Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fagor cast iron chicken fryer - Review

Are you looking for a great pan? Well I have found an awesome one, from Fagor America.

  • Michelle B Chicken Fryer Includes:
    • 4.5qt Chicken Fryer
    • Glass Lid
    • A collection of Michelle B recipe cards

I’ve heard it a million times from my husband….you have the arm strength of a little girl! Alright so I’m not John Cena! It is true though I have trouble handling really heavy objects and some of our pans are insanely heavy add to it the food you’re cooking in it and I need someone to spot me as I lift the pan. I had the chance to try a pan that cooks as well as cast iron at half the weight, it seems like they invented this pan for me!

The pan is from Fagor America Michelle B chicken fryer with glass lid  and it lives up to its billing. And with this pan, there is not that smell that I smell with regular cast iron pans. The older cast iron pans have that metal smell, ugh. And (for me) they are harder to clean. But with this Fagor pan it is so much lighter than traditional cast iron, and there is no smell! And it is so very easy to clean.

This pan has quickly become my favorite pan, it’s light, it cooks my food without burning it and it’s non-stick. It is my every day pan no questions about it. On top of being a great everyday pan it really is a chicken frying pan, it’s deep enough to hold your oil and chicken and it cooked the chicken evenly and crispy. 

My husband had fried chicken once in his life….ONCE! And it was from a TV dinner! *GAG* He had one bite of it and that was it he never had it again he was “scarred for life.” That was over 25 years ago. That was then this is now. I made fried chicken in my new pan and if you come to my house and look in the fridge for leftovers you won’t find any. Guess this pan heals scars too!

So I would recommend the  Michelle B chicken fryer with glass lid if you need a great “cast iron” pan with half the weight, and more easy to use!

Buy it:

This is available on for $69.99 in other colors as well they come in blue or red.

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Elizabeth J. Neal said...

Thanks for sharing this, not that turkey fryerv I will be doing the Turkey this year. I'm not ready for that yet. If I did it now, that would most likely be my luck.

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