Friday, March 25, 2016

Looking for a way to make the flight to your destination a little more enjoyable? Check out the Airhook

Planning on a trip for spring?  Looking for a way to make the flight to your destination a little more enjoyable? Well you are going to love this! There is a new solution that makes airplane travel easier than ever, The Airhook is a secure hook that holds your drink and electronic devices. Your tray table can remain in its upright and locked position. Here is a little more information about this ingenious invention from the website:  

With the Airhook you can enjoy additional legroom by keeping tray table in its locked position. Universal electronics device holder supports phones & tablets up to 8 inches tall, perfect for larger travelers who can't use the tray table the solution for holding your beverage & placing your laptop on your lap. The Airhook adjusts for reclined seats. Better viewing posture by mounting electronics device closer to eye level. The Airhook is great for children who need HANDS-FREE entertainment. 
The Airhook will be manufactured using ABS reinforced plastic. Please note, there are two metal components - a cap nut that is fused to the Airhook base & a screw [molded in the adjustment knob] running through the back of the Airhook to provide optimal pivot support.  So how does this amazing invention work? Take a look at these simple steps to see the Airhook in action. 
The Airhooks simple setup
1) Slightly lower your tray table.
2) Place tray table anchor over the top of the tray table.
3) Close and lock your tray table.
4) Hold The Airhook’s bungee and electronics device anchor.
5) Slide electronics device onto Airhook perch & place electronics device anchor over top.
6) Pull the bungee to tighten & secure the electronics device anchor – pull tight!
7) Adjust the angle of your Airhook cup holder to level and tighten Airhook knob until movement is no longer possible. When fully tightened, The Airhook will not be able to freely rotate – this means you’re ready for the next step. 
8) Place your beverage in the cup holder & enjoy! 
My family and travel a lot, especially in the spring we love to go out and explore places we have never been to and revisit family favorites like Disney World. One of my biggest issues with traveling, is having to fly in a small space. As a family of 3 we are fortunate to usually have a row of three to ourselves, but it can still seem pretty cramped. As we fly we each have the tray table down, my husband watching movies on his Ipad, myself watching movies on my phone, and my daughter having the tray down to nurse a soda. 
With all three tray tables down, we are literally squished together, but that is what you have to do when you travel right? Well not anymore, not with the Airhook. With the Airhook you don’t ever have to deal with lowering the tray table at all, the Airhook, takes a top germ catcher, the tray table surface, out of the equation, who knows what kind of germs are on that table. Imagine being able to have your legs free not crashing into the tray table. 

My husband could be watching his ipad and holding his drink hands free and I can be doing that as well as I watch my phone. My daughter could have her gaming system on her lap and her drink in the Airhook, and we can easily get up to stretch, or go to the restroom without a big commotion. The setup is simple and only takes a minute. The Airhook is collapsible for easy carry-on storage, and can easity fit in my purse. I look forward to traveling with the Airhook. The Airhook retails for $24.94 and comes 5 colors, Sky Blue, Jet Black, Cool Grey, Jet Black on Sky Blue, and Sky Blue on Cool Grey..

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JewelWood said...

This is so cool! To be able to look at my tablet with a drink in such a comfortable position while flying is amazing! I really like this device and need to get one!

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