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Exclusive chat with Solo: A Star Wars Story star Alden Ehrenreich “Han Solo”! #HanSoloEvent #HanSolo

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Recently on an amazing trip to LA I was able to walk the red carpet of Solo: A Star Wars Story, and do some other great things, one of those things was interviewing the cast. I am always in awe when I get the chance to meet the talent from a movie I loved.
Alden Ehrenreich who plays “Han Solo” is a smart hard working actor (as described by his co-stars) who sat down with us to chat about being the soon to be blockbuster movie Solo: A Star Wars Story. When Alden arrived for our interview he was a bit shaken up, literally moments before he was surprised by Harrison Ford in a previous interview session. Alden was still trying to compose himself, he seemed like a true fan, it was sweet to see. So how does Alden feel about stepping into the shoes of the classic character Han Solo? How was it on set, and what is his favorite Star Wars movie? Be sure to check out the exclusive interview below to find out.

Q:  How much of this Han Solo is Harrison Ford and how much of it is your own?

Alden Ehrenreich: Something that was really important to me was to make it feel like a real person, that you're watching a real person going through something. And you also want to feel a kind of continuity that he could grow into that guy.  I basically started by watching all the original movies, very early on, and kind of trying to just absorb as much as of that as I could, so that when it came time to actually do it, I wouldn't be thinking a lot about it. 
Q:  Is there a lot of pressure to play Han Solo?

AE:  Yeah there's certainly more pressure with something like this, because it's so enormous, of course.  But the kind of pressure is the same as it is on any movie, which is you want people to really like it.  And the only recourse you have in the face of that is to concentrate on what you have control over. You just concentrate on your task at hand, the character you're tasked with, and your job that you have to concentrate on.  And… so you just try to pour your energy into that.
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Q:  What was that one Han Solo quirk that you made sure you nailed?

AE:  Well there's several things, I don't want to name them because then it's like you're watching for them and I want people to just watch the story.  But I think one of the qualities about him that I really love, there's a moment in A New Hope where there's a moment where they're pinned in a corner and they don’t know what to do and he just starts yelling at the top of his lungs and running at them.  And I feel like that's a great quintessential thing of the essence of this guy. 

Q:  You just saw Harrison Ford, did he tell you his reaction to the movie?
AE: He loved it, he thought it was awesome, he thought it worked like gangbusters.  He thought I was really great and he said I'm going to make hundreds and hundreds of dollars. 
Q:  Little kids dream of flying the Millennium Falcon… What was it like doing the pilot scenes? 

AE:  That was really one of the best parts of the whole shoot.  And it was I think actually flying the ship, it's so cool.  There's kind of two things that are really cool.  One is that you sit down and it's really fun and you can't believe you're there and it's really surreal.  And that's exciting and that's what everybody comes and visits the set experiences.  And the other thing is about two months in and you're in there every day and you realize you kind of know what button does what and you know how the yoke feels and you know how the chair sits and you kind of you feel like it's yours.  

Q:  Han and Chewy have such a great camaraderie, in the original trilogy… Did you and Joonas work on that? Because you did capture that also?

AE:  Oh yeah. I think the main thing with that is that him and I had a lot of time to do training together.  The way we meet involves a lot of, there's a lot of work that goes into that, we spent a lot of time, we were kind of the only cast members who were there in advance.  We ended up just hanging out and doing stunt training and boxing and stuff like that together for a long time, which was really great. He's the whole package, he's seven feet tall with blue eyes.  He went to film school, he is hilarious.  He's just perfect for it.  And I don't think everyone even realizes the amount that he has to do technically and also he has this big heart and exudes that and it's- you really feel it.  And it was some of my favorite work in the film was doing those scenes. 
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Q:  What will fans like the most about this movie?

AE:  I think so much of the fun of it, it's almost like a biopic of a fictional character.  So it's like you get to watch these things that you know and are familiar with and love come into place and how they all add up to making him the Han that we see later on.  You know, and that means so much to people and it's so fun, and I just think also like the humor of it and the playfulness of the whole thing is so great. 

Q: What is your favorite Star Wars film?

AE:  I think Empire Strikes Back.  I love Yoda a lot.  And I just think it's really cool to have a movie this kind of movie with so much like real wisdom in it and this kind of deep philosophical background that's put into terms that are so clear and communicable to so many people.  And it's just cool. 
Q:  When did you see your first Star Wars movie and how did you like it?

AE:  I loved it, I was five, I think and I saw it on VHS, and I had all the toys and all the action figures and pretended.  In fact, when I got to do my screen test on the Millennium Falcon, it was so familiar to me from just imagining that I was on it as a kid, it kind of put me at ease.  Walking through the hallway… everything!  Certainly really-really exciting.
It was so nice meeting Alden, he was very cordial, and seemed like he enjoyed sharing the whole premiere experience with his family more than the premiere itself. It is so great that he was able to share this thrilling experience with his family, his Mom and even his Nana were at the premiere! There was even a party after the after party with just his family, where the family used their iPhones film their own Star Wars movie with lightsabers! I am sure they are so proud of Alden, he did such a great job in this movie and I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future.
Solo: A Star Wars Story is in theaters this Memorial Day weekend, May 25th, 2018. I will have more of great interviews with the cast of Solo: A Star Wars Story to share with you soon, including exclusive chats with Emilia Clarke “Qi’ra”, Woody Harrelson “Tobias Beckett”, Paul Bettany “Dryden Vos”, Joonas Suotamo “Chewbacca”, Phoebe Waller-Bridge “L3-37”, and Director Ron Howard be sure to stay tuned!

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