Monday, March 5, 2012

Bored in line? Well there is lots to do in line in Disneyland

If you’ve ever gone to Disneyland (chances are you have if you’ve come to this site!) you know what it’s like to wait and wait in lines. When we were in Disneyland last June/July the lines for Star Tours we’re approaching 280 minutes! If you’re going to wait in line for over 4 hours you’re going to need something to kill time or you’re going to go nuts waiting. 

But what can you do to kill time? Play with your cell phone? Sure they’re great, they have games and You Tube and you can just surf the web but they have a main function as a phone, and after playing with it in line for hours on end your battery will eventually die now your phone is useless and if you need it to make a call you’re stuck. You can talk but holding a multi hour conversation is hard and can become boring quickly!

I have your solution and it comes in the form of an easy to carry book called Lots to Do in Line written by Meredith Pierce. This is a Disneyland book written by a Disneyland fan and it is chock full of questions broken up into the lands of Disneyland with appropriate questions for each land. On top of the questions the author came up with a great idea “collections.”

Collections are cool and easy for everyone in your party to play, what are collections? A few samples of collections is seeing how many girls you see dressed as princesses or seeing how many people are wearing shoes without laces in them or spotting pin collectors etc. That’s a great way to pass the time and to score major points in the game. Another fun part of the book were the Treasure Hunts in where you’re asked to find as many of the listed treasures before say a preshow starts to earn more points. That is very clever. 

We read through the book asking each other questions to see how well we remember the specifics of Disneyland and we had a blast playing the game, it also has questions for California Adventure so you’re covered for that park as well. We had a blast going out west last year and reading through just a handful of the questions sparked up memories and got us reminiscing and talking about heading back next year because we had so much fun visiting the park that started it all.

 If you’re a visitor of Disneyland and want something that is easy to follow and play and will help you pass the time in line and save the life of your cell phone battery I suggest picking up a copy of Lots to Do in Line. It is well thought out and written and will keep you occupied no matter what the queue throws at you!

This book is available in paperback, and as a iphone app, so if you are planning a trip to Disney Land or know someone who is… Make sure to pick up a copy of this great book.

Buy it:

Make sure to pick up this informative book, please visit here, to find out where it is available.

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