Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A sneak peek behind the set of The Real O’Neals! All ready for the holidays! #ABCTVEvent #TheRealONeals

****Disney provided an all-expense paid trip for me to cover this great event ****

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Well not quite yet, it is still October, but on the set of The Real O'Neals they are quite festive! On a recent press trip, I was very fortunate to be able to visit the set of The Real O'Neals and check out their home for myself.  

First up was a tour of the set from David Windsor, creator and executive producer of the show, and two of the shows stars, Matt Shively who plays Jimmy, and Bebe Wood who plays Shannon, gave us a tour of the set. At the time of our visit the set was being transformed to film the upcoming Christmas episode of The Real O’Neals.  
"The O’Neal family continues its journey of self-discovery and growth, resulting from Kenny coming out and his parents, Eileen and Pat, getting divorced. After finally coming out, Kenny will discover that life outside the closet isn’t that easy. Luckily for him, his older brother, Jimmy, will always be there to offer his often-misguided advice. And finally, there’s Shannon, the youngest O’Neal, whose unique views on life make her wise beyond her years. 

ABC’s 'The Real O’Neals' stars Matt Shively as Jimmy, Bebe Wood as Shannon, Martha Plimpton as Eileen, Noah Galvin as Kenny and Jay R. Ferguson as Pat. (ABC/Bob D’Amico)

Eileen and Pat will continue to deal with starting their separate lives while still living under the same roof. Through it all, Aunt Jodi will be there offering her unusual brand of support, as the O’Neals continue to explore new relationships, friendships and acceptance of one another in the next, messier chapter of their lives”. 
The set was decorated in its Christmas finest, from the large beautifully decorated tree, to the little touches of poinsettias all around, and even a manger scene set up on the coffee table, the O’Neals are ready for the holidays. You would think having the house decorated from top to bottom would be enough for one episode right? 

Well the folks on the show take decorating very seriously and even decorate the outside set to show the snow, and give the outside a real winter feel. We got to see the bags and bags of “snow” and the rolls of “snow” as well. There was quite a lot of snow around the back and front yards of the O’Neal household.
Ever wonder what the sets of your favorite TV shows are like? Well this is something I always think of when I watch TV shows, yes this is odd I know, but I always wonder how much of this is real and what is on a set, and what this really looks like in person? 

The Real O’Neal’s set was just as neat and tidy as it looks like on TV. A home I would proudly call my own. If only I had the time to have an amazingly neat and clutter free home like this...is something on my wish list! The kitchen was lovely, and the dining room seemed like it was ready for a grand family get together.

I loved the personal touches, like the photos that seemed to be all around. Just like they are in my home. Why not celebrate and fill your home with memories? That is what I love to do.

David Windsor, creator and executive producer of the show let us know that there are about 125 people work that work on the set of The Real O’Neals and it takes 5 days for them to film and four days for them to set up. A lot of work goes into each episode, for the actors, writers, directors and the people behind the scenes.  I knew it took a lot, but 125 people...that is pretty impressive. 

One of the coolest parts for me on the set was visiting the “tiny house” built in the garage. My husband and I are really into the tiny house movement, we watch a few tiny house shows and really like the idea but actually being able to move into a tiny house, hmmm...I don’t think that is possible right now, maybe for our retirement house? 
But for now it was just fun to check out a tiny house (How will the tiny house be used in the show? Well in you will have to check out more of season 2 of The Real O'Neals) in person.  
Just a reminder there are only two more months until Christmas! I have so much more to do! Before we all stress out, let’s take some time tonight to have some good laughs, with The Real O'Neals and the entire ABC Tuesday night line up! 
                                           ABC/Eric McCandless

Stay tuned to episode 203 of The Real O’Neals this premieres tonight 10/25/16 This is the Halloween episode, titled "The Real Halloween" this episode will be filled with fun Halloween zaniness! Airs at 9:30/8:30c!
ABC/Eric McCandless

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Be sure to check out all of the funny ABC Tuesday Night Comedies, the Halloween fun is starting tonight, first with The Middle at 8:00/7:00c, American Housewife at 8:30/7:30C  Fresh Off the Boat at 9:00/8:00C,  and The Real O’Neals at 9:30/8:30C!

The Real O'Neals are on ABC Tuesday's 9:30/8:30C

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I've always imagined visiting a set must be kind of weird but cool. I love Mrs. O'Neal actress, fond memories of the Goonies.

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This looks like a really funny show. I need to check it out!

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