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Koch Oven Cravers, a great variety of meal ideas, your family will love.

Does your family love chicken? Well my family sure does. From picky eaters to people (like my husband) that will eat just about anything chicken is something everyone loves. We are used to a more boring chicken breast version of chicken, so when I had the chance to review wonderful sounding flavors from Koch chicken. I jumped at the chance. For the next few weeks I will be introducing you all to some great unique chicken flavors and products from Koch.  Last week we enjoyed Chicken Cravers Here is a little more information about Koch Foods, the makers of Chicken Oven Cravers and many other great chicken.

Since 1985, Koch Foods has provided top quality products and unparalleled service at great prices. With quality, service, and a focus on value, Koch Foods is the preferred supplier of fresh and frozen poultry products for food service and retail operators around the world. From our cutting edge facilities that ensure unmatched food safety, to our innovative production technology designed to reduce cost and increase efficiency, there are many significant benefits and advantages that Koch Foods brings to your operation.

I was very fortunate to be able to check out the line of Oven Cravers from Koch Foods.

Our line of traditional stuffed chicken breasts is second-to-none in flavor and quality - offering a light golden breading and overflowing with delectable, classic fillings that you and your family crave.

CHICKEN OVEN CRAVERS CORDON BLEU  offers succulent bite after succulent bite. Filled with Swiss Cheese and Ham, you’ll devour every bite.

CHICKEN OVEN CRAVERS CHICKEN PARMESAN  is a contemporary take on a family favorite. Delicious stuffed chicken breasts filled with four cheeses – Provolone, Mozzarella, Romano, & Parmesan – in marinara sauce that is sure to satisfy your whole crew.

SEASONED OVEN CRAVERS PEPPER JACK, SWISS CHEESE & BACON  Destined to become a classic. A hint of rich bacon and the tempting heat of Pepper Jack cheese combine to deliver exceptional taste.

CHICKEN OVEN CRAVERS Broccoli and Cheese Our hand-crafted stuffed with broccoli and cheese breast will make your mouth water and fill your kitchen with savory smells.

As you all know I have my plate full, as a busy working mom I am always on the go. I work outside of my home pretty much all morning and afternoon every day. When I come home it is time to switch into mom mode, and take care of my family. As soon as I get into the door, I am helping my daughter with her homework and getting dinner ready, so I need something that is easy and tasty something my family will love! My daughter is one of those kids that can be picky with certain foods. But oddly enough she loves chicken, all types of plain to flavored. But stuffed chicken? She had never tried this before.  Well I have to say she loved these stuffed chicken wonders. She just loved the chicken parmesan the most, just the right amount of cheese and sauce she just devowored it!  The oven cravers were amazing!

Sometimes when I have time I like to experiment and try to cook new things, I have once tried “stuffing” my own chicken breast sort of a homemade version of the Oven Cravers. Well if you have ever tried to make your own, you will know it is not easy. Sure stuff the chicken, make sure it is sealed and bake, well my stuffed chicken that I made from my recipe did not turn out that well… it was a mess the cheese and all of the stuffing leaked out and the chicken was not that good! And that was the last time I attempted to make my own stuffed chicken. I am so glad that there are products like Koch’s Oven Cravers, these stuffed chicken products cook up so much nicer than the one I made in the past. They are crunchy on the outside, and moist and cheesy on the inside. The best part, it no cheese leaking! The only time the cheese runs out the patty is when it is cut and on your plate ready to eat. 

The flavors were delicious and loved by my whole family. The CORDON BLEU, was a great surprise stuffe3d with cheese and ham.  CHICKEN PARMESAN, PEPPER JACK, SWISS CHEESE & BACON,  the seasoned version of the Oven Cravers was very flavorful a great treat. My favorite of the wonderful flavors was the Broccoli and Cheese, this was a great combination that was mild and flavorful. The oven cravers were easy to cook, just remove from the bag poot on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven following the simple directions. And before I knew it, dinner was ready. I just paired these oven cravers with some green beans and dinner was served! It was almost too easy!

Just a note these are to be cooked in an oven, the chicken is raw inside. So you are cooking these fresh, not reheating the chicken, thus making this dry. Having the chicken like this makes the chicken moist and delicious. The outsides are crunchy and flavorful, with moist delicious tender chicken inside.  You must cook this in an oven.

The chicken was easy to make, and the flavors were amazing. . This would make a great meal for the family. The flavors are amazing, and are something you and your guests will love.


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EMILY said...

I have never heard of Cravers, but that Cordon Bleu looks and sounds so good!

The Frugal Greenish Mama said...

Hubby loves Cordon Bleu and I have tried to make them also and they just don't turn out really "good"!

Unknown said...

Those dishes look so tasty! My family would love the variety and the different flavors.

Jinxy and Me said...

Ooohhh - those look yummy. Love to see that filling oozing out!

Unknown said...

Oh my! Those definitely look amazing and would be an awesome dinner idea for our family! Especially since I wouldn't have to do a lot of work to get them made. lol.

Crissy said...

I've never seen this brand, these look quick and delicious though!

Stefani @ said...

I LOVE Cordon Bleu but haven't had one in years! Those look yummy!

Krystle (Baking Beauty) said...

I love a quick easy meal! The chicken Parmesan looks really yummy!

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