Friday, June 22, 2012

Are you a horse lover?

A couple of years ago when we took the Segway tour around Fort Wilderness part of our tour included a stop at the stables where Disney houses all of their horses, the horses that carry the trolley’s down Main Street, the horses you ride around Fort Wilderness, and the most impressive horse is the one that carries the Headless Horseman down Main Street.  

 I’m a city girl, I’ve never been on a horse and quite frankly I’m a little afraid of them! I appreciate their power and beauty but some of those horses here HUGE! Part of the fun I had was telling the other people on our tour about the horse that has the job of carrying the Headless Horseman down Main Street for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. He’s an amazing horse who knows the route and has to run it on his own pretty much because the Headless Horseman’s costume limits his sight to the point that he’s almost blind, the horse does all the work and it’s amazing how smart these animals are that he can gallop full speed down Main Street and know where to go all on his own. And that’s also the reason why if it rains you don’t see the Horseman ride.
They are such amazing regal animals. I appreciate them, it’s amazing how a 1200 pound animal can run so fast on such skinny legs!   And I enjoyed getting to spend time around them at the stables the best part was they were in their stalls and I had a thick door between them and me! I admit it, they were pretty large and imposing. But still they’re cool and we had a great time on the tour even though I fell off of the Segway when I got a little too cocky. That’s what happens when you get into a friendly argument with the guide about a Disney fact he had wrong.  But if you’re not like me and you have fun riding horses or being around them you should visit Equestrian Clearance   they’ll have what you need for a price you won’t argue about!

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