Tuesday, November 6, 2012

MagnaColor a fun toy your kids will love!

Are you looking for a different toy that your kids will love! A toy that needs no batteries and and is loads of fun? Well I would like to introduce you all to MagnaColor, here is a little more information about the great product from the website:

MagnaColor is a great toy that lets kids imaginations run wild! Now, kids can create in Amazing 3D with beautiful Magic Dots! Color and Create in Real 3D!
Magically transform designs into vibrant 3D artwork by using the magnetic coloring studio and colorful 3D Magic dots. The unique pens allow you to place the 3D magic dots to color in the stencil design. You can either create a single spot or make trails of multiple dots by running the pen across the screen. When finished sweep the dots back into the sorting system and watch the 3D magic dots sort into their individual colors to start again.

This revolutionary crafts toy allows for no mess playing as all pieces are self contained within the unit. Sorting the dots back into each pen is half the fun as kids get active and swipe and shake the board to start over again. Draw your designs with the dots, stick on your 3D glasses and watch your artwork jump off the screen!

My Review:

My daughter is obsessed with You Tube and Mind Craft, so much so she has a hard time occupying herself without the help of a computer. I keep telling her when I was a kid I had to do this, this and this to have fun because I didn’t have a computer. Then I sit there and feel old while she ignores me because America’s Funniest Videos are far more interesting. I keep trying to teach her how to keep herself occupied without the use of technology and mostly she gets bored in seconds and wants to play with the Xbox of the computer. 

I am very pleased to report that I finally found something that kept her interest for longer than 5 minutes, it actually kept her occupied for the better part of Sunday afternoon! What was this magical product? MagnaColor It let her create 3D pictures by simply placing little colored metal on a picture on a magnetic board then putting on 3D glasses to see her creations pop off the page. She was fascinated by this! My husband while watching football asked me what happened because she’s usually in the living room either asking him to change the channel or laughing like a banshee at some You Tube video. 
By simply pushing down on your Magna Dot Pen you place the metal down if you hold the pen down more magnets will cascade out. The cool thing is the way you clean up, once you’re done with a picture you then sweep all the metal dots into the channel and they get fed into separate grooves, the magnets vary in size so they do comingle with each other making clean up a snap. And the 3D effect was pretty cool; the fish picture she did looked like it was coming off of the page it looked really good.  I’m so happy to have something that doesn’t require batteries or have to be plugged in to keep my daughter occupied. 

Buy it:

You can purchase this fun toy online at MagnaColor 
for only $24.99 (plus P&H) 

For more information make sure like MagnaColor on Facebook

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