Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Disney World Star Wars Weekends 2012 part 7 (Magic Kingdom & Kouzzina )

We made our way to the Boardwalk to Kouzzina which translated from Greek means awful food. I won't go into too many details but this place sucked, the counter service lunch we had earlier at the Contempo Cafe blew this meal out of the water!

The food looks great right? But the taste... not so good....

Bad bread, bad entrees and the dessert which I heard a lot about Loukoumades was off the charts bad, they were inedible. Loukoumades Greek translation means little balls of grease, these little doughnuts were flavorless, all I could taste was the oil they'd been fried in.

 I had dessert's like this before at some not so high class places like TGIFriday's and they managed to blow me away with mini doughnuts so you'd figure someone who was an Iron Chef would make stellar doughnuts.....yeah that didn't happen. I wouldn't recommend eating here, if you're at the Boardwalk and hungry you'll be better suited fighting the birds for the food people toss at them. Or just rummage through a trashcan either way you'll be better off.

Well that was our trip in a nutshell, we had a lot of fun and I would go back again for Star Wars Weekend it's the blending of 2 thing's I really love and I'm able to share this with my family making it even more fun. I know my wife isn't the biggest fan of Star Wars but she did it for me and that in turn makes this trip even more special. Thanks Sue:-).

See you in October!! 

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