Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Amazing Mat - Review

Are you a germaphobe like we are? I have found a great product that helps keep your house cleaner. The Amazing Mat, here is a little more information about The Amazing Mat from the website:

The Amazing Mat comes from a new and innovative company dedicated to bringing this wonderful product to homes around the globe. It is the result of taking a viable and successful idea in one commercial area and bringing it to the home market. Based in Southern CA, The Amazing Mat Company is committed to providing the highest quality customer service. Our products are backed by a 60 day money back guarantee (less shipping costs).

The Amazing Mat is not an ordinary rubber, fabric or grass door mat. It is constructed of separate layers of specially designed clear "sticky" sheets that collect dirt and germs when stepped on. When the top one gets dirty, simply peel it off (along with the dirt) and expose a new sheet. The mat is safe and easy to walk on for adults, children and pets.

I was very fortunate to be able to review The Amazing Mat.In a lovely Tera cotta pattern 

A hard plastic 25"x31" mat is the foundation of the Amazing Mat system. It comes in a variety of designs and has a non-skid backing so it can be placed on hard surfaces or carpet. The sticky sheets attach easily on top and create a cost-effective means of keeping your home clean and sanitary.
My Review:
Do you have some high traffic areas in your house, and because of this you have dirty mats? Well I sure have this problem. Especially the mat that is in front of the yard door.

For a family that does not have any grass in the yard, we still track in a lot of dirt. (how is this possible?) I put the mat at the door, and I was amazed at how much dirt we were bringing into the house. And I feel better now that I have The Amazing Mat, I know when I bring the trash from the yard through the house on trash day, this mat will capture the germs, and keep my house cleaner. The mat retails for $29.95, and they offer refills for the mat for $19.99.

The Amazing Mat is an anti-bacterial adhesive that traps 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria. I love that when the top sheet of the mat is dirty from capturing mud, dirt, allergens, fungus, mold and even feces all you have to do is peel off simply peel away the recyclable sheet., then.. there you go a clean new mat that is ready to be used. Don’t worry there are 29 more underneath. So this will last you a while.

The only small, very small complaint I have is, the mat is a little bit sticky and it take a little while to get used to. But I know that this works, and I got used to it in a few days. So no worries.

Some of its versatile uses:

·         Place it at the door to your garage to prevent harmful chemicals from being tracked into your home
·         Place it at the entrance of the baby’s nursery to keep the room sanitary and your baby safe
·         Place it at the front door to reduce pollen for allergy sufferers
·         Place it at the front of a doggie door to remove dirt and bacteria from pet paws or next to a kitty litter box
·         It is even safe on bare feet

I would recommend The Amazing Mat for your family. Yes it really is amazing. This mat is well made, and so very useful. I was impressed at how well it was packed when it arrived at my house. I thought this was a painting, it was packed that well.

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Buy it:

To purchase the Amazing Mat please visit

They have a code for FREE shipping.  Just make sure to use the code SHIPNOW when you checkout. Code valid through 3/15/12.

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