Tuesday, October 9, 2012

KleenSlate a must for back to school.

Are you looking for something that will entertain the kids, and help them in school? I would love to tell you all about Kleen Slate, a handy white board that is great for back to school. Here is a little more information about KleenState from the website:

KleenSlate Concepts focuses on improving education and communication. We offer a line of award-winning dry erase products, including markers with erasers and the unique KleenSlate dry erase Response Paddles. Our products are non-toxic, kid friendly and made to last! The simple and innovative design of our two-sided dry-erase paddles and low-odor markers with erasers allow on-the-go, simple communication anywhere.

Our teacher invented classroom tools are making a huge impact in education. The hand held response paddles with snap in marker & eraser are proven to raise test scores and engage students in the learning process. We continue to improve our products to be the best dry erase tools on the market!

My Review:

It’s fun to watch our daughter and figure out what traits from each of us she possesses. For instance she looks like me but has my husband’s hair, but the thing I wish she didn’t have of mine is my handwriting. I have to guy handwriting in our family and my husband likes to poke fun of me because of it. He’s the one with the neat printing and perfect Palmer method handwriting. My daughter has a tendency to be a little or a lot sloppy with her homework and we constantly have to make her go back and try to make it neater.

 We try to get her to practice her writing but that is like getting blood from a turnip. That was until we received something clever in the mail.

KleenSlate  white board paddles and markers have been a godsend to us. Our daughter loves them as do we. She sits there and writes and writes and writes. Little does she realize but she’s learning and her writing is steadily improving, in fact we’ve noticed that her homework pace is getting quicker she’s finishing up sooner because she’s not nearly as sloppy. Now this is just one way to use these way cool white boards and markers, these paddles make learning fun and you don’t waste any paper using them. Paddles and markers come in a variety of colors so you can make sure everyone has a specific color and you can customize the paddle with replaceable sheets such as a graph paper sheet or a music sheet or what we’ve been using the wide ruled sheet. 
There are so many uses of the KleenSlate from learning to drawing to playing games and even being able to communicate with someone who may not be able to use their voice to communicate. 

These are just a few of the various different ways to use KleenSlate there are many more I’m sure of it and I’m sure we will be coming up with a few new one’s of our own because they have become a very important tool in our everyday life. My husband likes to let me know when he’s hungry or thirsty with his paddle and I let him know what I think about that with mine!

Buy it:

You can buy Kleen State boards on the KleenSlate website. 

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FireRunner2379 said...

This would come in handy for my youngest son. He is learning to write letters and words. It may even be good for my oldest who is learning cursive!

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