Friday, June 22, 2012

Can an eBook Reader Save You Money?

EBook readers such as the Amazon Kindle are gaining popularity nowadays. Many love it for its portability and useful perks such as the instant dictionary access. EBook reader manufacturers are also particularly proud of the discounted eBook rates that are significantly cheaper than rates of the traditional books. So is the eBook reader a wise choice if you are after saving? EBook pros in terms of savings First, the EBook reader can cost $70 or more. But the idea is that you will save on the cost of books and you will recover this money over time. This idea is feasible; especially if you consider that you will not have to buy a bookshelf for the books.

 Another way in which eBook readers can help you save is that you need not commute to several book stores just to get the copy that you desire nor do you have to pay extra for shipment costs. If you are a hard core book enthusiast and buys book on a regular basis, then I suggest giving the eBook reader a serious consideration; but only after reading through the next part. 3G versions also have free 3G connection that can serve limited functions aside from buying books. EBook cons in terms of saving money If your family or friends loves reading books and you have similar tastes, then an eBook reader may prove to be expensive. First of all, you cannot lend eBooks and the only way to lend them is to lend the whole eBook reader. If you belong to a family of book readers, then you may as well stay with the traditional books and enjoy the smell of it.  

The Verdict EBook readers can be a great way to save, but only if you intend to keep the books to yourself. With an eBook reader, you cannot lend or borrow books and you most definitely cannot sell the ones that you have read or join book trades. Before getting an eBook reader I suggest comparing the savings that you can make with a traditional book with the savings that you can make with an eBook. Downloading an Ebook will need you to have good internet connection. Enjoy the speed of AT&T Uverse connection when downloading Ebooks and get it cheap by using Uverse coupon code.

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