Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Camileon Heels - The height adjustable shoe!

Are you a shoe lover like I am? Are you a  bigger fan of high heels or smaller heels?  What if I told you there was a shoe company out there that  make a height adjustable shoe! Wow, that is amazing right? As I give you a second to process that amazing idea… I would like to introduce you all to Camileon Heels. Here is a little information about this amazing company from the website:

 Made in Italy from the finest leathers, CAMiLEON Heels not only represent an amazing breakthrough in footwear technology; they also are contemporary in feel and fit, beautifully designed and a welcome advancement for women who have suffered in heels far too long. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to finally provide you with the benefits of convenience, style and comfort - all in one shoe.

There are so many styles that I love from the site, here are a few of my favorites:



My Review:

I am a busy mom who is always on the go so comfortable shoes are a must for me. For my job a professional appearance is mandatory so heals are something I wear daily. My feet tend to get sore by mid-day and I long for my flats.  I sometimes change into sneakers for lunch, but I have to admit this is not something I like doing wearing sneakers with a dress is not at all attractive, but my feet can’t take the heels after so long.  My job also brings me to meetings outside of the office regularly, and this means extra walking and no sneakers this time, I have to walk in my heals and sometimes my feet just hate me.  I was very fortunate to be able to review two pairs of shoes from CAMiLEON Heels.

The Marta $129.00 a black and white stunner, this pair of shoes just go with any outfit. I love the black and white classic look, that can go from day to evening.  The Marta shoes, are very comfortable even with the higher heal, and if that heal is starting to bother your legs, or your back (I tend to have back issues when I wear heels for long periods of time) all you have to do is work your magic, and “flip” the heel down and voilĂ ! You have a great looking pair of pumps. You will be ready to dance or walk or whatever you want to do for a much longer period. 

My mother and I wear the same size shoe and she was able to experience the wonderfully amazing shoes that CAMiLEON Heels are.  I had to spread the love and since my mother is an office worker like I am, and has to dress professionally each day, I knew she would appreciate these shoes as much as I do. My mom was able to test out a lovely pointed toe CAMiLEON Heel. She loved being able to switch from high heels to basically pumps in seconds. The pointed toe shoe was very sleek, and went well with pants and dresses.

Now my mother and I can simply wear our CAMiLEON Heels, and the heels can go from 3 1/4" down to 1 1/2" heels. Yes you heard that right. No more suffering with high heals, or having to tote flats to change into when your feet hurt. If you are a lover of great shoes, and want more options in a shoe, I would highly suggest CAMiLEON Heels you will never think of heals the same again.

Prices for the CAMiLEON HEELS run from $99-$129.  The prices are affordable, you are getting two shoes in one for a low price, you can’t beat that.

Buy it:

To purchase a pair of CAMiLEON Heels the height adjustable shoe please visit the website.

Also you can like CAMiLEON Heels on Facebook for more information.

Make sure to check out this video, just check out how many people love these great shoes.


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Tabitha said...

How cool, I would love to try these heels.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the post Susan! We hope you're enjoying the shoes!

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