Friday, March 9, 2012

Adora™ Calcium & Vitamin D Supplements, a delicious chocolate supplement

Are you taking calcium supplements, or do you think you could use more calcium or vitamin D  in your diet? Well I have a great alternative for you Adora™ Calcium & Vitamin D Supplements, a chocolate supplement! here is a little more information about Adora, from the website.

Adora™ Calcium & Vitamin D Supplements in rich, premium, all-natural chocolate are made by Thompson Brands, a chocolate manufacturer that has been perfecting the art of chocolate making since 1879.

Americans are generally aware that calcium is important for bone heath, but the average woman is getting only about two-thirds of what they should. Taking daily supplements can be a chore, but with the launch of the new Adora™ Calcium & Vitamin D Supplement in rich, premium, all-natural chocolate, women now have a tasty, indulgent treat to look forward to – and at only 30 calories per serving. The proprietary Adora formula, developed by Thompson Brands, a renowned chocolatier with a legacy dating back to 1879, meets women’s daily health needs while satiating chocolate cravings.

Their mission is to make high-quality, delicious calcium supplements that will help in the fight against osteoporosis because they taste so good you will Crave Your Calcium.

My Review:

Who here loves chocolate? Well I am sure most of you do. I consider myself a huge fan of chocolate, in all forms. But who knew you could eat chocolate for your health? I thought the only thing you could get was wider hips?

As I get older I am more concerned about taking my vitamins, I see how important they are for my wellbeing. So when I found out about a chocolate supplement that would help give me the calcium and Vitamin D that I need, I could not wait to try it.

Now just for your information,

Calcium helps to maintain healthy, strong bones it also supports proper functioning of nerves and muscles. Older women need plenty of calcium to prevent osteoporosis. And I was not as versed with Vitamin D, what exactly did this do?

Vitamin D is a nutrient that supports the absorption of calcium, it also supports breast, colon and prostate health, and contributes to the maintenance of a healthy mood. Studies state that this supports its role in immune health.

Now I see why my body needs these 2 nutrients especially.  And I know I would have no issues eating chocolate, I will have no problem “remembering” to take my vitamins.

So would the chocolate taste good? I was hoping so. As soon as the supplements arrived, I had to try one and I am happy to say they were creamy and delicious, and this is good for me right? Wow! The Adora™ Calcium & Vitamin D Supplements are available in dark and milk chocolate, and I was able to try each of the flavors they were both delicious. And they were only 30 calories each, so they will not mess with my dieting, so that is a relief.

The msrp is $7.99 - $9.99 for 30 disks so it will be about $16.00 for a month’s supply. This might seem like a lot for a calcium supplement, but this is a supplement that you will take, and will help you. This will not just gather dust in your closet. So I think this is worth the price. I will be purchasing Adora in the future.

If you are looking for a way to supplement your calcium and vitamin D, look no further than Adora™ Calcium & Vitamin D Supplements they are the delicious solution you have been looking for.

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