly required. Available at most major retailers nationwide and Best for Ages 5 years & up. Retail Price: $19.99.
Be sure to join in on the festivities! Today is a great day to pick up a new Monopoly and have some competitive fun! Do you have a favorite version of Monopoly? I would love to hear about it.

What version of Monopoly are you going to play on National Monopoly Day?

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Sara said...

World monopoly day sounds like a fun day.

Rachel B said...

Monopoly is one of my favorite board games

Jennifer Alaggio said...

Monopoly PIZZA!? Oh, now I have to try that! Pizza is life and I LOVE Monopoly!!!!

starzine said...

MONOPOLY: GAME OF THRONES Edition Game looks absolutely interesting.

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