Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How to get rid of razor burn

What is razor burn? Well as most of us know it is when your skin to becomes covered with an itchy rash, this rash can be prone to infection. But  how to get rid of razor burn?  We have all gone through the pain of razor burn, it is painful and not pleasant at all.

Shaving can be hard especially for a working mom like me. I am constantly on the go, and sometimes I have to rush in the shower shave and get out. And with all of the rushing this may lead to missed spots on my legs. And what to do then? Well sometimes this leads to a dry shave, ugh I know I should not do this but that is my remedy to clean up the missed hairs. And what happens almost every time I do this? Well razor burn of course (you would think that I would have learned my lesson by now, and never dry shave again) I can have select patches of the red razor burn menace. It burns and itches. How do I make this go away? Well I have been very lucky with aloe vera, I rub the aloe on the area (this may sting a bit at first) then I get a cold cloth to sooth the burn and sting.  Gently use the cold cloth on the razor burned area and let the cool cloth take the sting away. After treatment, I like to was the affected areas with a gentle soap, then gently try the areas. You will find that these simple steps really take the sting out of the dreaded razor burn.

If you ever have any razor burn issues in the future, try my method it really works!

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Zen Jewitch said...

Razor burn FTL. However, that doesn't CURE the burn, it just makes it feel better, since razor burn is caused by slicing off a layer of skin.

Another helpful thing is witch hazel. Dab some on, especially if it's been sitting in the fridge, and it feels WONDERFUL

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan , Great tips here thanks. We are big fans of The Art of Shaving guys! Being in the Shaving Oil Business we understand the pain that many people suffer from shaving. Preperation is so important!


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