Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our top 10 queue's in Walt Disney World

In the Bugs Life line!

We all know that part of the Disney experience is waiting in line.... Here is a list of our favorite lines~

Here is a list of our top 10 queue's in WDW: (line waiting areas)

10. The Jungle Cruise: It's themed well and fits the ride. It has a similar feeling to the queue of Expedition Everest in my opinion. You get the impression that you're not in central Florida anymore.
9. Muppet Vision 3-D: It's not much of a queue, it's just a big room but the pre show movie still makes us laugh  even after seeing it soooo many times.
8. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: The new interactive honey walls are really fun and help to pass the time if you're stuck in the stand by line.
7. Tower of Terror: Even though I've only ridden (do we technically ride this?) this attraction once, I have to admit the queue is pretty awesome. From the dust to the tea cup covered in spider webs you believe this is an abandoned hotel.
6. The Haunted Mansion: The ghost horse pulling the carriage, the tomb stones, the howling dog. This is a great queue and once inside the stretching room is still fun. I love hearing first timers trying to figure out if the room is actually stretching or the floor lowering.
5. Toy Story Midway Mania: Giant versions of the toys a lot of us gre up with, the used and unused crayons are fun, it's obvious Andy has a thing against girly colors:-)!
4. Space Mountain: My husband lobbied for Space Mountain, I'm not a coaster fan at all but he's been on it countless times and has every stitch of music from the ride on his Zune this is one of his favorite attractions. The interactive games are nice but if you play your cards right and ride at the right time you'll just stroll right past them.
3. Test Track: I'm pretty sure we're all pretty intimate with the Test Track queue, after 12 years the ride system still is wonky and we've all been stuck waiting for the ride to come back on line. Getting past the wonky system the queue is pretty cool, it conveys it's thought well and is spot on.
2. Star Tours: I'm married to a Star Wars nerd, he admits it proudly:-)! I'm not much of a Star Wars nerd but I must admit that this is a great queue, from the robots, working on the shuttles, to C-3PO greeting you, you are transported to that galaxy far, far away. Can't wait to ride 2.0 in Disney Land in a few months!

And the number one is!

1. Expedition Everest: As I stated before I'm not a coaster kinda gal, but I've walked though the queue a few times with my husband. He keeps pressing me to try it once and I'm not budging! I've been in the queue a couple of times and it really does feel like you're in Nepal/Tibet. Even though the Yeti seems to be stuck in disco mode this is still the queue of all queues in WDW.

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Gabby said...

Great observations! I worked at Disney...but no lines to worry about unless the park was busy (I worked on the Ferry and resort boats). Thanks for the interest in my blog. :D

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I am now following you from Welcome Wednesday. I LOVE Disney and am a total fan. Love your blog!

Would love for you to follow me.


Anonymous said...

great advise. When you're traveling with kids, waiting is important

Unknown said...

Looks like you had an awsome time. we are planning to take our Grandson next year.

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